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How did I come up with my services?


After a long holiday season for the month of November, I took some time off after being overwhelmed with the projects I am undertaking. This time I made an assessment of our finances for our next year's plan which includes the services I have offered and done in the past and what worked with me and what did not.

For next year, I have decided to limit my services by streamlining what I can actually offer so as not to make myself thin or the representation of the company I am handling as the company, Premiere Design Interiors evolves and grow I have to make a better decision on what would be the best practices that are applicable on my current situation as we move forward to serve our clients and future clients.

My current services are the ones that worked for me in the past while I was doing a freelancing job while I was having a day job and some were applied when I went to full-time freelancing. However, the combined services did not work well because external factors had to be carried out. Now, that the company is registered and as I approach the 3rd year in Interior Design Practice a lot of realization has been made and a lot of feelings. To get on to the point of the services that by 2019, Premiere Design Interiors will have 4 mainstream services for our clients.

  • E-design, an electronic interior design thru virtual communications will have to be carried out for those clients who wanted inspiration in their future projects and enjoys doing the Do-it-yourself activity and needs the guidance of a licensed interior designer.

  • Full Interior Design and Execution, an end-to-end interior design approach where design and build are combined in a more personal approach, works best for clients who want to be hands-on with the project and have the freedom and flexibility to choose the contractors to be involved in the project.

  • Turn-Key Solutions is an interior design and build with an end-to-end approach similar to the FIDE services. The difference is that the interior designer calls the shots for all the approving aspects and selects the contractors and people involved in the project. The client has limited control as the approving officer is the Interior Designer and enjoys the benefit of a hassle-free transaction.

  • Interior Design Branding, is focused on the visual merchandising of the commercial space and thus ensuring that the brand given to the interior designer will be aligned to the given space without compromising the functionality and aesthetics as it maximizes the productivity of the people involved making it more attractive to clients.

These four services are the ones that I have carried from the beginning that worked for me and have given me wonderful results. Each client has their own preference for personalized services given to them and also to complete it at their preferred time. The services you have just read will are already on my website under the project page.



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