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Look Back: Executive Office


Do you still remember your very first project? How were you feeling and how did you do?

Looking back at my first project during my college years. A Modern Greek-inspired office, in a year that I could no longer remember.  Almost everything was recycled based on the available materials and items in their warehouse as a start-up company that has a limited budget for office Interiors. 

I was very ecstatic to do the work and I did everything by the books that I could remember. Honestly, not everything I have learned in school got it all right for me. As we worked on this project, It was a bumpy road as I have to struggle to work on my class and working on this project. 

Almost everything has to be recycled based on what's available. The change of colors and selection of materials was fulfilled at the end of the project. I did this project manually and as well as its revisions, I was still learning how to do Autocad at that time. Imagine the hassle of revisions and the time frame given which prompted me to learn Autocad as much as I can.

However, I could have done better most especially the curtains which weren't well coordinated. I must admit that I wasn't happy about this. 

The Design

The room is inspired by the colors of Santorini Greece. The colors where I have to use 2-3 colors to achieve the color desired.

The use of whites and the accent of blue can be found in all areas. Clean and sleek it's what the owner wanted to have a little gold accent.

Who would have forgotten their first project? It was a heartwarming and humbling experience, to begin with. Back then I have less knowledge of the things I know of, in design and in construction. I dived into that shallow waters the soonest I got some offer. Not a wise decision but for me, it was a smart move to lead me to my path. My design standards and aesthetics have grown as I have gained more experience over the years of practicing. 

How about you? How did you do in your very first project? 



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