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Happy 2020 Year!


Happy 2020 year! 

It has been four months since I posted and a dozen scheduled and hold blogposts that I have written.  Over the past months, there have been a lot of wonderful things that had happened and it was incredible 2019 was a challenging and yet truly beautiful experience.

2019 was full of ups and downs yet we have survived, my entire month of December was truly a blessing. I must say, this is the year that I have accomplished quite a lot in my personal growth

  1. My first speaking engagement as an Interior Designer
  2. My first interior design and construction venture was successful
  3. Continuation of my Master's Degree
  4. People working alongside with me and Collaborating
  5. Opening of my first office
  6. Being part of the Interior Designer Officers
  7. Consistently (Partial) on my blogging and venturing to Vlogging
  8. The new friendship that has been formed

I have so many things to be thankful for including the ones that I prefer not to say, Looking back 5 years ago, those wondering mind of mine just had these big dreams and wishful thinking and slowly I was achieving it. 2020, would be another great year ahead for everyone. 

2020 is another decade of hope, love, and faith towards ourselves and the people around us. With that being said, What truly matters is ourselves and our faith despite the audacity and all the tremors that we walk into. Let's put ourselves up high and be grounded making another decade of our lives the best time and great year by year! 

Cheers! PowerUp2020! 



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