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3 Simple Ways to Save Money on Interior Design



3 Simple Ways to Save Money on Interior Design

Interior Designers had often the misconception that we are expensive. True. Interior Design is considered a luxury service and it is also often overlooked the importance it can provide for you.

Behind every well-designed space in hotels and restaurants, the chair or table you are comfortable dining at. Who do you think is behind those ideas that you came to see and experience? Isn't it the interior designer's creative work?

Let me tell you, you conceived interior designers to be luxury but in reality, they are like the Fashion Brands you buy, 

Let's say you are buying a Bag and there is a lot of selection from local to international fashion brands. Your options are The Parisian to Hermes. by Selecting Hermes, You know their credentials and what projects they have under their belt, the number of experiences they had built their name and it doesn't mean they can't offer you a fraction of a service they are used to depending on which you prioritize to avail of.

It also doesn't make any less of the Parisian Brand. At the end of the day, We are talking about a functional bag that we are willing to pay for and enjoy the experience as we make use of it.

Here are a few ways Interior Designers can help you save money. 


Contact an Interior Designer and straight away talk about your plans including the budgets as early on. In this way, both of you will save time guessing. Get to know them, the projects, and of course their credentials to help you align your selection process.

Do you find yourself telling your interior designer?

- We can talk about the budget later?

- How much is the price of this project? 

- Do you think I will need this kind of work? 

- I saw this in your tube and she spent this much only, Can you do this?

If you can relate, Here's my question to you. Did you give enough information to the interior designer on how you want your home would be? The things we did to consider your expectations needed to be met. Avail of their paid service where you talk deeper about the project requirements and inspect the site as well.

This will help you identify your requirements too. It will give you clarity. Then they can provide or recommend to you which service you needed.

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Start working on your decluttering period. In this way, you are able to identify what matters most to you and what you are willing to keep before pursuing your interior design plans.

Purge as much as you need. Keep the ones that you want to repurpose or reuse items. You'll be surprised to know how much stuff you actually don't need and it could be someone else treasure.

 Don't be afraid to combine new items and repurpose or reused items. It does feel good to know how old items can be repurposed into something better.

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Are you tight on a budget to spend more than Six to Seven Digits for your home all at once? Wherever budget or phase you are in your Financial Priorities for your home.

You must be upfront with the interior designer about how much you are willing to send, including your timeline. You don't have to be on a huge budget set your priorities straight and give a timeline.

I have this full interior design client who informed us ahead of time about their plans and how we can help them work this out. We end up having 3 phases for the project.

Meaning it will take us longer to complete and know when and what is expected to be delivered in a certain period.  We keep a healthy relationship for the project because it was all clear that things can't be done all at once rather than we are blindsided and caught off guard.

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By knowing these 3 Simple ways to save money on Interior Designer, which among the 3 resonates more with you? Let us know what you think and How Interior Designers can help you with your Design Dilemma. 

Remember, Interior Design is your experience within your space and we are here to help enhance your living experience. It's all about you and your lifestyle. Your everyday dwelling.

Editors Note: This was originally posted last November 2018. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 



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