Batch 2014

"I'm graduating!" I exclaimed!  After my thesis defense I found out I passed and I knew from there I'm graduating and I did. After spending hours in preparation of my thesis defense and all the hard work I put through myself, my mom, my friends and people who made it possible. I truly made it.

2014 is a memorable year for me. I got my diploma that year which is another milestone that I have achieve and my mom. Of course, My mom was the happiest human being when I graduated after years being in school and ups and downs that happened at the end of the day it was all worth it.

The photos above were after my graduation in 2014 as we celebrate our success. This was my journey towards my dream of becoming an interior designer by passing the first challenge to graduate in the University of San Carlos Bachelors in Science in Interior Design.

At this point, I was called Interior Decorator after graduating because I was not licensed. According o Article V. Section 34: Prohibition in the Practice of Interior Design in summary I can't be called Interior Designer, Interior Stylist or Interior Designer Consultant if I haven't passed the licensure exam and for me to be truly called Interior Designer, I took another meaningful journey by taking the board exam the following year and another fruitful year also for me and my family.

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