Are Interior Designers for the Wealthy People?


An Interior Designer can work with a different client but client chooses the designer whom they want to work with and this gives an opportunity to the designer to explore and expand its wings towards a certain range in design range, their experience and trust are given to them. Interior Designers are like celebrities, You start from the button when you get better and better you go up; you'll be in the industry for long.

In my opinion, Interior Designers are categorized into three; High End, Middle-Class and Budget Designers, Why?

1. High-End Designers

These Interior Designers associated themselves with high-end clients and high-end projects; They have tapped this Niche through connections, experience, and projects undertaken with them and have developed a high-end taste that attracted to this type of clientele. Mostly these designers were able to create a name in the industry. They have a specific niche that is comparable to high fashion in the fashion industry. 

2. Middle-Class or Middle High Designers
These Designers target middle class or a middle-high clientele, it doesn't mean they don't have a connection in High-End Clients; but has made a specific target market on who they wish to serve yet they still cater to a variety of client. Normally work within a specific budget without having so much designer item on the list or depending on the client. They know what kind of value the client wants to see. 

3. Budget Designers
These are designers who worked with clients who are always on a budget, they targeted this type on clients who as much possible wouldn't spend a dime on their project but there are cases who sees the value of the designer.  This type of designer usually attracts clients who are opposite to high-end. They are newbies in the interior design field, and I have been in this stage when I was starting out but still caters to this category depending on the services that my clients would apply.

Going back to my topic, Are Interior Designer for the Wealthy People? In general, I would say No! because the client sets the budget on how much we will work on the project; Designers can adjust to the requirements and time-frame given by the client; a design project takes two groups to make it work; the client and the designer. 

If you are a client who is on a budget; work on with your top priority project list and any designer would be happy to help you out with it. Read my post How do I know If I Need an Interior Designer? I mentioned consulting an Interior Designer before proceeding in hiring him or her team to know their services offered. Check our own offering: 

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