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Before and After: The neutral and the bold


Last Week,  We have given you a sneak peak on the updates of our latest turned-over project, which is the T Project. A 30 Sqm condo unit for a rental property in Amaia Steps Mandaue.  The unit itself is actually bare when it was turned over and due to the deleted photos of the bare unit. We just shown the upadte on how it went before it was just to be turned over.

Above is the photo at the Wardrobe and the Media / Writing Desk, wherein a peak of our finish project is shown. The accent was the main highlight of this as this is the color that we based among the other areas to get that fresh and bold statement.

In this area, is the kitchen where there are we demolished the existing melamine kitchen cabinetry to create a bigger and more functional kitchen base on the clients requirements.

And the last part is the Bed Area, where nothing was touched or removed because we decided to keep it the way it was and accessorize this areaa to match the look and color of the accent wall.

This is quick update our how the interiors are transforming slowly as it te days went by and this Before and After blog post is just a snippet of what our big reveal would be and we will be posting it next week for our final post about this project which we are all very excited to share with you our accomplishment.



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