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Neutral and Bold: A Scandinavian Chic Rental Property


I first met Mr. T, a week before he was about to leave for the United States. I prepared budgets and renders for him base on our initial meeting which he described as fresh, modern, light color and a little of Scandinavian and not-so industrial design look that looks good and would be appealing to the renters for the concept and a functional space for wardrobe, storage, kitchen, dining and most of all the sleeping area must accommodate 3 to 4 people.

T Project | Emari Pimentel
The Hallway Area facing the entire unit

He initially approved by design right from the moment I presented it and some changes upon his comments were sent via E-mail until it was finalized.  It was really quick as we did it for less than a month since my first presentation. The reason why he hired me is because of his daughter who urged him to hire an interior designer, and thru the recommendation of their Agent, Mr. T and I have met including his wife's family, who will also be overseeing the project.

T Project | Emari Pimentel
Dining Area and Bar

One of the challenges we encountered was to ensure all the requirements he required of us.

  1. Storage for Utility and Shoe Cabinetry
  2. Wardrobe Desk
  3. Study Area 
  4. Media
  5. Dining Area
  6. Bar Area
  7. Kitchen 
  8. A Queen Size bed that will fit in 3-4 pax and ensure that these requirements will also be spacious and looks fresh.

T Project | Emari Pimentel
A view of the open space studio rental

One of the challenges here was being on time of their expected date since we have to wait for a couple of months before we can start the construction because the unit was not yet turned over to him when he hired me and he was already abroad when we commenced the project. Since we were waiting for the turn-over date we had the time to settle things ahead of time from the material selection and possible date of turn-over and sourcing the things that needed to be. Project Management was crucial on our part to meet the deadline of July 30, 2019, instead of hitting the 30-45 working days.

We had about 25 days left by the time I was informed about the turn-over and from time then, we had to fix what was needed to commence the project which took a few more days before we could get in as everyone involved were on different projects, our time was ticking by the nanosecond.  On our day 1, was 19 days left of us and our timeline was still the same. Mr. T, on the other hand, is updated every other day because he was abroad and travels often. We made sure that the ease of working with us would be pleasant, hassle-free and have the assurance that we are right on track on the project and always being on the loop for the updates and ensuring his approval that despite his physical absence, it seems he is still around.

T Project | Emari Pimentel
Bed Area and Coffee Table

Everyone in the Project team was tight-lipped and worried on this, including me, their Operations Manager and Interior Designer but despite the crucial time, we had everything to the last detail grasp in order to be on time and there were even setbacks during the 19 days process.

In order to accommodate around 3-4 pax, We used a Queen Size Pull-out bed from Uratex. The client was happy that he was able to have a spacious area wherein anyone who would stay can do other extracurricular activities like yoga, or other mini work-outs. Even so, the purpose to accommodate 3 or 4 pax was due to the pull-out bed hidden under the spring bed.

T Project | Emari Pimentel
Bed Area

T Project | Emari Pimentel
Kitchen with Dining-Bar Area

The kitchen was designed in a way that will fit the pull-out bed and still is able to move area the kitchen area when in use. The kitchen itself stands a beauty of its own because of its accent tiles - the backsplash, we used a random design of Scandinavian-inspired subway tiles which unifies the bar chair color, bed area, and the media wall fresh and modern look. The overhead cabinet is inspired by an industrial kitchen and still looks fresh and still looks Scandinavian design due to the use of light wood materials. 

Looking at the other side of the wall was a full-length cabinetry and media area for the shoe cabinet, a niche and utility area for extra storage, and a two-door wardrobe, attached to a floating desk table and drawers utilizing its walls as a media area. The concrete wall of the media down to the legroom is painted using Davies Paint: Lush Garden Satin Paint. This Paint was the main accent wall and become the source of color in selecting our furniture, accessories, and accent tiles to have a cohesive look without overdoing it. The shades are not the same and the selection of colors matches from one area to the other and goes the same with the election of wood color and materials.

Having an open space will maximize the use of space and despite having a requirement the best way is to do a space plan and make a specific area work well in two or three activities by applying multi-functional furniture and designing an area with a double purpose. 

T Project | Emari Pimentel
Toilet and Bath

The Toilet and Bath were revamped as well to fit the requirements of the client, with more storage space, and a lavatory that the client approved of,  with cabinetry and a full-length mirror wat serves as its accent and still reflects the Scandinavian chic theme.

Having this type of design, we made sure that every change will keep the client updated and consulting him from time to time, giving them options on which they like and allowing them to have personal touch despite the fact that this is a 19 days renovation, having the client on board makes it easier for us to work and by trusting us to get the job done even if they were abroad and our time zones were like the 12-hours difference. I had gathered my team to be fully committed and on board despite all these and with each role that everyone has been assigned and efforts put into. We were able to make the client, Mr. T, happy and satisfied upon completion of the turnover.

The reasons why he was happy and his sister-in-law with our work:
1. We were on time despite a few delays
2. We were on budget despite the changes and a few additions
3. The requirements he asked from us were there
4. The description he had in mind was what it was,
5. Better than our perspective
6. We styled it all the way even it was not part of it. 
7. We produced quality materials.

Overall, We are just glad and happy that we were able to pull this through, this wonderful challenge until our next journey.



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Before and After: The neutral and the bold


Last Week,  We have given you a sneak peak on the updates of our latest turned-over project, which is the T Project. A 30 Sqm condo unit for a rental property in Amaia Steps Mandaue.  The unit itself is actually bare when it was turned over and due to the deleted photos of the bare unit. We just shown the upadte on how it went before it was just to be turned over.

Above is the photo at the Wardrobe and the Media / Writing Desk, wherein a peak of our finish project is shown. The accent was the main highlight of this as this is the color that we based among the other areas to get that fresh and bold statement.

In this area, is the kitchen where there are we demolished the existing melamine kitchen cabinetry to create a bigger and more functional kitchen base on the clients requirements.

And the last part is the Bed Area, where nothing was touched or removed because we decided to keep it the way it was and accessorize this areaa to match the look and color of the accent wall.

This is quick update our how the interiors are transforming slowly as it te days went by and this Before and After blog post is just a snippet of what our big reveal would be and we will be posting it next week for our final post about this project which we are all very excited to share with you our accomplishment.



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Behind-the-Scene: Scandinavian meets Industrial Chic Rental Property


There were times I wonder, when a project would finish, despite having the timelines and expected dates of delivery and such. These are some of the latest projects that I have been pre-occupied and a number of days had left me stuck on how this will go especially when there are certain things on site that happens when you least expect it. However, these should have been foreseen which we did, and sometimes it's just a little too much when there are delays that my team is not in control of. 

Behind-the-Scene of Premiere Design Interiors T Project

We planned not to have any changes in this area only for the Aircon to be installed. As you can see there are a lot of remarks to remind each individual from my team and the contractors that are involved.

Behind-the-Scene of Premiere Design Interiors T Project

Behind-the-Scene of Premiere Design Interiors T Project

Some of the materials had started to arrive as the days progress and these were some of the days when everything was just a little too tight. I have my project leader to supervise the daily activities and progress to report on me, online.

Behind-the-Scene of Premiere Design Interiors T Project

There are things that I handle personally when I have to push them to their limits and capacity. I'm a bit strict on my timeline this year, the more I grew into designing the more I see myself growing as a person and as the designer, and for this project we aim to complete this in 30 days.

If you are interested to see the result of this project. Check this video



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How to estimate tile flooring material


Have you thought about changing your floor tiles or any particular area in a room you wanted to enhance the look that needed concrete tile material? Sounds great! knowing that you know it's time to change the look or make the place more pleasing and functional to you. Now, Because you are too excited to begin changing the tiles, The most basic thing to do before going to the hardware and selecting a tile choice for your space is forgetting to measure your place so you can get the number of tiles needed for your space.

Have I pointed out right, that you don't know how much quantity you needed for your area?

Let's begin by pointing out your concern.

You are just about to move into your new place, however on the last minute your decision to change the flooring materials of your space for future purposes such as renting it out or upsell your unit after a year and you decided to avail of the interior design consultancy services and the rest of the works is to Do-It-Yourself. 

The space that you are planning to change the tiles is an old condominium unit that was purchased a long time ago and a little revamping needed to be done and that begins with your flooring materials.

You needed a guide to help you through this situation.

to lessen the mistakes that may occur upon purchasing and that you may not feel stressed out when the sales lady asked you how much quantity you needed.

Here are the measuring tools that you need

A Laser Measuring  or Steel Tape



Step by Step Tutorial on how to get a tile estimate.

Step 1:  Draw a rectangular shape on your paper, assuming its the look of your floor plan.

Step 2: Measure each corner in meters using a steel tape

Formula: # of meters in Length (X) # of meters in Width = # of Square meters

Your condominium unit dimension is { 7 meters (length) x 4 meters (width)} based on your drawn measurement on each corner. 
The total area of the condominium is {28 square meters} 

Step 3: Go to the hardware and choose the look, material finish and size of your flooring tile. 

Step 4: Identity the tile size. 

I recommend you to use 600mm x 600mm tiles for your main floor as this is a standard size for the floors and easier to install.

Step 5: Converting the unit of your chosen tiles

Based on my recommendation to use 600mm x 600mm tiles and this made you confuse because your floor is in meters while the tile's unit is in millimeters let's convert it to meters to help you get the quantity that you need.

Conversion of different units and using the same size of a tiles

              Millimeters                600    x   600
              Centimeters                 60    x     60
              Inches                          24    x     24
              Feet                               2    x        2
              Meters                        .60    x     .60

Step 6: Get the area of your chosen tile

Formula: # of meters in Length per tile (X) # of meters in Width per tile = # of Square meters per tile

The total area of your condominium unit is {28 square meters}, as seen in Step 2
The total are of your tiles is { .36 square meters}

Step 7: Get the quantity of your tile requirement

Formula: Total area of the condominium unit (divide ( / )) Total area of your tiles = net quantity of tiles needed

28 square meters divided by .36 square meters is equivalent to 77.77 pieces of tiles.
Round it off to 78 pieces

Step 8: Get the needed contingency for an extra number of tiles.

For rectangular tile installation: add 10% as standard contingency

Formula:  Net quantity of tiles needed (X) 110% for rectangular position = Number of tiles needed

Example: 78 pieces x 110% = 85.8 pieces or equivalent to 86 pieces

For diagonal tile installation: Add 20% as standard contingency

Formula:  Net quantity of tiles needed (X) 120% for rectangular position = Number of tiles needed

Example: 78 pieces x 110% = 93.6 pieces or equivalent to 94 pieces

Step 9: Get the total quantity

For rectangular tile installation, you'll be needing 86 pieces
For diagonal tile installation, you'll be needing 94 pieces

Step 10: Make sure you purchase the same batch of tiles.



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What I learned after a year ago in 2018!


A year in Review 2018

A year in Review 2018

Many times we dream of things we wanted for ourselves in the future. How many times do we find ourselves talking to our friends about it? The number of times we looked into the sky and prayed for it and wished that one day it will come. To this day, I still find myself gazing at the sky and getting lost in my own dreams whether in the morning or at night. I love those feelings of being lost in a happy dream.

How many times did you dream about your future and took action for it?

I'm a dreamer, I remember in school I would space out while my teachers are talking and my mind goes off where. I enjoyed that other universe I created for myself and indeed still have those worlds but as my life changed it has also changed.  In college, I have encountered many different motivational books, and in achieving a dream they have this quote saying, "Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world" by Joel A. Barker.

The quote has made an impact on me and is also one of the quotes to keep reminding me that I have to move on from the things I should let go of for me to move forward. To take a stride when there is an opportunity that could bring me to my dreams. A year ago, I had one of the worst things that could happen. My laptop was stolen and the bank figures I would say is terrible at that time things didn't work out the way I thought they would be and it was typically hard for me for everything I had worked for was in that laptop.

What were you doing a year ago?

A year ago, I had this unfortunate day and I strived for a couple of months in order to get back on track with what I have lost. My files, my memories, and almost everything were in that laptop but that very same day, I had to do what I had to do I took a home credit load for a laptop that fit to fill my needs as an interior designer and as planned I registered my business name at DTI. 

The next couple of days were hard for me, as I have not gotten over the incident, I was stagnant and after a while, I bounced back to work myself 3x because I have to complete a project and I look forward to a better outcome. I strived for the better and to be better because that is the only way and choice I have left for myself. 

Back to the Future, How my business changed.

My business has changed a lot since that day happened and finding myself understanding better the things I dreamt of is just another milestone I have to overcome every day of my life. I have enjoyed being with people who make me both comfortable and uncomfortable, and the decisions I have to make every day. What I didn't realize earlier is that exactly the very same day last year will be the same day I would sign a contract of lease for my first-ever office. 

 Would you like to see my office? I'd love to see you there! 



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Happy 2020 Year!


Happy 2020 year! 

It has been four months since I posted and a dozen scheduled and hold blogposts that I have written.  Over the past months, there have been a lot of wonderful things that had happened and it was incredible 2019 was a challenging and yet truly beautiful experience.

2019 was full of ups and downs yet we have survived, my entire month of December was truly a blessing. I must say, this is the year that I have accomplished quite a lot in my personal growth

  1. My first speaking engagement as an Interior Designer
  2. My first interior design and construction venture was successful
  3. Continuation of my Master's Degree
  4. People working alongside with me and Collaborating
  5. Opening of my first office
  6. Being part of the Interior Designer Officers
  7. Consistently (Partial) on my blogging and venturing to Vlogging
  8. The new friendship that has been formed

I have so many things to be thankful for including the ones that I prefer not to say, Looking back 5 years ago, those wondering mind of mine just had these big dreams and wishful thinking and slowly I was achieving it. 2020, would be another great year ahead for everyone. 

2020 is another decade of hope, love, and faith towards ourselves and the people around us. With that being said, What truly matters is ourselves and our faith despite the audacity and all the tremors that we walk into. Let's put ourselves up high and be grounded making another decade of our lives the best time and great year by year! 

Cheers! PowerUp2020! 



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