I want to be an Interior Designer!!!

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"I wanted to be an Interior Designer!". Most people told me this because I enjoy re-arranging their house. No offense to all the people spoke to me telling me they wanted to be an Interior Designer whenever they hear me say,” Hi! I’m Emari Pimentel, Interior Designer.” From time to time I make my introductions to my profession because its one way for me to connect with potential clients, referrals or even suppliers.

For the younger generation, young at heart or creative who plans to pursue a degree in Interior Design. Access your God’s given gift because not all of us can be an Interior Designer or even in a specific course of that you felt right for you. During my senior year, We (graduating students) took a lot of test on the possibilities on which field of courses we will be most likely be enrolled and even a possibility of which schools we will be accepted at. Of course, Creative, Business and Medicine were the top three results of my tests.

I got my results and checked on the possible courses that I would be into:
·         Advertising Arts
·         Theater Arts
·         Production
·         Industrial
·         Interior Design
·         Multi-Media Arts
·         Architecture

Are just a few courses that I was looking into under Creative, while Business Administration Major in Marketing was the only course I was interested in Business and Psychology for Medicine. I have to read, read and assess myself asking my peers, teachers and my mom on the journey. It was a no-brainer that I would be choosing Marketing, Interior Design, Architecture and Multi-Media Arts. My heart was into Marketing though I am fascinated with Both Architecture and Interior Design.

My mom and I would argue about taking Marketing because I would insist on it despite seeing myself being an Interior Designer as well. I was being a bum for a few weeks because the entrance exams were getting closer and closer, terrified that I may not be accepted on those top schools.

A night before my entrance exam for a particular university, I watched a Korean drama, Princess Lulu, wherein that particular episode Lulu, the protagonist of the series, drew a kitchen and made use of Manicure to color in her perspective. I figured out that I wanted to be an Interior Designer while being in the field of Business as I would market myself in the future. I was still undecided and said to myself, “Come what may.”
Later that night, Mom arrived home and gave me a pep talk after dinner. She made herself clear on why she didn’t see me becoming a Marketing Person and why she thinks I’m better off on taking the Interior Design or Architecture course and that made me fully realize why I should take Interior Design Course.

The first step to becoming an Interior Designer, know your strengths and weaknesses because it enables you to know yourself and be able to give you a better judgment on what you may truly become in the professional world and be able to stand on your decision on as you take another milestone in life. Ask people close to you without being pressured by the society’s definition of success.
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