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Have you experienced that you were walking at the hallway with your friends enjoying every crack of jokes when suddenly you noticed that the teacher (professor, instructor) who flanked you is going in your direction? 

You suddenly tell your friends to hide you but it was too late because you knew that he saw you already. Your friends would tell you to act normal and you can feel yourself in a turtle walk (walking slowly) and your friends followed here after making your time and motion like it was 10mins to move your feet to the next step.

I saw my teacher who flanked me, I want to run away and hide but our paths will be crossing again. I wanted to smack his face, I wanted to chop him and so on and so forth and ta-dah! That person is getting closer and closer and I said (together with my friends)

“Hi! Sir, Good morning!” with a big smile and boiling blood inside me, though he just passed by, I can’t help but be mad at him for flanking me. I had so many reasons why I should pass and one reason to fail base on my point of view. There were many reasons why I hated him at that particular time in my college years and I would join the club of picking and cracking jokes behind him.

 I know it sounds awful on my part for being a bad student or a person in some ways and looking back, I would never change those things for those things happened and I have overcome with it as time healed and be able to challenge myself to be better in the craft that I look forward of becoming a profession one day. Those times moulded me of what I am becoming and progressing about myself.  

When we (my friends) went back the following year to re-take the same subject that we flanked, in one of our plates the teacher made a joke about my design plate that it was not me who was making the drafting and design and by letting my friend, J do the work that I had submitted. Since, the 3 of us (J,E, and A) in his subject that was seated next to each other, He makes a tease and joke on us.

I haven't forgotten that he was the was the same teacher who flanked me, I put my best foot forward at that time and applied some of J’s techniques, (who would make some time to tutor me during breaks) on doing drafting design because I suck in drafting and J, was one of the best students when it comes to drafting. 

I took the teachers joke as a compliment and that time it I know that I have to do better than the next and we were friends with him. I’m not a perfect student nor an example of a bad one but those trials that came and become triumphant because we embrace the fact that we can improve and our teachers see what’s best for us, We may hate them but we could also love them. Despite that, he has retired already in teaching but whenever we meet, we had a good exchange of our smiles and reminiscence beautiful stories about how I was in school back in his time.

Students now a days are blessed to have the technologies that they can use and expand their creativity. What I see in them is how have to fight a battle within themselves without relying too much on technology. It still pays off to be patient, persistent and humble themselves for there is so much to learn when they have to begin in world being a working class or an employer.

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