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Hi and Welcome to Emari Pimentel's Blog!

I'm welcoming you to my newly updated blog, as you have noticed, I have made some minor changes for this blog since last year and progressively working on it to have better content and user experience as this blog progresses.

Last year, I was reluctant to use this platform once which explains why I didn't make any post by the beginning of 2019, I left it hanging as I am completely undecided if I wanted to delete this blog and continue what I just left doing at that time and would focus on something else. Even last year I have decided to own to this blog by having my name on it and making it happen by collectively participating in this personal challenge that I have put through even if I was reluctant to continue, the delete button was around the corner. Tempting and at the back of my mind, another thing I'm letting go of after having it without trying harder or putting an effort to which I could tell myself I did better this time.

In the end, I decided to own this up as I have been on and off with blogging for the past few years, imagine I have started since high school and not made something productive out of it and then decided to make it last 2016, I was just hyped about it and see my journey is where it leads me now.

One of the major things that readers might be expecting from this blog is my love for interior design how things went with me since I went to private practice and the things I enjoyed in a timely manner that includes food and other journeys that came across me with that I encourage friends to join me and share their wonderful stories in our contribute page which will be up by May of 2019 which can be found at the bottom of this page soon.

Please leave your comment below and we look forward to hearing from you, hope you enjoy our new blog and get connected with us. Don't forget to hit that E-mail Subscription. Thank you!

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