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Singapore: DC Superheroes Cafe

Visiting Marina Bay Sands for the first time as part of the plan. However, I was captivated upon my entrance that I got to see and visit the DC Superhero Cafe. Excited and thrilled to see a DC Cafe. I can't stop but gaze and walk back and forth the see the place and took photos in each angle as many as I can. Literally, I was in a FAN mode. 

If you are a DC Comics Fan or Simply love one of its Characters, Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman. and Oh! The Flash and Supergirl? Then this is the place you want to visit.

Green Lantern

Entrance Area

Dinner Seat

In the Entrance Area, You'll see a number of collectibles and Statues of DC Character and to its slightest detail in the entrance area from its menu up to the wall decors; It's obviously DC.



What interests me the most is their details including their counter, a similar Instagram layout of photos curated coming from the comics and some maybe coming from fans all over the world (who knows). The Two half-body statue of the two protagonists well-loved character is perfect. Dazzling its own way. 

Dining Area

Dining Area

And this wall, it's my favorite among the other walls. Why? Simple. It's Superman. Bias but I love that they made a 3D flying statue that characterized him in most of his fight scenes or action-packed figures. The Guitars just added some imaginary music when he breaks the wall. 

PBX Area

This area is the least noticed by any of the designs, the PBX and Trash Area, Despite being the least area to look at they managed to make it alive and still eye-catching to those who may pass by. No walls are bare and No walls are boring to look at. 

The place is great, a fun place to be with kids, young at heart, or even a date to yourself. A perfect haven to reminisce about your childhood superheroes.



Where should we go next? 

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