How do I know if I need an Interior Designer


Your space is your soul it reflects you and what you want to project. Hiring a professional Interior Designer can be intimidating especially for First-time homeowners; especially when we were taught on how to arrange our living spaces during childhood, that shouldn't be the case. Interior Designers add details to your space; living to your personal taste and their aesthetic and technical knowledge. Having your own space to call home can be overwhelming but hiring to spruce up your space is a better solution to your future dilemmas in designing and decorating your place. Read on How to determine if you need an Interior Designer.

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Does (this) space reflect my personal style? If you believe that the answer is Yes, like 90% then congratulations you're good to keep yourself busy  doing the DIY's but if you are in doubt with having 60% YES and feeling that there's trouble coming into your design and decorating weekend gig then reconsider talking to an Interior Designer, there are Interior Designers whom you can talk to before hiring them.

Do I enjoy working on the DIYs? Who Doesn't love DIYs? as young as we were we are taught on how to make use of our hands creating something out of nothing. DIY's are an enjoyable thing to do and when you are having enough time to do this activity and enough resources to get the outcome you imagine. For some, this doesn't work as they lack the time or their time is valuable than doing it on their own or they don't enough creativity to work on their creative side that they relied on to the experts.

Do I have the same value proposition as of the Interior Designer? It's a question that you can assess, as an Interior Designer, I would say NO! because Interior Design is more than just having a beautiful space. Also,  I would say for those who worked in the creative field of interior, fashion, graphic or set production and those who are design enthusiast they can pull off beautiful interiors too. They just spruce up their space and from time to time decorate and re-decorating it until perfected their design inspiration.

Do I know what exactly an Interior Designer can offer? No! If you won't contact and ask them about their services and what they could offer aside from their initial services. They offer a variety of services that may suit your needs and remember when you decide to talk to a Designer, compile your questions to keep the conversation flowing. Talk to at least 5 Interior Designers before you decide to hire him or her; there are some Interior Designers offers free consultation within your area.

For Cebu, Philippines Contact Idr. Emari Pimentel the following +63.917.305.6591 / or to book your free consultation.

5 must have storage for your closet


The Closet is the first thing that we clean up our closet. It's the most sacred of part of the room after the bed. Let's be honest, closet is also the hardest do organize, I would definitely agree as it would take me ages to get things done. Purging the Closet is the most difficult to do, yet this is the most satisfying activity after the Holidays; Here's the 5 must haves to help you clean up your closet.

1. Matching Hangers and Hangers for a type of clothes

2. Storage Boxes

3. Hanging Fabric Shelf

4. Over-door Accessory Hanger

5. Storage Bins and 

How to organize your Closet with Colors


Organizing your closet has never been easy when using a color palette; this is an easy-to-go task when cleaning of your closet. As for me;Whether its folded or hanged I follow a certain arrangement; How do Organize your Closet with Colors?

Categorize your Wardrobe
Segregate it into two parts; first, for dress up/daily wardrobe and home clothes and second, Will you have it folded or hang?

Identify your wardrobe by item
Separate your dress,jackets,blouses,button downs, gym clothes and the like, this is one way to go to finding a specific piece of wardrobe, less time to check all areas of the closet in finding that special piece to complete your look.

Assess the Color of your clothes.
  • Base on Color Wheel
This is the most easiest and convenient for most as it goes to the flow of choosing from Neutral Colors (Black, Grey, Brown and White) followed by Cool Colors (Violet, Blue and Green) Last Warm Colors (Red, Orange and Yellow). 

  • Base on Quantity of Colored Clothes
As for my Daily Clothes; I Use Neutral Colors (Black, Grey, Brown and White) followed by the shades of Blue and Red Last as they the most number of clothes I owned next are the other colors that I least owned. It doesn't matter if its plain, textured, printed to me as long they fall into the same color.
  • Base on Plains and Prints
Admit it that you got a variety of Clothes and most of it is categorized into Plain or Prints. Some people simply wanted to segregate this two wardrobe variation. Simple way to separate this is placing a hanged or decorative binder to separate your clothes and if you are blessed with a bigger closet; Have it placed on another location. Still. The color application (Bese on Quantity of Colored Clothes or Base on Color Wheel) applies to what suits you.

Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to comment below!

How to choose your wardrobe closet


[Updated] July 22, 2019 - More than two years ago, I wrote an article about the three types of a closet that any person can have. There are more than three types of closet available depending on how it will be designed or how the designer will be able to utilize the space for the clients' needs, as I have written before and has experienced over these past 3 years, there are only three of which stands out the most base on the encounters I had with my client.

Three Styles of Wardrobe Closet
Image from ClosetMaid

1. Ready-made Wardrobe Closet

The ready-made closets are the closets that we found on retail stores or even online. They have a certain style per retail store base on the collection or mass-produced items per season. More of these are even imported outside the country. In my opinion,  not all ready-made closets are of good quality, the design may be a good choice but somehow before purchasing take a deeper look on the material itself and check if the particular item of your choosing will last longer than you have required. Quality is the most important factor that one person should consider when buying retail that will last longer. I have purchased a lot of retail items not just for wardrobe closets yet indeed they last longer than I thought it would be. The disadvantage of this is you cant utilize the other spaces especially if you have a high ceiling because there is is no assurance if you can get the same design that will fit into the space left. 

Three Styles of Wardrobe Closet
Image from Pexels

2. Reach-In Wardrobe Closet. 

This type of Wardrobe Closet is a custom-built wardrobe closet that will fit you your requirements especially for people who wanted a seamless look for their wardrobe closet area and, utilizing the given space is the most important part for them. In most cases these are even connected to a different part of the wall, such as a wardrobe is connected to a media or dining space. This helps in creating a cohesive look especially for houses or even condominium apartments that have a micro-space to deal with. I like having this kind of concept especially for spaces that needed to be maximized and, it helps a lot for both the client and designer in achieving the look both wanted and the space they desired. 

Three Styles of Wardrobe Closet
Image from Pexels

3. Walk-In Wardrobe Closet

Who in the world doesn't want a wardrobe closet? A wardrobe closet is a dream closet for any people, I have asked countless people on this and they wanted to have this type of wardrobe closet. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to have this type of closet. If you are living in a condominium apartment which is around 24sqm studio type won't be advisable but if you have a combined unit, there is no reason why a walk-in wardrobe closet can't be achieved. In my opinion, A wardrobe closet has to be set with your architect to give you a provision of the space you wanted especially for homeowners who are still in the planning stage and if you plan to renovate then have a set of requirements with your designer, contractor, and architect that you wanted it and depending how much space you required and can be achieved. You can have a room just for your clothes or even connected to your toilet and bath, depending on what your heart desires. 

Always coordinate your plans with your designer, and always make an assessment of your own in identifying your needs, it's you who's going to live there longer and the design will work for you when you work together with your designer. 

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