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A Typical day of a Full Time Interior Designer


I GirlBossed toooooo HARD..... 

In April 26, 2019, I posted about a Typical Day of my Life as an Interior Designer. It was a start of my journey as I have come to grow my team.

I was very excited as things are going smoothly for me. 

In August 2019, I had my office and my team with the support of my family and friends I was able to hit this milestone and things are just overwhelming yet very challenging and COVID Hit in March 2020.

Things went to drain.... The last 3 Years had been a struggle both mentally, physicall and financially. Who hasn't experience this?

But this had also opened new doors to be to explore new things and navigate how we can work. Remote Work or What you call Work-From-Home (WFH). And to this day, We work on a Hybrid Set-up.

WFH, Project Site and Cafe's. Yep. We learned to adapt to this and this seems to pretty work well and yet as each day we learned something on how we can navigate more effectively and Creating more systems like never before

In my case as the Principal Interior Designer, My schedule varies differently and despite having a 5 Work Day Schedule. I work like 24/7 and tries hard to work on these schedules. Never the less, As a business owner there is more than what these schedule is all about. 


  • Marketing and Meetings 

Tuesday and Thursday

  • Site Visits and Project Site Meetings


  • Full Creative Work


  • Wrap Up Fridays and Fun Fridays

and I hear you saying, "Hey Emari. I want to know your typical day not how your work schedule look like???...eh"

What does my day look like?

As listed above these are a glimpse of my entire week but more to that.

Every I do the following base on an  8:00am to 5:00am Work Time. 

09:00 am - Team Communication ad Answering all project inguiry from Project Management Team and Suppliers and Vendors and Find Solutions on these things. In which I am trying to do better.

10:00 am - Check E-mails and Messages in the morning to respond and by this hour I'm sure I had all things on whats going on site. 

11:00 am - Start Doing Marketing Things, We gotta be always be marketing

12:00 nn - My lunch break and either I'm partially working and watching a YouTube Video. I don't have a proper lunch where I snooze my phone. It's a working lunch

13:00 pm - Work Again Marketing and Meetings. This is where I get busier by the day because things are mostly happens in the afternoon. The concerns, The changes, The Deliveries and Feedbacks I am getting from each project boils down to this hour office hours is almost done.

16:00 pm - 15 minutes meetings to wrap things up for the day and this is the time I am starting to have my deep work until the late hour. Yup. Late hour when I can focus on my work for the next day or weeks. Especially when I'm on site. I can't be on my phone and answer each one phone calls.

Though We have systems in place, We still evovle and learn something new. Our Project Management Software may have helped on how we do our work and still we find ourselves in a situation where we needed to learn and adopt a new software or a Process that can make our work more efficient.

How do we keep being productive?

We have the Work Week Set-Up and We try to be aligned to it and at the same time we got a lot of Project Management Software such as Trello, Notion, and Google Workspace plus the 15minutes rule that we have to discuss and decide immediately. 

If you are productive, Why work almost 24/7?

A Day is not enough for a business owner, Its always learning and adapting but we are able to have a free-time whenever we wanted to and not missing a day on important occassions. Right now, Working Hard is something we must do and Adapting Smart Way to make it better. All Tools that we use are a guide for us and a Smart Help and When things are in much better place. We can make less work hours and do the Smart Way of Working.

In the field of Interior Design, The process can be different in each project. The Scope of Work that we do, The design we provide and even if these has timelines. We make sure that we provide a value to our client. 

We may falter and fall many times but we will and I will still stand because thats how we learn and grow. 

A Typical day of a full time interior designer

Editors Note: April 26, 2019


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