Look Back: Executive Office


Looking back at my first project during my college years. A Modern Greek-inspired office, in a year that I could no longer remember.  Almost everything was recycled base on the available materials and items in their warehouse as a start-up company who has a limited budget for office Interiors. 

The use of whites and accent of blue can be found in all areas. Clean and sleek its what the owner wanted to have a little gold accent.

Who would have forgotten their first project? It was a heartwarming and humbling experience, to begin with. Back then I have less knowledge of the things I know of, in design and in construction. I dived into that shallow waters the soonest I got some offer. Not a wise decision but a smart move to lead me to my path. My design standards and aesthetics have grown as I have gained more experiences over the years.

Taking a New Leap


The last few months have been quite loaded, every single angle has pre-occupied me with my work from corporate until setting up my own, plus personal stories that had circled me in. It was crazy, sad and fun.

A lot of people knew me from the corporate world working for a family-owned business and I had worked myself in different position until the day I have left. For Almost Five (5) long years I have worked for them; A typical employee will experience crazy and fun moments with lots of drama going on in between. I am not spared with it, not even rumors and competency. I cried a hundred times on those things and even the scolding of my own boss and questioning myself with thousands of reasons to quit. 

How many times I quit? A thousand times; during my earlier years, a small reprimand would make me cry from my boss or even subordinates. I was a newbie then, managers have the upper hand. I wanted to quit, every time I'd face such difficulties, It crossed my mind and at the end of every situation I find myself in the mirror saying "I'm not a quitter.". Even during the later years, It still crossed my mind and find myself again not bidding goodbye.

I work and work those experiences have taught me to fight my own battles within the company from dealing with my boss(es), subordinates and even those people whom I have to work with, the result was the motivating point. A competition to every employee for the purpose of achieving the overall goal. Each employee has a role and task to make it. Every department has a responsibility that will affect the others. A Management who seek for results as they look at the bigger picture.

Where does this leave me? During my tenure, I have played many roles, all those roles had its purpose and along the way, I learn and stumble. I lost and gain. Despite those many trials, The experience contributed to the factors of becoming who I am, who will I become and what will I become now that I took a leap towards my dream. 

My former colleagues asked me, Do I have regrets leaving? My answer, I am happy with where I am now. Happy that I was able to be in connection with them, not just a colleague but also as my friends. Taking a leap is never scary, just the thought of taking a leap and not knowing what will happen next.

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