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It seems that you have won a 4 digit lottery when you have your design plans to be presented to your client. Immediately hitting your laptop to check these plans and encode all the stuff you need to present to the panelist. You wanted to Ace everything that you don't like to miss a single hit. I got your point, but what exactly do you need to present. Aside from the list of items either you know of or a list of items given to your instructor before the design proposal.

On my part, During the time we were all proposing with the 5 panelist, 5 of our major instructors were there asking us a bunch of things during a closed door meeting per student as we have to defend it also on the W's? 

My 3 copies of A3 PAPERS and short bond paper are in placed to be given to them individually and As I stood up in front of them with a copy of my own, they threw me some questions to defend my plan.

  1. Where is this located? Provide a vicinity map.
  2. Is the built, constructed or design phase?
  3. How many square meters in total, does this belong to the 500 sqm requirement. Provide the breakdown of Area
  4. Who is the architect, company?
  5. Do I have a permission? This is the time you show the Approval Sheets(Submit the approval plan signed by the architect that you're allowed to use the plan for thesis)
  6. What is the Client background, give them a little overview about the proposal
  7. Why did you choose this project?
  8. What is the Possible Concept.
These were just a few things being asked in general, On the spot the panelist will give you an insight on the possible concerns per proposal presented including why the student should or should not proceed with it and Lastly, your enthusiast and their assessment on the project if it does well with your ability to present and your design strength. When approved, Oh! My, you won the 5 Digit Lottery.

What is your story then?

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