Flanking your Design Major

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How would you feel if you flanked your design course? Terrible, right? I felt that way too when I had my first major flank and it’s even a design class. An off-semester course, it means I have to take it on the next school year and another year will be added during my stay in college and I’m f*ck with my mom. Imagine how scared, I was shaking and my head looking down at the floor and no eye contact and shut my room and cry in silence.

A few days later, I told my mom about it as I cried and there she was evolving to a Momzilla, a slang term for mothers who transformed like a Godzilla when mad, and my semester break wasn’t good either as we weren’t in speaking terms during that time though she had figured it out already before I had the courage to say it.

I was back in school together and spent most of my time with my friends who flanked. We had a lot of time to chill and do other to make ourselves productive by enrolling advance subjects and engaging to healthy activities and other stuff that interest us since we are irregular students and we gained new friends, who welcomed us to the group of irregular students (senior to us) also who flanked their major and it was encouraging us just like the rest,” Its normal to flank in our design major, you’re in the creative field and we will be doing just fine.” Whoever said this to us it was comforting and looking back for what had happened. We felt cool because we were part of the normal creative people who flanked also and some of our friends followed our footsteps in the flanking their majors. What are friends are for right?

Flanking a design major is a big deal and it only becomes a big deal when you take this too hard on yourself that you are not allowing yourself to see a good judgment on why it happened to you. Sometimes, it happens because there is a lesson to be learned and by the time you graduate you’ll laugh about it and thankful for what had happened. The important thing is to be able to get up and never give up on becoming an Interior Designer.

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