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5 Ways to use Red in your Home


5 Ways to Apply Red Colors in Your Home


Are you hesitant about using red in your home? Is it because of its high intensity? Or do you worry that it won't go well with your d├ęcor? Whatever the situation. Red is a striking and modern color. You can use red to accessorize your house or paint a wall red, which blends in well with other hues. So let's take a look at how you might use a red color palette in your house.


The Top Five Methods for Incorporating Red into Your Home are Shown Below:


Red Sofas and Armchairs


If you've always wanted to incorporate red into your house but needed to figure out how to add a red couch or armchair to your living room. Since red is a vibrant color, it will go well with natural wood, gray, beige, and white, automatically giving your house a classic modern aesthetic. However, when adding red, every detail must be carefully considered to complement the overall look, or else your house might appear fuller.

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Paint Your Wall Red


Painting a wall red doesn't necessarily mean your room will look bold. Nevertheless, if you pair it with white or gray, it'll give it a more subtle look. To do this, paint three walls a lighter color, like gray, and one wall red. Then you may place your television or your bed on the red wall. That way, it will appear less intense, and the entire room will have a unique effect.

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Add Ruby Red Curtains


Do you want to include red in your house without making it look too extra?. The most popular solution is to add ruby red curtains. Red curtains work well in all settings.

Note that each design has a unique appearance; it all relies on the fabric you pick for your curtains. The most popular ones at the moment are velvet, linen, cotton, and tulle. You can add red curtains to your dining room or living room to give the area more liveliness.

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Add a Red Rug or Carpet.


Another common interior item seen in most homes is a carpet or rug. It adds brightness and fills up space, giving it a fancy appearance.

You can add a red carpet in its whole, or one with a combination of different colors. Red complements white and gray greatly, as has been previously mentioned. However, some people find it too dramatic. So, to neutralize the tone, you can apply a little deeper shade, such as tan or taupe.

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Add a Few Little, Adorable Red Decorations.


Your home will look brighter and more beautiful with a touch of red throughout. Red is a highly eye-catching hue that draws attention from others, so if used throughout the house, it will undoubtedly enhance the space.

It's ideal that these red items remain small because only then will they appear attractive. Small flower pots, vases, red paintings, cushions, red candles on grey or silver stands, blankets, curtains, and ceramic figurines can all be added. Everything will look beautiful and enhance the overall look of the house.

What do you think about these 5 suggestions that you can probably apply in your home, as the Christmas season has officially started. Let me know how you are planning to try on these decor hacks.

Editors Note: This was originally posted last February 13, 2017. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 



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