How did Premiere Design Interiors got its name?


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Before Premiere Design Interiors got its name, I have thought and named different names since High School whether i'd like to use it in the future and a few of them I could recall would be

  • Lireo Interior Design because I was a big fan of Encantadia back when it first aired
  • Design Wave because my college friends love to go to the beach
  • The Emari Interiors because its first name with the "THE" just to feel like a celebrity
None of those push through and it would be funny if I did but of course, I think that Lireo would be a catchy name to use for a business name; after all Jacinto and Lirio has proved to be a good name for the business. Here I am progressively building a brand name using Premiere Design Interiors, It came around between 2014 and 2015 when I was thinking what name I would use for myself and for prospective clients to remember my name, I initially named it Pimentel Premiere Design Interiors, why?
  • Pimentel, stands for my name and it really rings a bell. Most often its where I get my initial conversation with anyone who talks to me.
  • Premiere, stands for the "first show" like a ballerina you are introduced and do the best in which I aim to do the best like it was my first project.
  • Design, stands that I do design and what specifically?
  • Interiors, I do Interior Design as my specific niche

Later then I named it Premiere Design Interiors when I was continuously accepting side hustle in 2017 and up to this day, that I have registered the business under E.G.Pimentel Interior Design Services while Premiere Design Interiors, is my trademark branding name for the business.

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