Top 10 Wedding Movies for the Bridesmaids


It's another wonderful year for the couples within my group who are tying their knots this year and just like any other friends in the group, we are happy to see them go to another chapter of their lives. However, Its another story for the bridesmaid who are left behind but that should be the case.

Last 2019 the wedding bells have been uproaring its festivities for the upcoming brides and bridesmaid. Last year in July 2019, My friend, Annalie had tied the knot with Moncho. Our eldest in the group has finally found since Prince and as 2020's first quarter has rocked us with another wedding to come this February 28, 2020.

Before we loose ourselves our in celebration. I got the chance to binge-watch once again these movies. I won't be giving any spoilers and you should watch why I picked these movies to binge.

  1. My best friends Wedding (1997)
  2. Bachelorette (2012)
  3. 27 Dresses (2008)
  4. Bride Wars (2009)
  5. The Proposal 
  6. Princess Diaries 2
  7. Sweet Home Alabama
  8. The Wedding Planner
  9. Runaway Bride
  10. Bridesmaid

Watching these movies would remind you that I'm a 90's kid and I do love watching these over nd over again. Maybe in some movies we will get along but mind you. I hove this compilation it gives me goosebumps as well and remembering that back in college how we wanted our wedding's gonna be and how its going to look like and most importantly finding our lifetime partner and to all the bridesmaid out there. Let's have a party!

Weekend Getaway: Oslob Whaleshark Resort


When we were younger, Marc and I would spend time in Tambuli Beach Resort where we both had fun despite a short period of time. Among my cousins, Marc is my closest and whom I considered being my younger baby boy brother. Way back then our weekends would be spent being together and would love to play. We had our love-hate relationship as well but at the end of the day.

Cebu is the pearl gem of the south and is blessed to have wonderful crystal waters. It has become both local and foreigners favorite destinations. Both Marc and I got separated when my mom and I moved to Manila and they migrated to the USA. Every time they come to visit the Philippines, they would bring the entire family to spend a weekend in a Hotel which becomes a norm.

After more than 3 years, Marc is back in the city traveling on his own, and this time he chose Oslob. It's a two to three-hour drive from the city of Cebu and though this isn't his first time visiting this place. Oslob is known to have whale sharks, we call it "Butanding" in Filipino. If you are one of those people who wanted to see for yourself the Whalesharks, you have to be in Oslob on or before 6am; by the time its 9:00am whale sharks seem to relax from the crowd. Prepare yourselves from the long waiting line as it will take 30-45minutes before you could hop into the "banka" or boat.

Marc booked the entire family, a hotel reservation good for everyone. Knowing him to be a picky person, the hotel of his choosing wouldn't be a surprise for me to which he'd book. He did book us to Oslob Whaleshark Resort. It's a new resort hotel in Oslob, wherein it has a narrow land use in a U-shape architecture. I immediately fell in love in the place upon entering the premises and it wasn't even hard to find since the resort itself is along the road.

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

This is the view that welcomed me upon entering the hotel, it was an open space on the ground floor and it was well utilized. You can immediately tell that the owners have hired an Architect and possibly an Interior Designer for this.

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

This is the gate upon entering the resort, at first I thought that they would open the gate so that our vehicles would be parked inside but it was only for the entrance of the guest. Our vehicles were parked outside. 

Below is the foyer of the resort with much details were shown, custom-made driftwood and a whale shark at the center. It got two seats on the side where guest could sit and relax as they wait for their reservation or just about to leave. Under the stairs was utilized as a dry pantry for food storage.

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

The details in this didn't stop on its decors but it can also be seen in the balustrade where a "pala" (paddle), which is being used by the locals when paddling their boats and if you happen to visit the Whaleshark, you'll see the similarities of the paddles being used.

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

The reception area was a combination of Filipino elements and Oslob, a cultural mix of the town and the country itself and some touches of Asian culture. The resort has a friendly staff and makes our stay comfortable. They are accommodating as they could be. Though they have limited offers for us, which makes it more relaxing since you got to enjoy the beauty of nature while you stay in their hotel. 

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

The architecture of this hotel is modern but with the touches of Filipino that can be seen through the details inside the premises. The use of capiz, iron and lots and lots of wood.  

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

 In this area is there dining area, you can sit with your entire family or sit facing the waters. Wherein at night was one of the areas we spend a lot and shared memories to talk about things and relax. Waves of laughter and good food was a perfect combination.

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

This sliding door is a perfect example of utilizing the space, unfortunately despite going back and forth in the restroom, no photo was ever captured. I liked a lot their restroom, it was perfect for me. The sliding door was a custom-built made of hardwood and capiz but a carved whaleshark. Who would have thought of that was brilliant.

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

In this other side of the hotel, we are not allowed to enter, my wild guess that this area is for the owner's family base on the look and observation and some details seen though a closer look, this area are for family or owner's use and as part of their amenities is that we can use the Swimming Pool which the kids enjoyed alot.

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

The family enjoyed the pool area after a long stay at the beach and since we had fun spending day and night at the pool area. It was sad to let go when we were just about to check out. 

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

It is always a good idea to bond with family outside your comfort zones, I'm referring to being at home or at a nearby mall. There are more memories when gathering your family sometimes due to our busy schedule and as we go along what life brought us we forget the fun and that fun involves being out in our comfort zone, connect ourselves with nature and most especially connect with our mind and soul. It helps us keep our things on perspective level and that makes us more healthy as we are able to enjoy simple things and untangible things that life could offer.

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

This is our family, and since I usually take the photo. I'm usually not included in the photo. At that time when we took our photo's the staff we're on the other side and we don't want to spoil the fun just to wait for them to take photo. Before I end my post, I want to thank Vicky of for she becomes the basis for writing my first travel blog. Honestly, I don't have any idea what to write on this post which I have been dying to write. I do hope anyone of you reading this post is enjoying.

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel

Ooopppsss. Before anything else, that's my mom! Just you to let you know I dropped my vlog las sunday to give you a glimpse of this resort. Check out my vlog.

Oslob Whale Shark Resort Hotel Tour | Emari Pimentel
That's my mom

5 Things you'll learn to love in Camp Sawi


5 Things you'll learn to love in Camp Sawi

I was simply scrolling on my YouTube app when I got myself into a beach scenery. I wasn't reading the title at all. I tapped and thought its just a 1-minute trailer as I continue to work on my laptop. I thought I was watching a horror movie as few minutes went by and I got hooked with it.

Often times we misunderstood the word Love and over-use the word. How do we actually define it is how we see the word beyond its literal meaning. One way or another, watching movies such as Camp Sawi makes us re-think on what love means, what it stood for, what phase are we in that we call LOVE is defined worthy of the word itself.

Love towards Family. 

As for the first lead, Bridgette (Bella Padilla) had a no-closure after 10 years of being together with a Filipino-Chinese named Chris (Dennis Trillo), who was destined to get married honoring his family's wishes. They say to love someone more than 10 years is called true love but what happens when there is a duty towards your family? 

Chris on his part chooses his family and to last in a 10-year relationship must have been hard on him to break the heart of the person he loves and sees "probably" his future till he gets old and still, he did hurt that one person he thought he'd end up with (Bridgette). Since his story wasn't tackled, we can't say much of it and as the story has shown. 

It was love for his family that he chose, either it was for tradition or respecting his parents' wishes and sacrificing his own happiness. He made a decision base on love and he was brave to let go of something important (Bridgette) for him that caused his happiness at that time.  - I honestly feel bad for Bridgette to spend a decade with a man she loves.

Love will compromise.

Next was Clarisse (Yassi Pressman), a college student who had a relationship with a gay guy for about 2 or 3 months. Finding out the guy you dated is gay is absolutely devastating thinking that you have been used or a trophy or even a cover-up of his real identity. Thinking about it, I would have the same reaction of Bridgette (she laughed), when she first found out the reason behind Clarisse's break-up, because it's unusual to hear. 

Since she is the youngest among the girls on the island, she was the happiest broken-hearted. Her idea of love is different and by the time she had finished her camping session, She was able to move-on and forgave the guy who broke her heart and they got back together. There was a compromise on her part knowing that she will be judged and having an unusual set-up with the guy she truly loves despite the different sexuality. - I have nothing against women and gay falling in love, as a matter of fact I find them bold and courageous to hold on to a relationship wherein, I think, a high possibility of being neglected.)

Love of Family and Friends

Joan (Kim Molina), whose fiance died on the day they got engaged, It was like playing a game and you died during the first stage (base on my imagination). I couldn't say much about her character, but somehow I thought of a friend who's boyfriend died while on Christmas Break. I guess she must have felt the same or even worse.

Joan's family sent her to the Camp in order to get well and move on after what had happened to her dead fiancee. As they sought helped on the possibility to make her feel better after the incident. She found a support group in the camp, who will be there for her and listen to her despite her odd behavior as she deals with her own struggles and sometimes we just needed a friend who is reckless enough to though a stone on our heads to make us realize there is life after losing someone unexpectedly. 

It must have taken her a lot of months before she could say finally, I'm feeling better now. No matter what we are going through we will always have our family and friends who are willing to lend you their shoulders. It takes one situation to wake up and see the beauty after losing someone who will never come back.

To Love is to Respect one's relationship and yourself

Andi Eigenmann, A young successful art curator who fell in love with a married man. She was very courageous when she got into this relationship and yet probably impulsive. In the end, she was able to realize her mistake and let go of the married man he loves.  She realized that despite her happiness is a family falling apart and a woman is trying to fight for their family. Good for her that she realized it earlier.

Loving yourself.

While Arci Munoz portrays a liberated person due to her natural nature and influence. She made me laugh in all of her scenes though sometimes it's irritating that's just the spice of a good movie. She loves and gives her heart all out without nothing in return her passion for music shows in here.
When she finally faced her truth, she embraced the change that used to define her and make another definition of herself by re-inventing to be a better person, from being wild to classy still her quirkiness is still there. It was for me a definition of getting your S*** done.

During the course of heartbreak, there is no rules on how it is expressed, how it should be dealt and how things would turn-around after that day. Every day must have been hard to wake up knowing things will never be the same. How your patterns will change and sometime how will you fill in those memories in order to forget. 

By the moment, you embraced the reality of change. Knowing its hard to do but you still do what you have to do. You have given yourself the love that you need, finding your voice once more, taking chances on what you will do and most importantly is realizing things that have always been there and have been neglected all long. Life moves on and and Love will always be there  we just have to stay strong and find a way to find a better tomorrow. 

Neutral and Bold: A Scandinavian Chic Rental Property


I first met Mr. T, a week before he was about to leave for the United States. I prepared budgets and renders for him base on our initial meeting which he described as fresh, modern, light color and a little of Scandinavian and not-so industrial design look that looks good and would be appealing to the renters for the concept and a functional space for wardrobe, storage, kitchen, dining and most of all the sleeping area must accommodate 3 to 4 people.

T Project | Emari Pimentel
The Hallway Area facing the entire unit

He initially approved by design right from the moment I presented it and some changes upon his comments were sent via E-mail until it was finalized.  It was really quick as we did it for less than a month since my first presentation. The reason why he hired me is because of his daughter who urged him to hire an interior designer, and thru the recommendation of their Agent, Mr. T and I have met including his wife's family, who will also be overseeing the project.

T Project | Emari Pimentel
Dining Area and Bar

One of the challenges we encountered was to ensure all the requirements he required of us.

  1. Storage for Utility and Shoe Cabinetry
  2. Wardrobe Desk
  3. Study Area 
  4. Media
  5. Dining Area
  6. Bar Area
  7. Kitchen 
  8. A Queen Size bed that will fit in 3-4 pax  and ensure that these requirements will also be spacious and looks fresh.

T Project | Emari Pimentel
A view of the open space studio rental

One of the challenges here was being on time of their expected date since we have to wait for a couple of months before we can start the construction because the unit was not yet turned over to him when he hired me and he was already abroad when we commenced the project. Since we were waiting for the turn-over date we had the time to settle things ahead of time from the material selection and possible date of turn-over and sourcing the things needed to be. Project Management was crucial on our part to meet the deadline of July 30, 2019, instead of hitting the 30-45 working days.

We had about 25 days left by the time I was informed about the turn-over and from time then, we had to fix what was needed to commence the project which took a few more days before we could get in as everyone involved were on different projects, our time was ticking by the nanosecond.  On our day 1, was 19 days left of us and our timeline was still the same. Mr. T, on the other hand, is updated every other day because he was abroad and travels often. We made sure that the ease of working with us would be pleasant, hassle-free and have the assurance that we are right on track on the project and always being on the loop for the updates and ensuring his approval that despite his physical absence, it seems he is still around.

T Project | Emari Pimentel
Bed Area and Coffee Table

Everyone in the Project team was tight-lipped and worried on this, including me, their Operations Manager and Interior Designer but despite the crucial time, we had everything to the last detail grasp in order to be on time and there were even setbacks during the 19 days process.

In order to accommodate around 3-4 pax, We used a Queen Size Pull-out bed from Uratex. The client was happy that he was able to have a spacious area wherein anyone who would stay can do other extracurricular activities like yoga, or other mini work-outs. Even so, the purpose to accommodate 3 or 4 pax was due to the pull out bed hidden under the spring bed.

T Project | Emari Pimentel
Bed Area

T Project | Emari Pimentel
Kitchen with Dining-Bar Area

The kitchen was designed in a way that will fit the pull out bed and still is able to move area the kitchen area when in use. The kitchen itself stands a beauty of its own because of its accent tiles - the backsplash, we used a random design Scandinavian inspired subway tiles which unifies the bar chair color, bed area, and the media wall fresh and modern look. The overhead cabinet is inspired by an industrial kitchen and still looks fresh and still looks Scandinavian design due to the use of light wood materials. 

Looking at the other side of the wall was a full-length cabinetry and media area for the shoe cabinet, a niche and utility area for extra storage and a two-door wardrobe, attached to a floating desk table and drawers utilizing its walls as a media area. The concrete wall of the media down to the legroom is painted using Davies Paint: Lush Garden Satin Paint. This Paint was the main accent wall and become the source of color in selecting our furniture, accessories and accent tiles to have a cohesive look without overdoing it. The shades are not the same and the selection of colors matches from one area to the other and goes the same with the election of wood color and materials.

Having an open space will maximize the use of space and despite having a requirement the best way is to do a space plan and make a specific area work well in two or three activities by applying multi-functional furniture and designing an area with a double purpose. 

T Project | Emari Pimentel
Toilet and Bath

The Toilet and Bath revamped as well to fit the requirements of the client, more storage space, a lavatory that the client approved of,  with cabinetry and a full-length mirror wat serves as its accent and still reflects the Scandinavian chic theme.

Having this type of design, we made sure that every changes will keep the client updated and consulting him from time to time, giving them options on which they like and allowing them to have personal touch despite the fact that this is a 19 days renovation, having the client on board makes it easier for us to work and by trusting us to get the job done even if they were abroad and our time zones was like 12-hours difference. I had gathered my team to be fully commited and onboard despite all these and with each role that every has been assigned and efforts put in to. We were able to make the client, Mr. T, happy and satisfied upon completion of the turn-over.

The reasons why he was happy and his sister-in-law with our work:
1. We were on-time despite a few delays
2. We were on-budget despite the changes and a few additions
3. The requirements he asked from us were there
4. The description he had in mind was what it was,
5. Better that our perspective
6. We styled it all the way even it was not part of it. 
7. We produced quality materials.

Overall, We are just glad and happy that we were able to pull this through, this wonderful challenge until our next journey.

Before and After: The neutral and the bold


Last Week,  We have given you a sneak peak on the updates of our latest turned-over project, which is the T Project. A 30 Sqm condo unit for a rental property in Amaia Steps Mandaue.  The unit itself is actually bare when it was turned over and due to the deleted photos of the bare unit. We just shown the upadte on how it went before it was just to be turned over.

Above is the photo at the Wardrobe and the Media / Writing Desk, wherein a peak of our finish project is shown. The accent was the main highlight of this as this is the color that we based among the other areas to get that fresh and bold statement.

In this area, is the kitchen where there are we demolished the existing melamine kitchen cabinetry to create a bigger and more functional kitchen base on the clients requirements.

And the last part is the Bed Area, where nothing was touched or removed because we decided to keep it the way it was and accessorize this areaa to match the look and color of the accent wall.

This is quick update our how the interiors are transforming slowly as it te days went by and this Before and After blog post is just a snippet of what our big reveal would be and we will be posting it next week for our final post about this project which we are all very excited to share with you our accomplishment.

What led you to get to this point in your life?


In the age of world wide web domination and available resources are just at a flick of your finger, How many times did you doubt yourself in pursuing something you like - whether buying a bag that you immediately fall in love with? A new learning skill you've been wanting to learn since you were young or even a change of career and you end up, pursuing what you've been wanting to have. Without a blink of an eye and erasing all our doubts, We took a leap of faith. Some may say it's stupid and some says without regrets the best thing they ever did. 

When was the last time you took a leap of faith? 

Two years ago, I decided to leave my job. A secured job that some people though was good and some has the opinion of I could do better at it. Each people around us has an opinion of the things that we pursue and we find ourselves doubting what we are capable of doing.  I had my plans laid when I left with no proper planning, it was a leap of faith on where life would bring me then. I just wanted to be my own boss and own a design firm one day and make it grow bigger I could imagine.

I have big dreams for myself, who doesn't? I started being a solo entrepreneur and I find my own self on many different occasion, what life has in store for me. My journey was rough as I was starting out and thankful I made it one milestone at a time. From one project to the other, I was able to make it through as an Interior Designer, an all-in-one person to run the business and eventually as the business grew. I have also took another milestone in getting myself an Office and ensure that I could serve more people in my line of business where we can meet and talk about their interior design concerns for condominium projects to commercial projects. It's just great to have someone share your ideas and thoughts in making things better and making it into a reality.

How about schedule an appointment at the office?

Let's have chat about your interior design needs.

Having an office is another milestone for me, it's not what i had planned for this year but I was given the opportunity to grab it and get some things that I would unlikely get from any of the inquiries I had before in renting out an office that I put the idea of having an office on hold for the next two years and because an opportunity came and wanted to share my happiness with you.

Before anything else, here are some things you need to know before meeting an interior designer

  1. Location of the project
  2. Area in Square meters
  3. Purpose of the project
  4. Interior Design Inspirations
  5. Time frame in mind
Bring along your interior design inspiration or curate it using your Pinterest account if you or even curate it in a word document, which ever is easier to you. In this way, both you and the interior designer will be on the same page when coming up with solutions to your inquiry.

Would you like to book an appointment

Behind-the-Scene: Scandinavian meets Industrial Chic Rental Property


There were times I wonder, when a project would finish, despite having the timelines and expected dates of delivery and such. These are one of the latest projects that I have been pre-occupied and a number of days had left me stucked on how this will go especially when there are certain things on site happens when you least expect it. However, these should have been foreseen which we did and sometimes its just a little too much when there are delays that my team are not in control. 

Behind-the-Scene of Premiere Design Interiors T Project

We planned not to have any changes in this area only for the Aircon to be installed. As you can see there's a lot of remarks to remind each individual from my team and the contractors that are involved.

Behind-the-Scene of Premiere Design Interiors T Project

Behind-the-Scene of Premiere Design Interiors T Project

Some of the materials had started to arrived as the days progress and these were one of the days when everything was just a little to tight. I have my my project leader to supervise the daily activities and progress to report on me, online.

Behind-the-Scene of Premiere Design Interiors T Project

There are things that I handle personally when I have to push them to their limits and capacity. I'm a bit strict on my timeline this year, the more I grew into designing the more I see myself growing as a person and as the designer and for this project we aim to complete this in 30 days.

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