Encantadia: A tale of Design Inspiration


Year's have passed my  fascination about Encantadia has never ceased. I knew they were having a remake and I wasn't fascinated about it because they have left a mark like 10 years ago. Not until, I arrived home early and saw one of its episodes around late August or Early September; I'd say the scheme of Pirena had started and I got hooked by the portrayal of the New Sang'gre Pirena played by Glaiza de Castro. Few nights later, I couldn't get to sleep thinking about the show.

To solve my problem; I did watched from the beginning until it's current episode (I definitely got hooked) via online or TV. While watching the show, found myself looking more on their costumes and production set; Amazed and Mesmerized about how they pull off such production and decor. So, I thought, What if the Sang'gre siblings we're real people; How would I interpret their bedroom?

Interpreting them wasn't hard to figure out, when you are an Encantadik (a fan of Encantadia TV Show) as each Sang'gre will be using their dominant color; Red for Pirena played by Glaiza de Castro, Blue for Amihan played by Kylie Padilla, Green for Alena, played by Gabbi Garcia and Brown for Danaya, played by Sanya Lopez . Each Sang'gre Represents Warm Color, Cool Colors and Neutral Color Respectively. 

Check my next post to know more of the details.

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