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How to estimate tile flooring material


Have you thought about changing your floor tiles or any particular area in a room you wanted to enhance the look that needed concrete tile material? Sounds great! knowing that you know it's time to change the look or make the place more pleasing and functional to you. Now, Because you are too excited to begin changing the tiles, The most basic thing to do before going to the hardware and selecting a tile choice for your space is forgetting to measure your place so you can get the number of tiles needed for your space.

Have I pointed out right, that you don't know how much quantity you needed for your area?

Let's begin by pointing out your concern.

You are just about to move into your new place, however on the last minute your decision to change the flooring materials of your space for future purposes such as renting it out or upsell your unit after a year and you decided to avail of the interior design consultancy services and the rest of the works is to Do-It-Yourself. 

The space that you are planning to change the tiles is an old condominium unit that was purchased a long time ago and a little revamping needed to be done and that begins with your flooring materials.

You needed a guide to help you through this situation.

to lessen the mistakes that may occur upon purchasing and that you may not feel stressed out when the sales lady asked you how much quantity you needed.

Here are the measuring tools that you need

A Laser Measuring  or Steel Tape



Step by Step Tutorial on how to get a tile estimate.

Step 1:  Draw a rectangular shape on your paper, assuming its the look of your floor plan.

Step 2: Measure each corner in meters using a steel tape

Formula: # of meters in Length (X) # of meters in Width = # of Square meters

Your condominium unit dimension is { 7 meters (length) x 4 meters (width)} based on your drawn measurement on each corner. 
The total area of the condominium is {28 square meters} 

Step 3: Go to the hardware and choose the look, material finish and size of your flooring tile. 

Step 4: Identity the tile size. 

I recommend you to use 600mm x 600mm tiles for your main floor as this is a standard size for the floors and easier to install.

Step 5: Converting the unit of your chosen tiles

Based on my recommendation to use 600mm x 600mm tiles and this made you confuse because your floor is in meters while the tile's unit is in millimeters let's convert it to meters to help you get the quantity that you need.

Conversion of different units and using the same size of a tiles

              Millimeters                600    x   600
              Centimeters                 60    x     60
              Inches                          24    x     24
              Feet                               2    x        2
              Meters                        .60    x     .60

Step 6: Get the area of your chosen tile

Formula: # of meters in Length per tile (X) # of meters in Width per tile = # of Square meters per tile

The total area of your condominium unit is {28 square meters}, as seen in Step 2
The total are of your tiles is { .36 square meters}

Step 7: Get the quantity of your tile requirement

Formula: Total area of the condominium unit (divide ( / )) Total area of your tiles = net quantity of tiles needed

28 square meters divided by .36 square meters is equivalent to 77.77 pieces of tiles.
Round it off to 78 pieces

Step 8: Get the needed contingency for an extra number of tiles.

For rectangular tile installation: add 10% as standard contingency

Formula:  Net quantity of tiles needed (X) 110% for rectangular position = Number of tiles needed

Example: 78 pieces x 110% = 85.8 pieces or equivalent to 86 pieces

For diagonal tile installation: Add 20% as standard contingency

Formula:  Net quantity of tiles needed (X) 120% for rectangular position = Number of tiles needed

Example: 78 pieces x 110% = 93.6 pieces or equivalent to 94 pieces

Step 9: Get the total quantity

For rectangular tile installation, you'll be needing 86 pieces
For diagonal tile installation, you'll be needing 94 pieces

Step 10: Make sure you purchase the same batch of tiles.



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