What am I passionate about?


By the definition of passionate is someone who has a strong desire or strong feelings towards a belief that can lead to a positive effect on our lives or may go to the other way. Looking at the brighter side of everything, passion is a great emotion driven by personal goals and current situation and perhaps, a past occurrences in our eventful life.

I certainly have  lot of passion in life I've got 3 passion that I am focusing and will be focusing on the following year or more on a general word.

Self-improvement: Creativity. Regardless on what field I am, Creativity is something I had since young I love colors and making things out of nothing that lead me of becoming a licensed interior designer. Creativity seeks something to be explored thru personal encounters and stories behind which I enjoy the most. I see things that aren't there yet that people had visualized and when that design is implemented it takes a lot of things to be done in order to have the desired result another thing is to be able to express myself in different ways.

Business and Finance. Discussing about money matters and be knowledgeable on sensitive things such as money can never be a boring topic for me, as long as we don't make it over the top that I wouldn't understand but would try to understand. Business is not for everyone, when everyone can have the opportunity to have a business as it business is an evolving process of ones self and its industry and be able to carry out the best practices that we can share on our next generation or help people who are close to us to be aware of it.

Uplifting Others. One of the things I have instill in mind is that my mom would encourage me to donate the things that I no longer use or things I have lacked interest after using it to give an opportunity to people who may be very happy to receive it. Many past events either in school or a calamity that happened in the country has proven me that up to this day we do practice this and thus in our own little way we have uplifted the lives of other people. As you know a percentage of my professional fee's goes to my tithing and only used to help people.

These three are the things I have been practicing and as I grow older the better I understand the value of it and also be able to be of someones help as i pursue other passion in life.

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