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A Letter to Nal


When one of your friends is just about to get married? You have this list of things that you would reminiscence and that includes going back to your younger days talking about getting married and so on and forth.

How about going on a memory lane and talking about our plans and how we looked back in the day. Seeing your beautiful bride friend walking down the aisle.

A Letter to Nal
Years ago, I met this wonderful loud, and funny friend, Annalie in college. We didn't click at first and we belonged to a different group of friends, she was an extrovert girl with lots of guy friends, rugged-looking wearing an above-the-knee skirt with those 4" black school shoes makes her feminine.

I belonged to a different group, who is more techy and boyish. I have seen her afar as she always makes everyone laugh and gets along with the teachers and the only person whom I would hear one's voice shouting from the lounge to the lobby calling a friend or a classmate to ask about an assignment and at times I would be surprised that she'd be calling for someone from the fourth floor down to the lobby asking about the presence of a classmate of to borrow something for a particular subject or ask about an update on a project. I got used to it since we are a block section in all of our subjects.

We got along as time goes by and surprisingly, we become a group of friends. She has been my to-go friend when life is just serious to be carried, yet there she standstill, giving her warm hugs and giving me her precious time listening to my so-dramatic life. I remember so well, We had a fun and joyful lunch with the girls at the canteen and we needed to hurry up as the next subject was about to start. We were walking briskly and exchanged sarcastic jokes and comments until we reached the lobby, we bid goodbye kisses to our friends as they hurriedly go to their next class. We were both left at the lobby as it has become quiet classes were about to begin and we both looked in they and shared a good talk as we left the building going out of the university compound.

Both Anne and I failed at a prerequisite major subject during the first semester and that day we bid goodbye to our friends was the first day of that major subject.  That heartfelt talk we had as we walk going down the university gate, was both heartbreaking a realization of life, adulting perhaps and at the same time, I think it has been the turning point where we got closer to each other.

Since both Anne and I had a lot of time to spare, we always come together in class and in other extra-curricular activities especially when it comes to knowing other people around us, or dating. I would describe Anne to be my opposite, yet we click in so many ways her competitive spirit, optimistic point of view, and resiliency was one of the best things I admire from her despite many challenges having come. There would be no dull moments with Anne as funny as she is in person, she can find time to be someone you can share your hopes and thoughts with without thinking twice.

Despite life bringing us into different paths and roads we took, I can still count on her no matter the distance she may be and no matter how her day was feeling at. You know you can always rely on her even at someone's worst.


Looking back, One of our talks back then was getting married, our wedding day on how it's going to be like and where it's going to be, who would be the first to get married and the list go on. As the eldest of the group, We even thought she'd get married first, to be followed by the next birthday celebrant, and indeed, Last July 20, 2019, Annalie tied the knot with a special guy in her life, Moncho, whom she had shared her laughter, battles, and dreams. I never had the opportunity to tell Annalie, how grateful and blessed I was to have her as my friend or how happy I was that she finally met her prince and how happy we (her friends) to be part of another chapter of her life and to Moncho, who is officially part of our family of friends.

Budomo-Bacay Wedding
Photo Credits to Wildfolks Studios

There is a lot of stories to tell, not even my thoughts can write it all, and since I wasn't able to tell her the things I wanted to say before her wedding nor the words that were on my thoughts that night. Somehow this post will relay some portion of what I wanted to let her know and since she will be reading this and Oh! Please!  do not let her take your photo or give her an opportunity to take a photo during an off guarded situation or else! Her wild imagination will run through with it.

The master of the possible memes will be unleashed!

Do not let Anne take the photo or else! (see above)

 PS. I lost my previous phone and since I'm not a fan posting photos online. All I can do is grab the photos from my friend's Facebook account and this is also to let you know I am not yet done being sentimental.

10 Daily Essential Tools for Interior Designers


The moment I started having my own design firm and has become very hands-on, I have to keep things organized and afloat as my daily task and schedules varied as the day had come despite planning ahead as emergencies, urgent matters, and quick site checks are inevitable. Especially when things are just nearby the locations and how it can be done.

My everyday essential tools are the things that help me be on track regardless of whatever work would land on my hand. It sounds traditional as I don't exactly rely everything on my online apps just in case things might not go as planned.

  1. Watch
  2. Mobile Phone and Charger
  3. Daily Planner
  4. Sketch pad
  5. Pens
  6. Steel Tape
  7. Laser Distance Detector
  8. Face Mask (Dust Mask)
  9. Wallet
  10. Make-up Kit

These 10 Things are my essentials it's not something I can't live without but these things are my lifesaver. How am I gonna live with it if I can't work around it?

  • Watch 
My analog watch which I wore almost every day helps me keep on track from one meeting to the other and helps me avoid checking on my phone when unnecessary, saving my battery life. It keeps my meeting go on smoothly as I check the time between meetings and personal activities during and after working hours. 

  • Mobile Phone and Charger
Mobile Phone and Charger, My phone is like my entire life among the 10 essential tools this is where I communicate with all the people I have to communicate with within the day and it's mostly business than my personal matters. From small details to the biggest detail that needed to be discussed especially working along with my fellow professionals and people in charge of the project. Often than not, I felt like a call-center agent in a day, receiving and calling for feedback. Another thing is that I use this for photo documentation allowing me to see things visually from the last visit and an update from my staff and people I'm working with.

  • Daily Planner
I have been using a daily planner since I started working almost 10 years ago in kitchen cabinetry. I was a sales designer and because of that I have to handle multiple clients at a time having a schedule was really a must for me to keep on track and be on schedule. Even to this day I am using a Daily Planner from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, with the perks I have along with it I really enjoyed using it, and all the changes of plans, are written and the to-do list of the day, week or month.

  • Sketch Pad
My sketch pad or pad of scratch paper is another essential when I wanted to point out some details on site. Giving them a rough sketch on how things can be executed and how I wanted it to be. In this way, we discuss this over in a corner and sketch what we had in mind to get to the point and waste no time during the construction. Sometimes the sketch pad is used for making drawings and dimensions on site. 

  • Pens
I have a set of pens from colored pens and Pentel pens, both have different uses each time. The pens and colored pens are used for drawings on papers while the Pentel pens are used to sketch on the walls on-site as sometimes even I have drawn things on paper, I needed them to understand a little bit more with words expressed when drawn, making our conversation and work lighter and avoiding surprises on site the next visit. 

  • Steel Tape
I used to sweat a lot in getting dimensions by using the steep tape but now, I'm using it to get exact measurements that the laser can't do for me, and discussion during meetings and sourcing helped me get to what I really wanted out of a particular store or meeting. 

  • Laser Distance Detector
Gone are those days I have to sweat a lot in getting dimensions for a longer period of hours on those areas that are wide, tall, and narrow. It helps me stressed out in getting into a sweat as I talk with my clients on-site and for taking it longer than possible. This really worked well for me while like I have said that the steep tape is now used to get measurements that need smaller dimensions than the laser cant. 

  • Face Mask or Dust Mask
It's not the face mask that we put on our face during self-care Sundays' or pampering days. It's a mask to protect ourselves from the construction environment of the heavy dust during the construction period. Health will always be a priority for me and for everyone involved.

  • Wallet
My wallet has all the membership cards for work and personal needs, and other things that needed my identification, a place where I kept most of my important things. My membership helps me track my whereabouts and purchases just in case I'm trying to trace every single place I went to as much as I can. Though this is a necessity for me, I consider this a tool to work around getting things smoothly as possible.

  • Make-up kit
My make-up kit in a small pouch has my essentials in case I have to make a retouch or quick meeting. I don't want to look haggard or sweaty at the next place I went to even if it's a construction site. Feeling fresh all the time does a lot of good things. I don't think anyone would like to see an interior designer who's in a hot mess, right?

Well, those are my 10 Essential Tools on my daily grind. It's very practical and keeps things afloat. My work is done in my (home) office and presentations are another discussion on where, how, and what to bring as for me, it is a case-to-case basis. Though Laptop is a very essential tool for how I do my work, I don't bring it all the time with me and I make sure I can make those things done in my (home) office and brought them with me whenever I'm on a business trip or vacation.

Every single day has I encounter new things, people, and everything in between and I enjoy doing this job I think there is a not to learn and improve as each day passes. For you, did I miss anything that can make my life easier? Are there any tools should I consider using? 



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5 Appliances for your Air BnB Unit


5 Appliances for AirBnB Rental

(Updated-April 24, 2020) In any interior design projects I have encountered, my clients would often discuss with me the appliances they wanted and what things I would recommend inside their unit, and time and time I have memorized the things I would often choose for a rental unit as and allowing them to decide which ones they would go for.  Below are the basic appliances I often use for a rental property and it makes a lot of sense how these things make wonder for both me and my client.

5 Appliances for AirBnB Rental

Top 5 Appliances you should have in your Rental Unit


I recommend you invest in a Smart TV about 43" because it gives an illusion of wider space. Also if you have an internet connection, you might as well use this kind of perk. 32" LED TV is applicable if you want to have a Pre-loaded Cable TV and no internet inside your rental. The purpose of having a TV is to let them enjoy small perks of entertainment. 


The aircon will depend on your unit as provided by your developer. In most cases, there is a window type allocated by the developer. Use 1.5 HP Remote Control, Either you go for the Basic or Inverter, it matters on how long you plan to use it or the usage by your rental as it has different effects on your billing. For the basic aircon, it is good if this is used in less than 8 hours while Inverter Aircon mostly works after 8 hours continuously. In other words, you'll benefit from the low cost of your invert after 8 hours of continuous use. The judgment is on you whether use the inverter or the Basic Aircondition. Just use the Remote type for convenience. 


A 7 Cubic Meter Inverter is a recommended Refridgerator it's about 1.2 -1.5m tall, just enough for your basic usage where you can maximize the use of the upper part as your storage. This type of Refridgerator is enough to store food for a short-term vacation and if it's a month-long, it will still fit depending on the purchases. Inverter Type of Refirdgertor is very efficient in terms of electric usage since its 24/7 usage and avoids plugging and unplugging it for maintenance.


Range Hob

A Built-In Range Hob is economical, you can ensure that living in a small space can still be efficient and economical. The price is similar to a tempered glass dual plate induction. I recommend you to use a hot plate because it works with different types of cooking pans. Compared to induction, you have to choose a cooking pan that will work for induction, the same goes when you are using a stone pan or equivalent. If you want to keep your hob still useful in the long haul and to avoid a burnt cooking pan, you should be aware of the different types of pain that can be used for your cooking hob. If you are not that particular, they better save you the hassle by choosing a hot plate induction built-in hob. 

Range Hood

A range hood is recommended when you buy a range hob, that's because you have to filter out the air coming from your cooking, avoid the odor coming from the food, to avoid the smell inside your space and the hot temperature while you are cooking. I use this often especially when I cook on dishes that I am not familiar with and I end up burning the food, which will help to suck the burnt odor. Whether you are good at cooking you should have this, you don't know who will be renting your space either. 



For people on the go who avoid cooking, I recommend you to have a microwave, but not just any microwave, use an oven-type microwave because it's better when your food is being cooked. When I was working on a food chain, we were asked what type of microwave you should use and what is the difference between a microwave and an oven. None of us got the right answer. As I can recall, the Microwave when heating is heating the food from the outside while the oven is heating the food from the inside. The result is different because if you use the microwave that is where you'll get food that is hard on the outside compared to the oven which still retains its texture and taste.

Electric Kettle.

Electric Kettle is a must for those who love coffee, hot milk, or tea. This is no question on why you should have an electric kettle, never mind the coffee machine because if it's not for the rental you can have it, and if you are in the luxury rental, why not? 
Before you purchase appliances, please ask for construction guidelines and read them well so you can identify which are their recommended specifications for your unit, especially on the electrical usage (wattage and volts). Attached Links are the products that I have been using or would recommend you to use. Click the link to see their specification, I hope you enjoy these tips shared with you all. 

Here's my list of recommended Appliances you can use in your Airbnb Rental Unit. Feel free to contact me for your design consultation. 

PS. The original post was published last August 9, 2019, and thus is no longer available to ensure the quality of the post provided.



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The project that got approved with a Moodboard for Mr. W


Mr. W agreed to have a clean, fine-looking condominium apartment, where there is a similarity in his house in Australia. Since the design phase was longer than usual due to some reasons, we both agreed to a Modern interior design concept where all requirements and factors in his decision-making were considered.

Mood board for an Interior Design Project

As a person who loves white paint and textures for interiors, it was a bigger challenge for me to agree with an all-white concept to have 85% of the entire space in white as I felt it would be overdone because it's just too white. However, as the design progresses we end up having three colors. Yes, the Three colors which I love the most are red, white and black which I'm convinced to have this concept for there would be colors in it.

Interior Design Project for Mr. W

The project was already completed for over a month now, and I took some time to clean up the presentation that has the key elements why we came up that way despite the actual didn't come up the same as it should be, there were things added and taken out as we progressed during the construction phase.

The colors were indeed we worked with when the design finished, colors and materials were selected and these were all came from the inspiration boards that we discussed during our meetings. A white and clean kitchen and boards all over the space with lots of multi-functional storage organizers of every space requirement. The space was very tight and they do have a lot of stuff to store properly.

The design was to utilized every corner into a storage space which we achieved by having custom-built cabinetry for their tall pantry to the working space, a kitchen pantry workspace with a waterfalls design of solid surface granite similar to the main kitchen which was also extended covering the wardrobe closet area.

The media area also serves as a dining area and a working space in white. These people have to move and the baby crawls and walks around which they needed to have enough space to enjoy their simple joy. They have an entire glass window and a door that led going to the balcony wherein the family can rest and relax as the beautiful sunset its doors to the moonlight. open whose view during the morning is the ocean view and its harbor. 



Would you like some help Designing and Implementing your Renovation Plans? 

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