Goodbye Lounge! Hello District!

A year of Journey! In a few days time, This site will be a year older. It was a wonderful journey that I have learnt from different bloggers and people whom I've met along the way through my colleagues, friends, clients and even bloggers whom I never met. Having this site is one big dream which I did overcome but wasn't able to maintain as much as I would want to. 

I lost my sense of time and focus, placing something that I found being "forced" just for the sake of writing. Thanks to goodness, It made me realize the things I wanted to share in this blog to the point I decided to change my blog name from "The Lounge Avenue" to "Design District". 

Design District will still have the concept of Interior Design and Lifestyle and more curated blog. (I'm keeping my old post by the way, Just to remind me of my previous works and write-ups!

What will you be expecting from this time on?

A Weekly Post about the following

Interior Design:

  • Design Projects
  • Get the Look
  • Top 10 Picks
  • How To / Decorating Tips
  • Design Series
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Business
  • People
  • Events / Features / Sponsorship
  • Collaboration
Right now, I cant tackle everything but I am getting there! Will keep you posted starting today! See you every Fridays! Fingers-Crossed! 

Till next time!


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