A Typical day of a Full Time Interior Designer


This year I added another hat being an entrepreneur, as a Full-time Interior Designer working as a soloprenueur. I find myself having a routine to keep myself ahead of time despite the efforts of making a routine it keeps evolving and changing, As new projects come and the old one has been turned over the design requirements has to change from time to time with all the errands coming and unseen events, I make sure that I have a routine that I could do despite balancing my work and life are way different from the way I have planned. Do you experience the same thing that I have?

A Typical day of a full time interior designer

A Typical day of a full time interior designer

08:00 - 08:45am This is the time I have been on and off trying to wake up and successfully I did manage on this time since my meetings are around 10:00 am every Tuesdays and Thursday. I do my morning routine from waking up to getting ready to leave home. My morning starts stretching my body, brush my teeth and go to my home office to double check and prepare my things before I leave at the same time drinking my hot cup of water before I go to shower. Once I'm done with my personal hygiene stuff I hit off the dining table and have my breakfast together with my mom and discuss our plans for the day and something in between.

09:00 - 10:00am Transportation Period, I'll be going to my first meeting and since I'll be on the road I check my phone this time and read my e-mails and talk to the people whom I have, most of the time I call William, my trusted general contractor asking him on the updates of our projects and those people who will be involved including clients and if there is still a few more minutes to snooze, I grab.

10:00 - 11:45am Either I meet with a client or site visit, I make sure that I have attended their needs to address whatever situation has arisen from the project this makes me feel better to solve it right ahead during my presence on site. It really stresses me out if I can't find a good solution to what is handed. Time is Gold (and Money), No one wants to pay for an extra cost and blame games in the future right?

11:45am-01:00pm Heading to my next appointment as grab a quick lunch in one of the restaurants or fast food chains just to make sure I get my next meeting on time and stomach is full.

Material Selection for a design project

01:00 - 06:00pm In between meetings with both suppliers and clients who are around the same location this saves me time to meet them at a certain time that fits us both well, sourcing and meetings are sure to happen this time .I'm taking a break at a nearby cafe and returning all the calls this time since I don't answer calls during a meeting so I don't get lost on the topic of discussion from one client to the other. This is my productive time in the afternoon.

6:00pm onwards. Chances are I travel back home and since I'm catching up with my night exercise at the oval near my place. I take my time to sleep and since I have eaten a late snack, I don't eat dinner at all. I exercise to keep my self healthy and fit, I have been sickly due to stress and coping up with stress to end my night with an exercise which helps me go to sleep and be ready for the next day.

Most of the time I'll be at my home office to do work stuff and replying to overseas client. This is also the things I check and work on the drawings since everyone in the house is in each room so less noise. I feel at peace whenever I am able to complete my task for the day and so I would know what is ahead of me and having a dedicated space helps me relax knowing that I have to keep going on what I am doing regardless of any situation may have come. What is your day as a soloprenuer? 

(Updated) What's in a Blog Name?


I first posted about "What's in a blog name?" For more than two (2) years, I launched my first blog entry and back then the name of this blog was The Lounge Avenue, welcoming everyone who would be reading my blog and yes it still has the "promise" of delivering interior design, food, travel and personal thing that comes along.

The Logo of  The Lounge Avenue

The beginning of my journey was with the help of my college friends despite supporting me with my endeavors, at the back of my mind I think they thought I am crazy and they are right. Still, friendship prevails they did support me. My first few posts about How To's in the month of August was simply because they supported me. Joan, was my cheerleader and had so much support that we were able to do all those stuff and I must say she had talent in styling that I wanted but not as much as she wants it. Kristel, is the support of my ideas becoming reality for allowing, sponsoring the venue and its products used in my first month. I didn't bother afterward. Nicollette, my silent supporter, she knew our plans and despite all these stuff coming from our (Me and Joan) ideas, she even came from one of those items that we had our shoot and Lastly, to Annalie who was no longer with us at that time yet despite the different timezone, we shared a laugh on this one and knew that I will be doing what comes to my mind. 

A month before The Lounge Avenue will become a year older, I changed the name to Design District and want to cover more stuff, topics and all. I had my facebook page then and still running and despite all these, I don't have much of a backup plan then. All in my head was to explore and share what's going on with me and I had another broken promise that I wasn't able to live by. As 2018 had become a fruitful year that I am grateful for and I no longer had the time to pursue blogging and even I had a change of name, the idea of having an interior design and lifestyle blog is still there and was never lost.

At this point, I wanted to delete my past posts most especially for the things that I no longer feel that is valuable and at the same time to be anyone's concern or be of interest. However, As I have re-read some of it I realize that I wanted to keep. Still, I am considering deleting it. I wanted to keep it knowing that I learned from this post from writing, expressing my thoughts and even the contents that I will be sharing in the future. I have outgrown this phase and moving forward in life is way better. 

I once again renamed the blog for the third time, Emari, my first name and so does the website, I took ownership of my name. This time I took some measures on making it look more ME, a reflection of being a part of me and letting these people coming into my life for both ups and downs. Emari, the blog site is showcasing my life as an interior designer and behind of being an interior designer. No more "promises" just action.

20 Shades of Blue


[First published on March 13, 2017] Blue is one of the primary colors in the color wheel. It is the most famous color in the color wheel. It is unique and versatile that even the god's make the sky and water, color blue. Blue, in general, is calming and relaxing, it even represents loyalty and trust and most of all it represents confidence, intelligence, and creativity among others that make it the preferred color by most companies who envokes a particular criterion towards their target markets and most of the kids who love SUPERMAN, the man of steel is the best way to represent a persons' character of authority, loyalty, sincerity and calmness that the people trust, confidence, and dependability.

However, Blue may have represented it in a general way, in which blue have different shades (adding black to make it dark), tone (neutral color of a particular color) and tint (adding white to the color to make it lighter), and each representing different meanings for it.

In the business sector, blue is widely used by big companies in relation to the color psychology that is applicable to all aspect in life and goes the same for interior design.

International Companies uses blue for their brand:

When applying color in Interior Design, brands would be particular on their color is applied to Interior Architectural Details, one should not miss this. I, would often find myself selecting colors that would match their brand in order to evoke the same look that they wanted to evoke and instill to the minds of their target market.

Photo by Lorenzo Nafissi on Unsplash

One must be careful in the area where to chose blue as you deal with this color, one must understand that color is not applicable as much as you may want to use it. Having to use blue can create a relaxing atmosphere and at the same time depressing when overly used. In using it to a personal space, the user should be involved and considered in the design process to get a cohesive look and success of getting their ideal look.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Blue is good for bedrooms and bathroom areas. The lighter color of blue for children is good for the accent wall and its accessories, as they grow up the difference in perspective changes. Dark Color of blue represents rich, bright, dark and authoritative.

One should also consider is the theme of what you are trying to have in your home when using blue. Below some features on how blue was applied.

Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash

Shades of Blue
International Companies

Modern Luxe Condominium Project

One of my dream projects was to design a Modern Luxe Concept, that day had come and I am so grateful for the opportunity that was given to me by the couple who are both doctors, This 1 Bedroom Unit located in one of the buildings of Solinea Towers, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City. On our initial conversation, the Wife was concerned of t huge column behind the Media area. 

Modern Luxury Interior Design

Interior Design Pinterest

Just like any typical 1 bedroom unit, this area has a total of 46 sqm and maximizing space in here is the best solution to fit in their requirements that would truly reflect the owners' preferences upon accessing the possible things that she likes. A Modern Luxury Interior Design Concept has been approved and since having this concept is hard to find items in the local retail place, we opted to have a custom built items for this unit. 

A condominium project in Solinea Towers by Premiere Design Interiors

The dining set are done by Bespoke, and to make space wider we had a three-panel beveled type mirror to make the room wider and also by making the wall occupied more since I wanted to make it feel wider and also the double the lighting reflection of the lights. Our color scheme is very light and we added some contrast for our accents and details to achieve the look. The Custom build wainscot paneling was from floor to ceiling (bedroom area).

A condominium project in Solinea Towers by Premiere Design Interiors

The living area has tufted details similar to the dining chairs with silver studs and a media wall, that covers the huge column and paired with custom-built cabinetry for its accessories and media items. Also my favorite place in the area.

A condominium project in Solinea Towers by Premiere Design Interiors

The Bedroom has a similar look from the dining, it's a medium light brown fabric is seen from its headboard towards is bedframe. 

A condominium project in Solinea Towers by Premiere Design Interiors
Add caption

Creating this interior design and project was a bit hard on me since a lot of detailing has to be done compared to other projects I did in the past despite having a few items on here but the work process was enjoyable and a lot was learned. I have to learn how the paneling would work and how other stuff will be one to create one cohesive look, especially that all these are custom built, so details and selection have to be well thought of and coordination around everyone involved.

TV Apartment: Supergirl's Apartment in National City

Kara Danvers Shabby Chic Interiors
Photo Credits to: Warner Brothers

The Man of Steel, maybe my favorite Superhero in the DC Comics and the Girl of Steel is no exception. I grow up reading comings and watching movies and tv series about sci-fi and fantasy most especially about the Kryptonian Son's Kal-El, a.k.a Clark Kent / Superman from Dean Cain's The Adventures of Lois and Clark up to the story of the young Clark before becoming Superman in Smallville starred by Tom Welling up the latest TV Superman in Supergirl portrayed occasionally by Tyler Hoechlin in the Arrowverse.

Before we could get further talking about the Story of these two super-cousins' Let's a take a look in Supergirl's Apartment. A High-end Apartment in National City, with a very spacious open space type of unit. This unit is a haven for people in the working class but she is Kara Danvers a.k.a Supergirl.

Kara Danvers Living Room Interiors
Photo Credits to: LadyGeek

Kara's character reflects her apartment, its light and breezy with a lot of interest that reflects herself, her lifestyle which is very important when having your own space, is to live like you see every aspect of yourself.  The Interiors of her apartment suggest a Shabby-Chic meets Industrial meets Retro, basically its Eclectic. 

Photo Credited to: Kansas City

She indeed got a Corner Spot for her apartment as it has a lot of tall windows, that looks like a floor to ceiling windows that makes it easy for her to fly in and out for her apartment. Walls are both made in Concrete and Brix which blends well for a Millennial like her,  She was 25 years old by the time it aired in 2015.  Paired with a custom made white sheer curtains that make the place lighter. 

Shabby Chic Interiors in Arrow verse
Photo Credits to: Cinemablend

Kara indeed is a collector of something antique looking pieces and indeed loves entertaining people around her, which is reflective of the most season during game nights or even Thanksgiving. She got a number of lighting fixtures that are very interesting and it seems that all areas and nooks make it more attractive, as a fan, having a lot of lights must be like being in the star wishing that she is in another planet with her biological family.

Shabby Chic Interiors in National City
Photo Credits to the owner.

Another thing I have noticed is that all corners have tables and chairs, which explains her love for writing and reading. Everything blends well and all angles are photo-perfect. Her apartment evokes picture perfect location for everyone around. 

Shabby Chic Interior Design
Photo Credits to: Pinterest

The look on how it looks at night, just seemingly perfect. Late nights with yourself, having your special someone or having game nights among your friends.

Shabby Chic Interior Design
Photo Credits to: DCComics
Hobby Place for Kara Danvers
Photo Credits to: DCComics
Kara Danvers Bedroom
Photo Credits to: Hollyrichmond

Kara's open-space expands all throughout her apartment which also shows her bedroom is accessible by anyone from her bedroom. The partition itself is divided by the sheer curtains and probably a white blackout curtains. She got a clean crisp interior for her bedroom here in season one.

Shabby Chick Interior Design
Photo Credits to : Pinterest

Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to : Casinhaarrumada
 Kara's bedroom looks like a retro-mix full off patterns, still shabby and chic. The different items mixed well in. As I have noticed in there are slight changes in the bedroom furniture from time to time.

Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to: Casinhaarrumada
The view of her Living Area from the Kitchen is really refreshing.

Supergirl Apartment Kitchen
Photo Credits to: Femslash

Since she doesn't look that much but knows how to bake, cook and food preparation she opted for a small kitchen since she's on the go. Who needs a big kitchen when she can technically cook the food using her eyes.  Her kitchen uses a Shaker Style Cabinetry and glass overhead to display her glassware. 
Supergirl Apartment Kitchen
Photo credits to: Spotern
 Here is her working/bar area when she's up for preparing food or simply having a small chat, which is a good idea rather than having a big kitchen. This makes sense to have a completely workable table and bar. The Mason Jar lamps are a must have her kitchen.

Supergirl Apartment Kitchen
Photo Credits to: Spotern

This is a view from the corner, which I guess is she's facing at the laundry area or utility area of her apartment. This angles looks good despite having a lot of accent lights. 

Supergirl Apartment Kitchen
Photo credits to: Comicboxcommentary
Her main dining area, the formal set up which she regularly use whenever she has visitors and during formal meals.

Supergirl Apartment Dining Area
Photo Credits to: Pinimg
Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to: Entertainmentfuse

Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to: Spotern
Her front door is a take-away, where can we actually have an apartment door that blends well with your interiors, and I love it.  The interior of her entryway, kitchen, and dining from the living room's view.

Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to: Screencap
Supergirl Apartment
Photo Credits to: Acasaqueaminhavoqueri

Supergirl's Apartment has been under-covered, in most of its angle which is very satisfying to have at least the most detailed interiors look. Her shabby-chic eclectic apartment is cringe-worthy from colors to materials and furnishing are seen. For those who enjoy watching Supergirl, this is a good design inspiration just to feel a lot closer to her and if you love Shabby Chic Interior Design Concept and if you are planning to have one, then this post will give you an idea what you might be expecting in your apartment. So, Enjoy!

The Latest Hafele Showroom at One Paseo


Last February 21, 2019, Hafele opened the newest showroom in One Paseo, Maria Luisa, Banilad, Cebu City and hosted Philippine Institute of Interior Designers - Cebu Chapter 's first monthly General Meeting for the year on February 27, 2019.  

Hafele is an international company that provides hardware and fitting fixtures for designers, furniture dealers, builders, architects and cabinet makers. and they have a total of 17 showrooms in the Philippines and 3 of which are located in Cebu City. Hafele wanted to get closer with their customers and connect with clients who are hands-on and want to have a personalized experience when selecting the pieces that fit well to their homes. 

Hafele with the members of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers Cebu

This was the second time I visited the showroom, first was during their launch and I could say that showroom looks better and easier to walk around and show clients their product offering from hardware fixture to appliances.  I had a few more visit since the event, and I could day my clients appreciate that there is a showroom like Hafele that they can experience first hand. 

Hafele Kitchen Appliances in their showroom in One Paseo Cebu

The wide array of appliances from Hafele, Bosch, Asko are just a few of its brand. Their induction cooktops and built-in electric range hood are just a few of their offerings and this is easier to choose among interior designers and clients. 

Hafele Kitchen Appliances Cebu

Aside from the offerings, the personalized one-on-one accommodation with clients is a great way to let them visit the showroom. it gives them in-depth insight on the different product offering that Hafele has to offer.

Dishwashing Machine offered by Bosch Philippines

Above, is a freestanding dishwashing machine it cost a hefty price and it has a good quality which one of my clients was interested in purchasing and few hand-held appliances to complete the kitchen requirements. 

Small Kitchen Appliances by Hafele

These cabinet lights are hard to resist and the variety of selections looks great and easier to choose upon indicated the requirements.

The Cabinet Lights offered by Hafele

 Their kitchen sink and toilet and bath completed the plumbing fixtures.

A variety of sinks and plumbing fixtures by hafele

Hafele with the members of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers Cebu

The different door mechanism is easier to understand because of the actual samples that we can experience.

A compact multi functional kitchen

Hardware Fixtures offered by Hafele

Group photo of Interior Designers at Hafele Showroom

Group photo of Interior Designers at Hafele Showroom

The hashtag for the night was #Hafeleeverafter.

The group photo shows the monthly gathering of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers, and what happens after the event and dinner hosted? The ZZZ Group went for bottles of wine for my post birthday celebration and having a little get together.

A glass of Wine

ZZZ Group of Interior Designers
Idr. Cryxandra Estrada, IDr. Ryan Mantuhac, IDr. April Escasinas, IDr. Sharon Bering and Me, IDr. Emari Pimentel

ZZZ Group of Interior Designers

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