The Dream of Becoming an Interior Designer

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The month of August has become Cebu’s first month on the school opening under the K-12 Curriculum. Luckily, I enjoyed the yesteryears of being a busy bee in June as I would rush towards the University’s First Day of School of becoming an Interior Designer.

The month of June disheartens me from time to time as I would read waking up early to get on my feet and be in school, Since I live in the South of Cebu, Talisay City back then; An Hour and a half ride going to school at most in two for several years that I would wake up at 5:00am and leave at 6:00am before traffic would have me stuck. Since there is only one school in Cebu offers Interior Design Course, my Alma mater, the University of San Carlos in Talamban, Cebu.

When I entered college, I knew what I want and what I like; the course I had laid my eyes on despite that Interior Design was my second choice. However, my mom made me realize that I would be better with this course base on my interest and so many reasons why I should be in. She made me fly my own wings, made me decide on the journey I would take on. At that time, when most of my friends were taking Nursing due to the demand of the course, the people who are willing to help them and/or the people who guarantee a secure job for them abroad, that was never my thing. I didn’t allow peoples opinion to direct my life and be swayed by their good intentions because I have already laid my eyes on what I wanted to become. All I need was their support to take that journey and I’m glad they did.

To be in a design course, I know that I am one of those people gifted with a creative talent and to have endurance like an Engineer and a brain similar to an architect in such way because most people see that to be in this course are all make-up and fashion like they saw on magazines and TV. They are unable to see what it is like behind the scenes on every plate (design projects during university days) or every design project (professionally speaking) that we do. It takes a lot of hours taking off our sleep and energy just to deliver what is expected more from us.  We have our own story to tell about our sacrifices in order to achieve of what we wanted to become when we were starting our journey as a student and that the sacrifices we (family, friends and us, the student) did was reaching our dreams of becoming an Interior Designer.

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