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Modern Luxe Condominium Project


One of my dream projects was to design a Modern Luxe Concept, that day had come and I am so grateful for the opportunity that was given to me by the couple who are both doctors, This 1 Bedroom Unit is located in one of the buildings of Solinea Towers, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City. In our initial conversation, the Wife was concerned about t huge column behind the Media area. 

Modern Luxury Interior Design

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Just like any typical 1 bedroom unit, this area has a total of 46 sqm, and maximizing space here is the best solution to fit in their requirements that would truly reflect the owners' preferences upon accessing the possible things that she likes. A Modern Luxury Interior Design Concept has been approved and since having this concept is hard to find items in the local retail place, we opted to have a custom-built items for this unit. 

A condominium project in Solinea Towers by Premiere Design Interiors

The dining set is done by Bespoke, and to make space wider we had a three-panel beveled type mirror to make the room wider and also by making the wall occupied more since I wanted to make it feel wider and also double the lighting reflection of the lights. Our color scheme is very light and we added some contrast for our accents and details to achieve the look. The Custom build wainscot paneling was from floor to ceiling (bedroom area).

A condominium project in Solinea Towers by Premiere Design Interiors

The living area has tufted details similar to the dining chairs with silver studs and a media wall, that covers the huge column and is paired with custom-built cabinetry for its accessories and media items. Also my favorite place in the area.

A condominium project in Solinea Towers by Premiere Design Interiors

The Bedroom has a similar look to the dining, its a medium-light brown fabric is seen from its headboard towards its bedframe. 

A condominium project in Solinea Towers by Premiere Design Interiors
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Creating this interior design and project was a bit hard on me since a lot of detailing has to be done compared to other projects I did in the past despite having a few items on here but the work process was enjoyable and a lot was learned. I have to learn how the paneling would work and how other stuff will be one to create one cohesive look, especially since all these are custom-built, so details and selection have to be well thought of and coordinated around everyone involved.



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