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Have you experienced that you were walking at the hallway with your friends enjoying every crack of jokes when suddenly you noticed that the teacher (professor, instructor) who flanked you is going in your direction? 

You suddenly tell your friends to hide you but it was too late because you knew that he saw you already. Your friends would tell you to act normal and you can feel yourself in a turtle walk (walking slowly) and your friends followed here after making your time and motion like it was 10mins to move your feet to the next step.

I saw my teacher who flanked me, I want to run away and hide but our paths will be crossing again. I wanted to smack his face, I wanted to chop him and so on and so forth and ta-dah! That person is getting closer and closer and I said (together with my friends)

“Hi! Sir, Good morning!” with a big smile and boiling blood inside me, though he just passed by, I can’t help but be mad at him for flanking me. I had so many reasons why I should pass and one reason to fail base on my point of view. There were many reasons why I hated him at that particular time in my college years and I would join the club of picking and cracking jokes behind him.

 I know it sounds awful on my part for being a bad student or a person in some ways and looking back, I would never change those things for those things happened and I have overcome with it as time healed and be able to challenge myself to be better in the craft that I look forward of becoming a profession one day. Those times moulded me of what I am becoming and progressing about myself.  

When we (my friends) went back the following year to re-take the same subject that we flanked, in one of our plates the teacher made a joke about my design plate that it was not me who was making the drafting and design and by letting my friend, J do the work that I had submitted. Since, the 3 of us (J,E, and A) in his subject that was seated next to each other, He makes a tease and joke on us.

I haven't forgotten that he was the was the same teacher who flanked me, I put my best foot forward at that time and applied some of J’s techniques, (who would make some time to tutor me during breaks) on doing drafting design because I suck in drafting and J, was one of the best students when it comes to drafting. 

I took the teachers joke as a compliment and that time it I know that I have to do better than the next and we were friends with him. I’m not a perfect student nor an example of a bad one but those trials that came and become triumphant because we embrace the fact that we can improve and our teachers see what’s best for us, We may hate them but we could also love them. Despite that, he has retired already in teaching but whenever we meet, we had a good exchange of our smiles and reminiscence beautiful stories about how I was in school back in his time.

Students now a days are blessed to have the technologies that they can use and expand their creativity. What I see in them is how have to fight a battle within themselves without relying too much on technology. It still pays off to be patient, persistent and humble themselves for there is so much to learn when they have to begin in world being a working class or an employer.

What to do next? I’m so screwed

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You flanked your design major? Welcome to the Club, You are officially part of the normal students who come and stayed a little longer than the rest. Let’s see who’s joining the club next semester. As I have mentioned in my previous post, what matters is how you get back after a failure. It’s like wanting an ice cream for a particular period and you never had one.

I’m sure many of you would have wondered, what am I supposed to do next? A question we encountered every time when we don’t know exactly what to do. Why? Because amongst ourselves we know deep inside we were still hurting on the pain we caused ourselves. We were in a state of denial wherein we felt the world has ended for us and seeing those people we love with disappointment.

I’ve experienced that and believe me, you’ll pass that stage like it never happened because you may not know what you want to do next but you know what you have to do when you will be in that same spot as you were by the time you’ll enroll yourself in that same subject.  Of course, you were now a little bum because you have a lot to chill out and go to Rosedale or find a Miniski to play your favorite online game or be at the nearest liquor shop and be dramatic somehow with your friends who share the same sentiment as you.

On a serious note, this is the time you can take advance classes that fit your schedule and still be a full-time student. Just make sure that your priority is still your major subjects and there is a slot that you can fit your minor subjects, the better because in the following years during your fourth year you can prepare for your thesis of at least 500sqm and not feel bothered on your next progress. So you will never have to feel bad about yourself not taking advance classes.

Flanking your Design Major

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How would you feel if you flanked your design course? Terrible, right? I felt that way too when I had my first major flank and it’s even a design class. An off-semester course, it means I have to take it on the next school year and another year will be added during my stay in college and I’m f*ck with my mom. Imagine how scared, I was shaking and my head looking down at the floor and no eye contact and shut my room and cry in silence.

A few days later, I told my mom about it as I cried and there she was evolving to a Momzilla, a slang term for mothers who transformed like a Godzilla when mad, and my semester break wasn’t good either as we weren’t in speaking terms during that time though she had figured it out already before I had the courage to say it.

I was back in school together and spent most of my time with my friends who flanked. We had a lot of time to chill and do other to make ourselves productive by enrolling advance subjects and engaging to healthy activities and other stuff that interest us since we are irregular students and we gained new friends, who welcomed us to the group of irregular students (senior to us) also who flanked their major and it was encouraging us just like the rest,” Its normal to flank in our design major, you’re in the creative field and we will be doing just fine.” Whoever said this to us it was comforting and looking back for what had happened. We felt cool because we were part of the normal creative people who flanked also and some of our friends followed our footsteps in the flanking their majors. What are friends are for right?

Flanking a design major is a big deal and it only becomes a big deal when you take this too hard on yourself that you are not allowing yourself to see a good judgment on why it happened to you. Sometimes, it happens because there is a lesson to be learned and by the time you graduate you’ll laugh about it and thankful for what had happened. The important thing is to be able to get up and never give up on becoming an Interior Designer.

I want to be an Interior Designer!!!

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"I wanted to be an Interior Designer!". Most people told me this because I enjoy re-arranging their house. No offense to all the people spoke to me telling me they wanted to be an Interior Designer whenever they hear me say,” Hi! I’m Emari Pimentel, Interior Designer.” From time to time I make my introductions to my profession because its one way for me to connect with potential clients, referrals or even suppliers.

For the younger generation, young at heart or creative who plans to pursue a degree in Interior Design. Access your God’s given gift because not all of us can be an Interior Designer or even in a specific course of that you felt right for you. During my senior year, We (graduating students) took a lot of test on the possibilities on which field of courses we will be most likely be enrolled and even a possibility of which schools we will be accepted at. Of course, Creative, Business and Medicine were the top three results of my tests.

I got my results and checked on the possible courses that I would be into:
·         Advertising Arts
·         Theater Arts
·         Production
·         Industrial
·         Interior Design
·         Multi-Media Arts
·         Architecture

Are just a few courses that I was looking into under Creative, while Business Administration Major in Marketing was the only course I was interested in Business and Psychology for Medicine. I have to read, read and assess myself asking my peers, teachers and my mom on the journey. It was a no-brainer that I would be choosing Marketing, Interior Design, Architecture and Multi-Media Arts. My heart was into Marketing though I am fascinated with Both Architecture and Interior Design.

My mom and I would argue about taking Marketing because I would insist on it despite seeing myself being an Interior Designer as well. I was being a bum for a few weeks because the entrance exams were getting closer and closer, terrified that I may not be accepted on those top schools.

A night before my entrance exam for a particular university, I watched a Korean drama, Princess Lulu, wherein that particular episode Lulu, the protagonist of the series, drew a kitchen and made use of Manicure to color in her perspective. I figured out that I wanted to be an Interior Designer while being in the field of Business as I would market myself in the future. I was still undecided and said to myself, “Come what may.”
Later that night, Mom arrived home and gave me a pep talk after dinner. She made herself clear on why she didn’t see me becoming a Marketing Person and why she thinks I’m better off on taking the Interior Design or Architecture course and that made me fully realize why I should take Interior Design Course.

The first step to becoming an Interior Designer, know your strengths and weaknesses because it enables you to know yourself and be able to give you a better judgment on what you may truly become in the professional world and be able to stand on your decision on as you take another milestone in life. Ask people close to you without being pressured by the society’s definition of success.

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