What led you to get to this point in your life?


In the age of world wide web domination and available resources are just at a flick of your finger, How many times did you doubt yourself in pursuing something you like - whether buying a bag that you immediately fall in love with? A new learning skill you've been wanting to learn since you were young or even a change of career and you end up, pursuing what you've been wanting to have. Without a blink of an eye and erasing all our doubts, We took a leap of faith. Some may say it's stupid and some says without regrets the best thing they ever did. 

When was the last time you took a leap of faith? 

Two years ago, I decided to leave my job. A secured job that some people though was good and some has the opinion of I could do better at it. Each people around us has an opinion of the things that we pursue and we find ourselves doubting what we are capable of doing.  I had my plans laid when I left with no proper planning, it was a leap of faith on where life would bring me then. I just wanted to be my own boss and own a design firm one day and make it grow bigger I could imagine.

I have big dreams for myself, who doesn't? I started being a solo entrepreneur and I find my own self on many different occasion, what life has in store for me. My journey was rough as I was starting out and thankful I made it one milestone at a time. From one project to the other, I was able to make it through as an Interior Designer, an all-in-one person to run the business and eventually as the business grew. I have also took another milestone in getting myself an Office and ensure that I could serve more people in my line of business where we can meet and talk about their interior design concerns for condominium projects to commercial projects. It's just great to have someone share your ideas and thoughts in making things better and making it into a reality.

How about schedule an appointment at the office?

Let's have chat about your interior design needs.

Having an office is another milestone for me, it's not what i had planned for this year but I was given the opportunity to grab it and get some things that I would unlikely get from any of the inquiries I had before in renting out an office that I put the idea of having an office on hold for the next two years and because an opportunity came and wanted to share my happiness with you.

Before anything else, here are some things you need to know before meeting an interior designer

  1. Location of the project
  2. Area in Square meters
  3. Purpose of the project
  4. Interior Design Inspirations
  5. Time frame in mind
Bring along your interior design inspiration or curate it using your Pinterest account if you or even curate it in a word document, which ever is easier to you. In this way, both you and the interior designer will be on the same page when coming up with solutions to your inquiry.

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