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After a continuous read about Pirena and observation on her lifestyle, I have created a moodboard using Polyvore App that would reflect her lifestyle.

Pirena's Lifestyle is luxurious, prominent in her upbringing.Her overbearing ego and confidence would reflect in her choice of dresses and her conceited appearance. She is vain towards herself and enjoys drinking wine and social gatherings. Her taste involves love of art and herself as an artist; in which she doesn't mind being on the other end of the world. Her naturally extroverted and optimistic persona reflects in her choice of materials and accessories.

The Fire Sang'gre

Pirena's choice of materials is Simple and Elegant with a touch of Boldness. A Multi-purpose bed with a Detailed Headboard; clean and elegant look matched with Dark Red Pillows and Bed Runner; accented with white and gold throw pillows whose color will shine the most even when paired with a quarter-foil designed comforter. The White Sheep-Skin is placed under her bed and almost not to be seen with its white marble floors; the rug signifies that sense of touch is important as next to be noticed. 

On the bedside, each using 2 different materials; one is made of wood; a chest box to keep her significant stuff (watch the episode where she got kicked out by Hagorn and went back to her bedroom to get important stuff from her wooden chest) paired with a floor lamp. While the other side is a Nest table made of metal; matched with a vase of roses and hanging geometrical lamp made of gold finish.

The gold finish extends towards its painting; placed above the headboard; a Victorian woman who enjoys the characteristics of Red. Extending to the other side of the corner where her personal nook is located.

White and Gold combination of wallpaper placed on this specific area. Accented with Red Winged Accent Chair and Black 3 chest drawer with a portrait of herself in dark and bold portrait that completes the nook. The bedroom wouldn't be complete without the black chandelier. The source of light that one can't resist.

Planning to get the items above? Check our next post as I reveal to you where to get them.

Blue Personality


March the beginning of summer, the season loved by many, as for march its the season of graduation and summers in the Philippines. The Season where people love going to the beach. The Color Blue has a calm personality compared to those who belongs to the Red Personality.

Blue Personality are known to be conservative, reliable and trustworthy since they have this characteristic they wanted to given the same trust and reliability that they give. They feel the need to reflect and give them peace and harmony they seek for themselves, showing their calm and level headed personality. Having this genuine personality they can be quite emotional and sensitive to others needs and moods that makes them a caring person.

Does this color trait reflects a part of your personality? Then its time to celebrate the color of Blue.

Pirena, Keeper of the Fire Gem


How many of you fell in love with a TV Character you love to hate? I did a lot of times and for a sci-fi fictional character in the Philippine TV. It was the character of Sang'gre Pirena portrayed by actress Glaiza de Castro and Sunshine Dizon. 

This show was aired in 2006 and was rebooted 10 years after it aired. The showcased similar characters and a better version of the show which was not even tackled much on its predecessor show.
Each character was given justice by the actors who played and most importantly they surpassed and give more depth to the character

Why we love to hate her?

Sang'gre Pirena, The eldest Daughter of Queen Mine-a of Lireo and King Hagorn of Hathoria. She is Half-Fairy and Half-Hathor, known to be miners and blacksmiths.  She is the Keeper of the Gem of Fire, that gives her the full control of fire and heat. 

She was raised by her mother together with her half-siblings, Amihan, Alena and Danaya, whom she thought to be rivals for the Lirean throne; her ambition to succeed her mother of becoming the next Hara (Queen) of Lireo and Encantadia. She is the only daughter among the four siblings to have a personal nanny, Gurna, who helped raise and manipulate the young royal blood against its own family.

Pirena known to many was the most knowledgeable, sharp-minded and skillful. Pirena's intelligence is often shown to manipulate deceive and thorough planning before launching itself to her next quest; making sure her plans will succeed without fail. Pirena is truly kindhearted and only seeks for love and recognition especially from her mother; which she easily covers by showing her proud, arrogant and downgrading exterior to anyone she encounters.

Why people can relate to her?

Pirena's character reflect those of a a strong woman, ambitious and strong-willed despite having issue of her own. She's a reflection of an Alpha-woman who's goal is achieve their dream, a career-woman who love's to be on top and only gets better by her actions but still she stumble's along the way and grows from it. 

She is also a reflection of a person despite having success towards a career path is a child longing for love, understanding and comfort from the people around her. She shows less emotion and ensuring that her guards will never be down. Deep inside, she was broken and is hiding it all along. The way she expresses love is tough love and though shown randomly, you know that she's always have your back especially for the times you don't expect her to be.

No matter the action of a person is, Pirena's complex character is a reflection that people can relate to and who wanted to be Strong, Driven, Opportunity-Seeker and Optimistic which is every person has and the choices surrounds each individual is different and the choices we make.

What's with the red personality?

Pirena's characater is prominent for those who love's RED; and is reflected in the Red Personality; having RED as her dominant color that reflects right portrayal. Now, We have just profile who Pirena is in the world of Encantadia, brace yourself was her character will give a new light in the real of human world.

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