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Designing spaces, Changing lives for World Interiors Day


PIID Cebu Chapter's Members, Landlite (Sponsor) and Idr. Punzalan Photo by IDr. Punzalan

Last May 18, 2019, In celebration of World Interiors Day, the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers - Cebu Chapter's General Members Meeting was graced by IDR. Charisse Gail Punzalan, discussing this years' theme "Designing spaces, Changing lives".

Unlike any other speakers, we have encountered, IDR. Charisse became my instant favorite speaker. She shared her insights and experiences with all the members present during the talk and it was amazing that she shared such experiences with us when most are even reluctant to share and which I admire about her. She shared was based on her personal experience that everyone can relate to and how she does her own process despite having been said she holds one of the highest positions of Trends and Concept. 

Idr. Punzalan Photo by IDr. Punzalan

She shared that as a designer she focused on Workspace Interior Design which is one of the reasons why I attended in the first place, that night I asked around 5 questions that gave me a full insight on how things can improve on my processes and how should I create a path that I might go too. However, it gave me an insight that answers my questions in my possible topic for my Master which is related to Co-working spaces in an Office Landscape. 

IDr. Bering, IDr. Geson and Idr. Punzalan Photo by IDr. Punzalan

Before the night ends, everyone was happy to be there it was an insightful and personal career talk we had that everyone in the room has talked about how wonderful the talk has been and this kind of talk that Idr. Punzalan has shown to us should be repeated in every General Meeting Assembly.



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  1. Thanks for sharing interesting elements about interior.You did an amazing job.Surely it will give so many new ideas to improve my ideas. go here

    1. Youre welcome Liam. It's always a good choice to attend seminars and product launching to keep ourselves updated.


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