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Gone are the days that I would make an effort to write a lengthy letter and have it drop to the post office and have my letter send to my friends and family; those traditional, yester-years are something that we still all treasure and find it more compelling in terms of effort and making us feel more connected. However, with the ever-changing ways communication I could deny that these technology is where my life and business runs with my entire day and here are my Top 5 Social Media Platform that I frequently use.

1. Instagram. Since I joined Instagram, I really got hooked on to this but my having my feed curated or wanting to be like an Instagram influencer but on how people and users makes an effort to showcase a beautifully curated photos and makes it so enticing not just for a show but also telling me, why I should make an effort in putting a content that is motivational and meaningful not just for myself and but also for those who follows and who the whole community of instagrammers.

2. Facebook Messenger. Facebook messenger become the alternative for a mobile phone in terms of communicating with friends. It helps me to connect with friends and also clients since this become an office platform were documents and quick images are sent that mobile phone service provider cant. Aside from its quick and easy, its more or less looks like a free platform despite all the huge data im sending and sharing.

3. Pinterest. My lifesaver, there are times that I cant fully explain what I meant that I use its imagegs or photos faster communication towards my idea. Pinterest is where I also get my ideas and at most the answers to my quick or passive questions and since I'm a visual person, i get to understand things better that what I would read for a quick learning.

4. YouTube. The Online TV Box that I could say, this is where I would listen and watch any videos from education to reality life of a video blog and entertainment; It makes everything quicker and understand better the things that despite reading an entire book, I got to understand the summary version plus have a number of references of the same topic and whenever I wanted to entertain I just type in the music category and viola! its there, listening to the music is another click away on the search tab.

5. Facebook. Facebook has become my least favorite because I find it to commercialized and people seems to post whatever they want and post things that doesn't' feel right; That's their thing though and still, I kept this app to find out the "what's going on with your life, my friend?" my just checking their profile rather than browse more than thirty (30)  mins and check whats going on. Since I was once addicted to this app and I don't feel good about it spending unconsciously 5 hours of my time, scrolling and lying down; though is app is reliable since the people whom I'm know has this app than any social media.


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