The 5 reasons I started my company

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My story with wanting to be in the business started as early as I was an infant, probably because I grew up with parents who are entrepreneurial and must be on the genes (probably!).  I had such a beautiful and exciting flare for it that my parents just let me go by whatever I think would give me a Eureka moment. I had a lot of stories of different business ventures but only one (1) (uno) (prima) Business, I ready took seriously to the next level and that is Premiere Design Interiors.

Why? I had it registered (under E.G.Pimentel Interior Design Services) and this is the most business that I worked so hard and took me years before starting on my own and to tell you, I have been wanting to have a company that I can call mine and I'd like to share the reason I started my company on a Personal Level.


It was the right time to start my business, A company I can call mine. Surely Mine and I'll be the one running and do the lead, just like anyone wanting to own their business. I felt I was running out of time and I must do what I have planned a long time ago, right after I had my license.


I always wanted Freedom and I wanted to do the things I have missed or been somewhere no one would call me or ask or demand me on my time; back then I'm a YES Person for some reason. I got tied to a job that doesn't give me what I want in a more than 8-5 job that I felt lost over time and stuck in my life especially in the later part. 

Exploring new things has been my agenda and If I would continue working, I won't have it. I wanted to prove myself that I can do it and I am meant to for it; No Matter what the challenges would be thrown on me. I see myself similar to a bird who's been in a cage for a long time and once that bird broke its barriers, the bird flew up to the sky and look at the brighter side of life.

Creative Control. 

I wanted control on the things that I have or wanted to do; Order I must say in all aspect if possible. I'm not a perfectionist but I wanted Control things that I can control especially when being creative.


I am limited to meet people and explore new things, and there are certain people that I want to enjoy one's company and be surrounded with to explore a wonderful. A lot of people told me that I would fly and those words of encouragement were helpful. I see a lot of my friends who took a direction a few would take and I am inspired by the people who took those steps of giving value towards themselves. There was this saying you'll never know what you'll get until you do your part.

Education. I'm a graduate, licensed and I felt that I have to use that on a higher purpose and reason and for me to do that I need to step up my game and take a high risk on taking new challenges in life. It was full of uncertainty back then and all my knowledge gained from school, work and the people I was on with myself and just perfectly imperfect the way it was.  Especially now that I'm pursuing post-graduate education, Masters of Architecture - Major in Interior Architecture. I felt things are just on its right and bumpy journey where every day is a choice to make.

Those are my reason why I started my business and if you are those a few designers who wanted to pursue entrepreneurship or a unit owner who wanted to get in touched with a licensed interior designer.  Just click this.  

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