What to do next? I’m so screwed

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You flanked your design major? Welcome to the Club, You are officially part of the normal students who come and stayed a little longer than the rest. Let’s see who’s joining the club next semester. As I have mentioned in my previous post, what matters is how you get back after a failure. It’s like wanting an ice cream for a particular period and you never had one.

I’m sure many of you would have wondered, what am I supposed to do next? A question we encountered every time when we don’t know exactly what to do. Why? Because amongst ourselves we know deep inside we were still hurting on the pain we caused ourselves. We were in a state of denial wherein we felt the world has ended for us and seeing those people we love with disappointment.

I’ve experienced that and believe me, you’ll pass that stage like it never happened because you may not know what you want to do next but you know what you have to do when you will be in that same spot as you were by the time you’ll enroll yourself in that same subject.  Of course, you were now a little bum because you have a lot to chill out and go to Rosedale or find a Miniski to play your favorite online game or be at the nearest liquor shop and be dramatic somehow with your friends who share the same sentiment as you.

On a serious note, this is the time you can take advance classes that fit your schedule and still be a full-time student. Just make sure that your priority is still your major subjects and there is a slot that you can fit your minor subjects, the better because in the following years during your fourth year you can prepare for your thesis of at least 500sqm and not feel bothered on your next progress. So you will never have to feel bad about yourself not taking advance classes.
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