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The Big Reveal: Baclayon Family


Every year ABS-CBN MagTV Cebu would pick one lucky winner to be the recipient of their Home makeover for over a decade they made one's home a happy place and thus continue to make each family live better and look forward having a happier place to live.

In celebration of MagTV's Home makeover, this year's Recipient is Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Baclayon Jr., a couple with a 2-year-old child named Mara. who lived in a small cozy place in Banawa will be celebrating their Third Anniversary with a Bang and with the successful partnership between Philippine Institute of Interior Designers - Cebu Chapter this design project is made possible by the group of Interior Designers; Emari Grace Pimentel, April Escascinas, Stacy Chan, May Angelique Gonzales, Jid Derecho and  Kyle Ocoy to create a Scandinavian Theme for the Young Family of Three.

Here is a video of the before and after photos of the transition of the Baclayon's Family Abode.

Watch the full link on the following:

Watch this Video in  HD settings to get a better look of the design project. Many thanks to the following:

If you want to have a makeover like this one, Send your letter to MagTV Cebu, Next year and who knows you might be the next lucky recipient.

7 Things I learned from A TV Home makeover


When you get what you wished for. I remember back then that I wanted to be on TV as young as I could remember. I had a number of fun experiences auditioning for talent management and even join a go-see audition because at one point I wanted to be a “celebrity”, a cliché as it sounds but I do. I wanted to be on TV then or maybe I was influenced by how I perceived celebrities back then.

I love watching movies or TV series, I actually binge on them but didn’t last long when I set foot in college. Not until that day, I see a home makeover then for a Regional TV Show, MagTV Home Makeover.

Read it right, MagTV Home makeover (by ABS-CBN Region 7 Program) that happens every year in partnership with Philippine Institute of Interior Designers – Cebu Chapter. I was given an opportunity to be part of the show and lead the team of Five (5) Interior Designers; Thanks to Mr. Ryan James Mantuhac, President of PIID-Cebu Chapter, who assigned me this year’s one of the important task.

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With the insights given by Mr. Adrian Diongzon, the Executive Producer of MagTV, Here are some valuable lessons I learned from him during our crucial meeting.

  • ·         Storyline. The Story of the Client would tick the hearts of the viewers that they would want to see a happy ending or see the joy in their hearts

  • ·         Theme.  The overall look of the space should be well thought off that will fit the client and their lifestyle which should be pleasing and not overwhelming to the recipient.

  • ·         Designing for TV. Using Bold a Pop of colors would entice viewers and at the same time showcase the boldness of Interior Designers in using colors and still be able to stick to the theme.

  • ·         Don’t Compromise. Since this is a makeover with a very limited time, plans can change and a lot of things happen along the way and the function should not be compromised despite the changes while making it aesthetically pleasing to the client.

  • ·         Do-It-Yourself. Educate your viewers to do a D-I-Y Activity, in this way you reach out to viewers who love D-I-Y or simply teach them how existing things can be recycled or upcycled. This gives them the thought of making something out of nothing.

  • ·         Decorate. Showcase something that is Magazine Worthy, simply because it’s something to look forward to the viewers and the owner of the house that they will look forward to each day.

  • ·         Coordination. Designers and the rest of the team who would make the dream space into reality will have to be on one page it gives us a direction of where we will be heading and since we had quite challenging weeks everyone seems to be working its own space with a given value.

With everything was laid out to us, it is very important to know the insights of each stakeholder and how interior designers should come up with a design that will meet all parties the recipient and the TV production team. I am grateful to be part of this year’s MagTV’s 10th-anniversary show and if time permits again, I’d love to be part of this program again. 

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