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TV Apartment: Supergirl's Apartment in National City


Kara Danvers Shabby Chic Interiors
Photo Credits to Warner Brothers

The Man of Steel, maybe my favorite Superhero in DC Comics, and the Girl of Steel is no exception. I grow up reading comings and watching movies and tv series about sci-fi and fantasy most especially about the Kryptonian Son Kal-El, a.k.a Clark Kent / Superman from Dean Cain's The Adventures of Lois and Clark up to the story of the young Clark before becoming Superman in Smallville starred by Tom Welling up the latest TV Superman in Supergirl portrayed occasionally by Tyler Hoechlin in the Arrowverse.

Before we could get further talking about the Story of these two super-cousins' Let's take a look at Supergirl's Apartment. A High-end Apartment in National City, with a very spacious open space type of unit. This unit is a haven for people in the working class but she is Kara Danvers a.k.a Supergirl.

Kara Danvers Living Room Interiors
Photo Credits to LadyGeek

Kara's character reflects her apartment, its light and breezy with a lot of interest that reflects herself, her lifestyle which is very important when having your own space, is to live like you see every aspect of yourself.  The Interiors of her apartment suggest a Shabby-Chic meets Industrial meets Retro, basically it's Eclectic. 

Photo Credited to Kansas City

She indeed got a Corner Spot for her apartment as it has a lot of tall windows, that look like a floor to ceiling windows that makes it easy for her to fly in and out of her apartment. The walls are both made in Concrete and Brix which blends well for a Millennial like her,  She was 25 years old by the time it aired in 2015.  Paired with custom-made white sheer curtains that make the place lighter. 

Shabby Chic Interiors in Arrow verse
Photo Credits to Cinemablend

Kara indeed is a collector of something antique-looking pieces and indeed loves entertaining people around her, which is reflective of the most season during game nights or even Thanksgiving. She got a number of lighting fixtures that are very interesting and it seems that all areas and nooks make it more attractive, as a fan, having a lot of lights must be like being in a star and wishing that she is on another planet with her biological family.

Shabby Chic Interiors in National City
Photo Credits to the owner.

Another thing I have noticed is that all corners have tables and chairs, which explains her love for writing and reading. Everything blends well and all angles are photo-perfect. Her apartment evokes a picture-perfect location for everyone around. 

Shabby Chic Interior Design
Photo Credits to Pinterest

The look of how it looks at night is just seemingly perfect. Late nights with yourself, having your special someone or having game nights among your friends.

Shabby Chic Interior Design
Photo Credits to: DCComics
Hobby Place for Kara Danvers
Photo Credits to DCComics
Kara Danvers Bedroom
Photo Credits to: Hollyrichmond

Kara's open space expands all throughout her apartment which also shows her bedroom is accessible by anyone from her bedroom. The partition itself is divided by sheer curtains and probably white blackout curtains. She got a clean crisp interior for her bedroom here in season one.

Shabby Chick Interior Design
Photo Credits to Pinterest

Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to Casinhaarrumada

Kara's bedroom looks like a retro mix full of patterns, still shabby and chic. The different items mixed well in. As I have noticed in there are slight changes in the bedroom furniture from time to time.

Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to Casinhaarrumada

The view of her Living Area from the Kitchen is really refreshing.

Supergirl Apartment Kitchen
Photo Credits to Femslash

Since she doesn't look that much but knows how to bake, cook, and food preparation she opted for a small kitchen since she's on the go. Who needs a big kitchen when she can technically cook the food using her eyes.  Her kitchen uses Shaker Style Cabinetry and glass overhead to display her glassware. 

Supergirl Apartment Kitchen
Photo credits to Spotern

Here is her working/bar area when she's up for preparing food or simply having a small chat, which is a good idea rather than having a big kitchen. This makes sense to have a completely workable table and bar. The Mason Jar lamps are a must-have in her kitchen.

Supergirl Apartment Kitchen
Photo Credits to Spotern

This is a view from the corner, which I guess is she's facing at the laundry area or utility area of her apartment. This angle looks good despite having a lot of accent lights. 

Supergirl Apartment Kitchen
Photo credits to Comicboxcommentary

Her main dining area is the formal set up which she regularly uses whenever she has visitors and during formal meals.

Supergirl Apartment Dining Area
Photo Credits to: Pinimg
Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to Entertainmentfuse

Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to Spotern

Her front door is a take-away, where can we actually have an apartment door that blends well with your interiors, I love it.  The interior of her entryway, kitchen, and dining from the living room's view.

Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to Screencap

Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to Acasaqueaminhavoqueri

Supergirl's Apartment has been under-covered, in most of its angles it is very satisfying to have at least the most detailed interiors look.

Her shabby-chic eclectic apartment is cringe-worthy from colors to materials and furnishing is seen. For those who enjoy watching Supergirl, this is a good design inspiration just to feel a lot closer to her if you love Shabby Chic Interior Design Concepts and are planning to have one, then this post will give you an idea of what you might be expecting in your apartment. So, Enjoy!

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Editors Note: This was originally posted last September 12, 2016. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 



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