5 Things you'll learn to love in Camp Sawi


5 Things you'll learn to love in Camp Sawi

I was simply scrolling on my YouTube app when I got myself into a beach scenery. I wasn't reading the title at all. I tapped and thought its just a 1-minute trailer as I continue to work on my laptop. I thought I was watching a horror movie as few minutes went by and I got hooked with it.

Often times we misunderstood the word Love and over-use the word. How do we actually define it is how we see the word beyond its literal meaning. One way or another, watching movies such as Camp Sawi makes us re-think on what love means, what it stood for, what phase are we in that we call LOVE is defined worthy of the word itself.

Love towards Family. 

As for the first lead, Bridgette (Bella Padilla) had a no-closure after 10 years of being together with a Filipino-Chinese named Chris (Dennis Trillo), who was destined to get married honoring his family's wishes. They say to love someone more than 10 years is called true love but what happens when there is a duty towards your family? 

Chris on his part chooses his family and to last in a 10-year relationship must have been hard on him to break the heart of the person he loves and sees "probably" his future till he gets old and still, he did hurt that one person he thought he'd end up with (Bridgette). Since his story wasn't tackled, we can't say much of it and as the story has shown. 

It was love for his family that he chose, either it was for tradition or respecting his parents' wishes and sacrificing his own happiness. He made a decision base on love and he was brave to let go of something important (Bridgette) for him that caused his happiness at that time.  - I honestly feel bad for Bridgette to spend a decade with a man she loves.

Love will compromise.

Next was Clarisse (Yassi Pressman), a college student who had a relationship with a gay guy for about 2 or 3 months. Finding out the guy you dated is gay is absolutely devastating thinking that you have been used or a trophy or even a cover-up of his real identity. Thinking about it, I would have the same reaction of Bridgette (she laughed), when she first found out the reason behind Clarisse's break-up, because it's unusual to hear. 

Since she is the youngest among the girls on the island, she was the happiest broken-hearted. Her idea of love is different and by the time she had finished her camping session, She was able to move-on and forgave the guy who broke her heart and they got back together. There was a compromise on her part knowing that she will be judged and having an unusual set-up with the guy she truly loves despite the different sexuality. - I have nothing against women and gay falling in love, as a matter of fact I find them bold and courageous to hold on to a relationship wherein, I think, a high possibility of being neglected.)

Love of Family and Friends

Joan (Kim Molina), whose fiance died on the day they got engaged, It was like playing a game and you died during the first stage (base on my imagination). I couldn't say much about her character, but somehow I thought of a friend who's boyfriend died while on Christmas Break. I guess she must have felt the same or even worse.

Joan's family sent her to the Camp in order to get well and move on after what had happened to her dead fiancee. As they sought helped on the possibility to make her feel better after the incident. She found a support group in the camp, who will be there for her and listen to her despite her odd behavior as she deals with her own struggles and sometimes we just needed a friend who is reckless enough to though a stone on our heads to make us realize there is life after losing someone unexpectedly. 

It must have taken her a lot of months before she could say finally, I'm feeling better now. No matter what we are going through we will always have our family and friends who are willing to lend you their shoulders. It takes one situation to wake up and see the beauty after losing someone who will never come back.

To Love is to Respect one's relationship and yourself

Andi Eigenmann, A young successful art curator who fell in love with a married man. She was very courageous when she got into this relationship and yet probably impulsive. In the end, she was able to realize her mistake and let go of the married man he loves.  She realized that despite her happiness is a family falling apart and a woman is trying to fight for their family. Good for her that she realized it earlier.

Loving yourself.

While Arci Munoz portrays a liberated person due to her natural nature and influence. She made me laugh in all of her scenes though sometimes it's irritating that's just the spice of a good movie. She loves and gives her heart all out without nothing in return her passion for music shows in here.
When she finally faced her truth, she embraced the change that used to define her and make another definition of herself by re-inventing to be a better person, from being wild to classy still her quirkiness is still there. It was for me a definition of getting your S*** done.

During the course of heartbreak, there is no rules on how it is expressed, how it should be dealt and how things would turn-around after that day. Every day must have been hard to wake up knowing things will never be the same. How your patterns will change and sometime how will you fill in those memories in order to forget. 

By the moment, you embraced the reality of change. Knowing its hard to do but you still do what you have to do. You have given yourself the love that you need, finding your voice once more, taking chances on what you will do and most importantly is realizing things that have always been there and have been neglected all long. Life moves on and and Love will always be there  we just have to stay strong and find a way to find a better tomorrow. 


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