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The cost of Furnishing a Rental Condo Unit


the cost of furnishing a rental condo unit

Last February 23 and 24, I had a speaking engagement with AyalaLand for Amaia Steps Mandaue with fellow Interior Designers. One of the things that they would often ask was How much does it cost to furnish a condo unit? and Most of it was relating to budget, finance, money talks, and cold cash.

It's a good thing that they are upfront in knowing how much it would be then to furnish a unit, I would say, It really depends on how much you are willing to invest for your unit and among my typical clients have in mind are below the standard.

15,000.00 per square meter is low end, an average for furnishing a unit with an option to choose to include appliances or not, but mind you it will always vary on the style, material, and look you are aiming for. 

20,000-30,000 per square are the things that have quite a lot of work and the type of materials, I couldn't say all interior designers have the same bracketing but as for me, this has become my basis for an initial conversation with the client is giving them a ballpark figure.  Over time, I was able to identify which clients prefer the quality over the amount but it has to work around the purpose of the said unit. Still, it's a case-to-case basis both from design and scope of work. At most times, around this budget, there are materials that are just too good to pass on.

What if I have a lower budget? I call it the stretched budget, let's say 10,000 per square meter or around 250,000 PHP budget for a studio unit, and wanted to have good interiors. Definitely hire an interior designer to help you out on this Yes, some interior designers would be happy to have this challenge but be aware that there is no construction works to be done here just furnishing. Furnishing is layman's term is putting store-bought items and accessories and ready-made furniture to blend well and create a cohesive look for space.  This can be done around 2 weeks if all items are available and will take further weeks when it has to be manufactured before being delivered.  It would be lucky if you can add customized Curtains as well.

At the end of the day, it's not much you will be spending, it's how much you have invested for your unit and knowing much should last longer on the long-term basis

As a client or unit owner, it is your responsibility to know your interior designer, contractor, and whom you are having a transaction. It is wise to hire a professional interior designer and have your own web search if that person is legit. Remember, your money is made of hard work and you wanted to see a result of it.

Talk to a licensed interior designer or an interior design firm to discuss your projects. 

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Before and After: A Contemporary Scandinavian Interior Design Rental Studio Unit


This unit has been turned over to the client about 3 months before she engaged with US, Premiere Design Interiors. During our conversation, We talked for hours from one meeting to the next,  to get to know her ideas in how she wanted to see this unit upon turn-over and we further discussed the budget to get her ideal concept based on the budget. This unit is in Amaia Steps Mandaue is a 24sqm bare unit upon turn-over. The place was not well lit despite having greenery outside the window. We addressed a couple of things that I have instantly seen and had come up with a design that is suitable for the place.

A Contemporary Scandinavian Interior Design


Bare Studio unit in Amaia Steps Mandaue 
Bedroom Interior of a studio unit

As you see, it's 40% Ready Made and 60% Custom Made as we have a target schedule to make, This Sleeping area and media area are just the right amounts of space needed for it to transform. The Curtains are Custom-Made items tailored to fit from floor to floor, this type of railing is usually seen in hotels or high-end residential, which I now prefer to use. While the rests were all store-bought and the 3D Wall Art which I have purchased a long time ago has been put into use. 

Bare Studio unit in Amaia Steps Mandaue

Close up area of the Bed area


Bare Studio unit in Amaia Steps Mandaue

Kitchen Area with Bar Table

This kitchen was a haven for the client, maximizing the use of the kitchen and having a high bar breakfast nook at the same time using both granite, porcelain tiles, and synthetic solid surface. How come we had these 3 types of stone materials? First, The Granite is used as the main counter while the Porcelain tiles are shown as the backsplash in 3D tile and the breakfast nook is made of synthetic solid surface.  This U Shape Kitchen is good for condos who wanted to maximize their space and make their space wider.


Bare Toilet and Bath Studio unit in Amaia Steps Mandaue

Toilet and Bath Interiors for Amaia Steps Mandaue

In this bathroom, we only added what is necessary and what makes it looks better at the same time. A Tempered Shower Glass, with Water heater, a display shelf ad the basics - the mirror, towel rack (not shown), and the bidet spray. Keeping things simple and basic is classic. Get what you need. 

What do you think of the result? Well, I would say the client made the best decision in hiring an Interior Designer to do all these tasks and she knows exactly why it is valuable to hire a licensed interior designer. It's not just the beautification that you see in hiring an interior designer, we know things about making your rental property look good and we understand the process behind the result. It always pays to hire a licensed interior designer.

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Now, that I have shown you our latest turned over project. I do look forward to showcasing another project we will be doing and I would like to hear some of your thoughts about hiring an interior designer?

PIID Christmas Party 2018


It took me a quarter to post this entry for last year's Philippine Institute of Interior Designers Christmas Party last December. We had an early party among the few licensed interior designers, sponsors and suppliers for having another great year.

Philippine Institute of Interior Designers Christmas Party 2018 Stage

Cebu Interior Designers Dancing
Enjoying the night through Havana Dance

Interior Designer Jessa Mendez won the grand prize from Boysen Philippines
Idr. Jesa Mendez won the Grand Prize from Boysen

Cebu Interior Designers having fun at the party

Cebu Interior Designers Group photo

Cebu Interior Designers having fun

Cebu Interior Designers having fun
Catching up with fellow Interior Designers

the new board passers of Interior Design
2018 Board passers

Cebu Interior Designers

getting to know the new members of PIID Cebu

Mobelhouse Cebu and Interior Desigenrs Sharon Bering and Ryan Mantuhac

Dancing Interior Designers

Exchanging laughs during the party

Cebu Interior Designers

Girls hugging each other before saying goodbyes
Hugs to everyone

Licensed Interior Designer badge

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22 days Interior Design Rental Property


We had successfully delivered a Rental Studio Unit in Amaia Steps Mandaue. In which we had initially started around Mid-December but due to the Holiday Season, We officially started around January after the Holidays and within 3 weeks we started kicking our butt's to our 30 days challenge.

On going construction with a shitzhu
Photo by Cal David from Pexels

What was the challenge then, The 30 days challenge is to build every checklist thing that is required by the client under the wishlist:

- A Kitchen with a Breakfast Nook
-Cove lights
-Cabinetry Shelf
-Furnishing ( Furniture and Accessories)
-Bathroom Accessories and Glassworks

Basically, We had a Design and Build in which the design was done within the span of two (2) weeks and 30 working days to do the job. In which honestly we aimed for 45 working days just in case things might be a little rough but we did this unit for 22days.

Below is this 24 sqm studio unit that we did for 22 days. 22 days. 22. Twenty-two and YES it's 22.

A complete view of a complete interior design project in Amaia Steps Mandaue
M Project by Premiere Design Interiors

In which I am really and we are all happy to have a great result that everyone was pleased. 2019's first turnover was on time, on budget, and visually appealing at the same time. We are just proud of how this turned out to be and now that this unit is up for short term rental we couldn't be happier for the client that she is happy with it and that was our end goal and so may her future rentee(s) would be happy to stay in this place.

If you are planning to have your studio unit or any condo unit to be rented out; I would suggest to hire an Interior Designer and identify their legitimacy by checking their name on the PRC website or simply search their name at the Google Search box and you'll know, who you needed to hire.

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