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How did I come up with my services?


After a long holiday season for the month of November, I took some time off after being overwhelmed with the projects I am undertaking. This time I made an assessment of our finances for our next year's plan which includes the services I have offered and done in the past and what worked with me and what did not.

For next year, I have decided to limit my services by streamlining what I can actually offer so as not to make myself thin or the representation of the company I am handling as the company, Premiere Design Interiors evolves and grow I have to make a better decision on what would be the best practices that are applicable on my current situation as we move forward to serve our clients and future clients.

My current services are the ones that worked for me in the past while I was doing a freelancing job while I was having a day job and some were applied when I went to full-time freelancing. However, the combined services did not work well because external factors had to be carried out. Now, that the company is registered and as I approach the 3rd year in Interior Design Practice a lot of realization has been made and a lot of feelings. To get on to the point of the services that by 2019, Premiere Design Interiors will have 4 mainstream services for our clients.

  • E-design, an electronic interior design thru virtual communications will have to be carried out for those clients who wanted inspiration in their future projects and enjoys doing the Do-it-yourself activity and needs the guidance of a licensed interior designer.

  • Full Interior Design and Execution, an end-to-end interior design approach where design and build are combined in a more personal approach, works best for clients who want to be hands-on with the project and have the freedom and flexibility to choose the contractors to be involved in the project.

  • Turn-Key Solutions is an interior design and build with an end-to-end approach similar to the FIDE services. The difference is that the interior designer calls the shots for all the approving aspects and selects the contractors and people involved in the project. The client has limited control as the approving officer is the Interior Designer and enjoys the benefit of a hassle-free transaction.

  • Interior Design Branding, is focused on the visual merchandising of the commercial space and thus ensuring that the brand given to the interior designer will be aligned to the given space without compromising the functionality and aesthetics as it maximizes the productivity of the people involved making it more attractive to clients.

These four services are the ones that I have carried from the beginning that worked for me and have given me wonderful results. Each client has their own preference for personalized services given to them and also to complete it at their preferred time. The services you have just read will are already on my website under the project page.


The PBB House (CTO)

The Pinoy Big Brother House has opened its doors once again to the new pool of housemates and viewers all over the world and anyone who's excited about how the lives of these housemates would unfold and some like me are definitely thrilled to be see the New PBB House Interior Design for 2018.

As shown in the video for the New PBB House; Suntrust Properties Inc. a Real Estate Developer Logo that was seen as a Door Handle must have provided the new development of the area and commissioned IDR. Jennifer Soliman of J-Design Interior Design to do the Interior works, who also did the PBB 737 Interiors.

Checking out the sponsors of the show for the Interior Supplies, here is a list that Interior Designers can check and probably take a look at.

Outdoor Area of the PBB House

  • Machuca Boldozas Tiles for the Accent floor tile
  • Home Suite for Home Furniture
  • Juan's Garden ad Landscaping Services
  • Quanu Furniture for Outdoor Furniture
  • Rain or Shine Exterior Paints

Inside the PBB House

  • Mozzaico Tile for Main Flooring
  • Teresa Marble Corporation for the Kitchen Countertop
  • Masflex Cookware and Kitchenware
  • D for Artworks
  • Wizard of Ads Inc. for Accent Counter Cabinet
  • Ecoshift Corporation for LED Lights
  • Cebu Home Crafts for Dining Set
  • DecoMAS Philippines for Wall Accent
  • Cube system for the Turf Grass Wall Accent
  • Sylpauljoyce for Living Area Furniture, Lights and Decors
  • La Sedia Furniture for Center Table

Boys Bedroom and Girls Bedroom

  • APO Floors for Flooring
  • Trendsetter Collection for Bedding
  • Salem for Mattresses
  • RSE Roll Shade Enterprises for Curtains
  • RCA for Modular Cabinetry
  • ARQ Curtains

Confession Room

  • DeltaWood for the Doors
  • EJ Pasia Furniture for the Sofa

Everything has been set and PBB Otso has started airing last November 10, 2018 because of that enjoy the show's new design and how the housemate's life would change, just like MayWard. Hmm... Going back to the suppliers, Did I miss any suppliers listed based on the video provided? Let me know.

Launching of Titan Elastomeric Paint


Last October 20, 2018, I got invited to an event of Boysen Paints and It was a last-minute invitation given when I found out about it. Mr. Ryan James Mantuahac, President of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers - Cebu Chapter got invited for the launching of Titan Elastomeric Paint and its Brand Ambassador Mr. Richard Yap.

Trivia about Titan

  1. Titan Elastomeric Paint is an Exterior Paint
  2. The Name Titan got its name from a greek god who stands for greatness
  3. Its Brand Colors; Red represents fire for Passion and Blue for Loyalty
  4. The Brand Promises 3 things: Affordability (Mura), Quality Product (Matibay) and Colorful (Makulay)
    1. Titan is another Product of Boysen Paints

    Since I have arrived first in the venue among other Interior Designers, I got a chance to check the Nina Ballroom of Radisson Blu Hotel and also some of the people behind Boysen especially Mr. Stanley Ong and Mr. Dick, whoever got tired to support PIID Cebu Chapter all these years.  Here are some take away from our event.

    This is where the photo op during the meet and greet session

    Before I even had a chance to have my photo taken Mr. Richard Yap had a selfie moment

    That's me (in my school outfit for the day) with Mr. Richard Yap

    Idr. Ryan James Mantuhac (Interiors by Ryan)
    Idr. April W. Escasinas (AWE Interior Design and
    Me, Idr. Emari Grace I. Pimentel )Premiere Design Interiors)

    Idr. Ryan James Mantuhac (Interiors by Ryan)
    Idr. April W. Escasinas (AWE Interior Design and
    Me, Idr. Emari Grace I. Pimentel )Premiere Design Interiors)

     The night was filled with laughter and prices that all the winners enjoyed ad what was unforgettable is the Jack 'en Poy games that everyone enjoyed so far plus Mr. Richard Yap's presence as he serenades all the guest especially the girls and girls at heart. The night was fun and incredible and we look forward to a stronger partnership with Boysen Paints and Philippine Institute of Interior Designers.

    Get to know more about Boysen Paint Philippines Inc. by clicking this link below:

    Check our Facebook page:

    How Interior Designers charge their professional fees


    {Updated as of February 23, 2020}  In 2018, I was invited to do a hotel project by a colleague. I remember being excited praying that this project will push thru, at that time I haven't met or discussed the project in charge yet. Still, I was positive to do the job because it was a big one for me at that time.

    By the time the contractor and I have discussed the exchange of E-mails and phone calls. He had a very convincing project portfolio telling me that he did a certain hotel prior to that and he is doing another one and needs an interior designer to give him the best price that I offered and countered me with a 5,000 PHP offer for 1,500 square meters plus to do the design their reason behind it I would be simply doing the design only and emphasized that many times that it was just a design.

    I immediately declined the project in a polite and firm indication that they lack the value and input of a licensed interior designer. I was told by them that they did the design of a hotel nearby Parkmall, whom I also knew the Interior Designer behind it, which was my first indication of a red flag client.

    At that time, I was starting out my career for a year and I have taken several projects with a fair rate and an understanding of the contribution to the profession of interior design.  I felt offended and thought why are they thinking that anyone would not let go of this type of project? This prompted me to update this blog post so that you may understand where my point of view is coming from.

    Why Interior Designers are the same as those other licensed professionals? According to the www.lawphil.net.

    We also took a 4-year course and took a licensure exam which leads to the successful passers acquiring a license and also becoming a member of an organization on the chapter of their own choosing. That doesn't give anyone a license to undervalue licensed professionals over the unlicensed ones or even think that it's simply a design. A sketch to make in a day that most people had misunderstood.

    When it comes to the fees of an interior designer, there are lots of various reasons on how the fee is being computed and one of the few factors there are base on-site location, the scope of work, number of site visits, and years of practice by the professionals are just a few factors to mention.

    As mentioned in this article written by Interior Designer Vera Villarosa-Orila for Real Living in 2016.

    From 301sqm and aboveNote that charges get lower as the space gets bigger. For areas measuring 301sqm. and above, design fee rates are at a minimum of P400 to a maximum of P800 per square meter.

    Almost 5 years had passed since that post was published, still, somehow these standards are being followed despite the economic development and progression that is happening. It's safe to say that the counteroffer made by the engineer to do the 4 story hotel project was a good pass on my end.

    In my commercial projects, I do follow the standards and check accordingly the factors of the services I'll be serving my clients since it is a personalized service base on their needs and I always ensure that it's a win-win for both of us and to work with people and companies who values the output of our creativity and technical expertise. Above mentioned or estimated computation was the design only with sign and seal and does not include the other works such as project management and site visits and sometimes these administrative works may fall under the consultation services, where I also get my basis in my computation but likewise, I have a different way in charging my clients which is different from Manila Interior Designers. Below is how it was computed, based on the article written by  Interior Designer Vera Villarosa-Orilla for Real Living in 2016.

    Consultation For projects that do not require much planning, you can hire an interior designer for consultation only. This service takes into account material and decoration like sourcing for furniture, furnishings, and sometimes decorative finishes like wallpaper and accent tiles, as well as the actual setting up of the project site. Rates may vary but the designer can charge a minimum of P500 to a maximum of P1, 500 per hourLump sum rates can go from P4, 000 to P10, 000 to cover the eight working hours per day. These rates do not include transporation and food expenses for projects within Metro Manila and the aforementioned plus accommodation for out of town projects—both local and international.

    If you are planning to hire and inquire about an Interior Designer, please ensure that you will be dealing with professional Interior Designers and that expect that they will ensure that your projects will be worthy of the results that you have desired. I hope that this post gives you an idea of how interior designers charge their fees.  {Original Post was in 10-31-2018 Titled: Declining a Hotel Project}

    When you have space and planning to hire an Interior Designer here in Cebu, Philippines, My team and I would be glad to take part in your journey. Give us an overview of your project and let's decide together how we will proceed on our next step. Send us love via E-mail.

    Batch 2014

    "I'm graduating!" I exclaimed!  After my thesis defense I found out I passed and I knew from there I'm graduating and I did. After spending hours in preparation for my thesis defense and all the hard work I put through myself, my mom, my friends, and people who made it possible. I truly made it.

    2014 is a memorable year for me. I got my diploma that year which is another milestone that I have to achieve and my mom. Of course, My mom was the happiest human being when I graduated after years of being in school and ups and downs that happened at the end of the day it was all worth it.

    The photos above were after my graduation in 2014 as we celebrate our success. This was my journey towards my dream of becoming an interior designer bypassing the first challenge to graduate from the University of San Carlos Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.

    At this point, I was called Interior Decorator after graduating because I was not licensed. According to o Article V. Section 34: Prohibition in the Practice of Interior Design in summary I can't be called Interior Designer, Interior Stylist, or Interior Designer Consultant if I haven't passed the licensure exam and for me to be truly called Interior Designer, I took another meaningful journey by taking the board exam the following year and another fruitful year also for me and my family.

    The Big Reveal: Baclayon Family


    Every year ABS-CBN MagTV Cebu would pick one lucky winner to be the recipient of their Home makeover for over a decade they made one's home a happy place and thus continue to make each family live better and look forward having a happier place to live.

    In celebration of MagTV's Home makeover, this year's Recipient is Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Baclayon Jr., a couple with a 2-year-old child named Mara. who lived in a small cozy place in Banawa will be celebrating their Third Anniversary with a Bang and with the successful partnership between Philippine Institute of Interior Designers - Cebu Chapter this design project is made possible by the group of Interior Designers; Emari Grace Pimentel, April Escascinas, Stacy Chan, May Angelique Gonzales, Jid Derecho and  Kyle Ocoy to create a Scandinavian Theme for the Young Family of Three.

    Here is a video of the before and after photos of the transition of the Baclayon's Family Abode.

    Watch the full link on the following:

    Watch this Video in  HD settings to get a better look of the design project. Many thanks to the following:

    If you want to have a makeover like this one, Send your letter to MagTV Cebu, Next year and who knows you might be the next lucky recipient.

    7 Things I learned from A TV Home makeover


    When you get what you wished for. I remember back then that I wanted to be on TV as young as I could remember. I had a number of fun experiences auditioning for talent management and even join a go-see audition because at one point I wanted to be a “celebrity”, a cliché as it sounds but I do. I wanted to be on TV then or maybe I was influenced by how I perceived celebrities back then.

    I love watching movies or TV series, I actually binge on them but didn’t last long when I set foot in college. Not until that day, I see a home makeover then for a Regional TV Show, MagTV Home Makeover.

    Read it right, MagTV Home makeover (by ABS-CBN Region 7 Program) that happens every year in partnership with Philippine Institute of Interior Designers – Cebu Chapter. I was given an opportunity to be part of the show and lead the team of Five (5) Interior Designers; Thanks to Mr. Ryan James Mantuhac, President of PIID-Cebu Chapter, who assigned me this year’s one of the important task.

    Free stock photo of technology, music, display, business

    With the insights given by Mr. Adrian Diongzon, the Executive Producer of MagTV, Here are some valuable lessons I learned from him during our crucial meeting.

    • ·         Storyline. The Story of the Client would tick the hearts of the viewers that they would want to see a happy ending or see the joy in their hearts

    • ·         Theme.  The overall look of the space should be well thought off that will fit the client and their lifestyle which should be pleasing and not overwhelming to the recipient.

    • ·         Designing for TV. Using Bold a Pop of colors would entice viewers and at the same time showcase the boldness of Interior Designers in using colors and still be able to stick to the theme.

    • ·         Don’t Compromise. Since this is a makeover with a very limited time, plans can change and a lot of things happen along the way and the function should not be compromised despite the changes while making it aesthetically pleasing to the client.

    • ·         Do-It-Yourself. Educate your viewers to do a D-I-Y Activity, in this way you reach out to viewers who love D-I-Y or simply teach them how existing things can be recycled or upcycled. This gives them the thought of making something out of nothing.

    • ·         Decorate. Showcase something that is Magazine Worthy, simply because it’s something to look forward to the viewers and the owner of the house that they will look forward to each day.

    • ·         Coordination. Designers and the rest of the team who would make the dream space into reality will have to be on one page it gives us a direction of where we will be heading and since we had quite challenging weeks everyone seems to be working its own space with a given value.

    With everything was laid out to us, it is very important to know the insights of each stakeholder and how interior designers should come up with a design that will meet all parties the recipient and the TV production team. I am grateful to be part of this year’s MagTV’s 10th-anniversary show and if time permits again, I’d love to be part of this program again. 

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