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I have passed my third year majors and Thank God I did it. It was time for me to search and acquire new knowledge through Internship during the two months summer break. I was so excited that I had all my resumes and portfolio printed, ready to be submitted.

I had spent searching over the net when it doesn't give me results back then the things that I needed. I saw no interior design firms , and when I did its not in Cebu since I relied to much on the net. Since I had a handful list of to whom to go for that two specific days that I'm going to visit to submit my resume and Finally, the last stop, After two days of commuting, walking and being in the city to find a job, I got accepted immediately and headed of the following week to start my Internship.

In my mindset at that time, I want to start my internship wherever field I will be only here in Cebu. I have no specific idea which and where I want to go. All I was thinking of that it should be related to my course and I want to have a good grade. I didn't make a 10 sources to know about a company, I merely looked at the Company Name, the industry, Address and Telephone number to find out about them and submit. WRONG MOVE, as I have a different plan at that time but GLAD IT HAPPENED because over the two month period, I was able to gain additional knowledge, knowing people and be able to communicate and it's not exactly how I imagine to be and yet, I had a great time. 

For those planning to have an Internship, Do not limit yourself by having your internship somewhere around the globe or outside your location as the learning counts more than where you were planted.
  1. Research about the industry you want to be part of, at this point you should know 
    • Real Estate
    • Construction
    • Interior Design Firms
    • Retail Stores
    • Furniture Companies
    • Specialty Companies related to Interior
    • Others that you think will help you in your career
  2. Prepare your Resume, Portfolio and School Requirments
    • Have a hard copy and soft copy ready on hand
  3. Ask for an Appointment or Interview
    • Make it personal communication, through Phone Calls and E-mails
    • Avoid text unless you made a few calls before Texting
    • Visit your prospect
    • Avoid social media communication as possible 

Before and After Internship there are thing to consider, as this is a small detail to help you figure out what you wanted to become in the near future when you plan to work. The internship is just one way knowing your strength and how you visualize yourself. So think of it was a process on becoming an Interior Designer not just by title but also with knowledge. 

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