The Red Personality

The Red Personality

(Updated from February 24, 2017). How many times have you used the color red in expressing your love, celebration, and expression of happiness? In a year can you even count how many times you showed your love for Red even if it isn't your favorite color? February has always been and will always be the month of red, including Christmas Season. It has brought wonderful and bitter memories around this time of the year where everyone looks up to the date every 14th.

The season of love makes us shiver, giggle and warming our sleeves. In my previous post,(title) I mentioned the psychological effects of red and how it affects us and sometimes our favorite color shows the most definition of our personalities?

According to Empower yourself with color psychology, they are explorers and pioneers of the world. I guess there is truth to this as Red is my favorite color, where we can say that one of the factors having Red to be a favorite color that they are destined to be entrepreneurs or leaders with a grounded attitude despite being impulsive. They are very passionate and optimistic in pursuing what they had set in mind that makes them set apart from the rest as they are always running from time.

Red personality traits enjoy the challenge and thrill of surprise. Being active and action-oriented keeps them going and also symbolizes their achievement thru hard work and passion for life. They've got energy like no other and its spontaneous through their action and how they affect the people close to them. Not all people may like them as it has also its down-side but to know that they could be the one in a million people we have met in our lifetime. Is a wonderful experience because you know that they have contributed something good to you.

If your favorite color is Red then it might describe you and if that's your significant other's favorite. You got to understand that it's just them. What do you think about it? Let me know.

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