Look Back: Executive Office


Do you still remember your very first project? How were you feeling and how did you do?

Looking back at my first project during my college years. A Modern Greek-inspired office, in a year that I could no longer remember.  Almost everything was recycled base on the available materials and items in their warehouse as a start-up company that has a limited budget for office Interiors. 

I was very ecstatic to do the work and I did everything by the books that I could remember. Honestly, not everything I have learned in school got it all right for me. As we worked on this project, It was a bumpy road as I have to struggle to work on my class and working on this project. 

Almost everything has to be recycled base on what's available. The change of colors and selection of materials was fulfilled at the end of the project. I did this project manually and as well as its revisions, I was still learning how to do Autocad at that time. Imagine the hassle of revisions and the time frame given which prompted me to learn Autocad as much as I can.

However, I could have done better most especially the curtains which weren't well coordinated. I must admit that I wasn't happy about this. 

The Design

The room is inspired by the colors of Santorini Greece. The colors where I have to use 2-3 colors to achieve the color desired.

The use of whites and the accent of blue can be found in all areas. Clean and sleek it's what the owner wanted to have a little gold accent.

Who would have forgotten their first project? It was a heartwarming and humbling experience, to begin with. Back then I have less knowledge of the things I know of, in design and in construction. I dived into that shallow waters the soonest I got some offer. Not a wise decision but for me, it was a smart move to lead me to my path. My design standards and aesthetics have grown as I have gained more experience over the years of practicing. 

How about you? How did you do in your very first project? 

Singapore: DC Superheroes Cafe

Visiting Marina Bay Sands for the first time as part of the plan. However, I was captivated upon my entrance that I got to see and visit the DC Superhero Cafe. Excited and thrilled to see a DC Cafe. I can't stop but gaze and walk back and forth the see the place and took photos in each angle as many as I can. Literally, I was in a FAN mode. 

If you are a DC Comics Fan or Simply love one of its Characters, Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman. and Oh! The Flash and Supergirl? Then this is the place you want to visit.

Green Lantern

Entrance Area

Dinner Seat

In the Entrance Area, You'll see a number of collectibles and Statues of DC Character and to its slightest detail in the entrance area from its menu up to the wall decors; It's obviously DC.



What interests me the most is their details including their counter, a similar Instagram layout of photos curated coming from the comics and some maybe coming from fans all over the world (who knows). The Two half-body statue of the two protagonists well-loved character is perfect. Dazzling its own way. 

Dining Area

Dining Area

And this wall, it's my favorite among the other walls. Why? Simple. It's Superman. Bias but I love that they made a 3D flying statue that characterized him in most of his fight scenes or action packed figures. The Guitars just added some imaginary music when he breaks the wall. 

PBX Area

This area is the least noticed by any of the design, the PBX and Trash Area, Despite the least area to look at they managed to make it alive and still eye catching to those who may pass by. No walls area bare and No walls are boring to look at. 

The place is great, a fun place to be with kids, young at heart or even a date to yourself. A perfect haven to reminiscence your childhood superheroes.

Singapore: The Cathedral Cafe


Travelling can be both satisfying and a resonating fear. What both these two strong words can lead to finding ourselves in a lost world and a fear of the future, especially when you know no-one but yourself. I recently travelled for a SOLO Trip and Gosh! No amount of words could describe what went on to those days I had me, myself and I moments. 

And as you know, I can't get off on my eyes on the things that interest me, Interior Design, for a moment I thought I'd be exploring other stuff but my eyes just went "IN" to the place, while I was strolling at City Hall area looking for the National Gallery.

It was raining and I left my umbrella at the hotel that led me to St. Andrews Church, fascinated with its architecture and spacious garden park. I went to check and found myself in their cafe, The Cathedral Cafe. 

The Cathedral Cafe is run by the priests, who also runs St. Andrews Church. Their reason for having the cafe is to attract people closer to God and also to the tourist and locals who would be spending their time in the vicinity. They serve them with mouth -watering desserts and variety of Refreshments from Chocolate to Coffee and Tea.

 The Cathedral Cafe as a modern-industrial concept with pop of colors, which you can see in their logo, the colors used are taken from there. The Cheerful Yellow has caught my eye while it naturally blends with the neutral color scheme paired with Yellow and thus, What made me impressed with this place is their value of space and privacy towards the dwellers. 

They have an area wherein friends and families can casually talk and share their stories about God and related to it. The bookshelf places those items for reference. 

A nook area for thought who wish to be alone or simply wants to look St. Andrews Church and Garden. You'll never feel lonely despite being alone in the area as the serenity can be felt.

A long table with the right amount of blend to dine in groups or meet in groups while other tables are in a group of four.

With a place like this nearby, no wonder that it's one of the to-go places by the locals and tourist, alike. Imagine, If this kind of concept will be brought to the Philippines; This would be fantastic. 

Get the Look! Sang'gre Pirena


After a continuous read about Pirena and observation on her lifestyle, I have created a moodboard using Polyvore App that would reflect her lifestyle.

Pirena's Lifestyle is luxurious, prominent in her upbringing.Her overbearing ego and confidence would reflect in her choice of dresses and her conceited appearance. She is vain towards herself and enjoys drinking wine and social gatherings. Her taste involves love of art and herself as an artist; in which she doesn't mind being on the other end of the world. Her naturally extroverted and optimistic persona reflects in her choice of materials and accessories.

The Fire Sang'gre

Pirena's choice of materials is Simple and Elegant with a touch of Boldness. A Multi-purpose bed with a Detailed Headboard; clean and elegant look matched with Dark Red Pillows and Bed Runner; accented with white and gold throw pillows whose color will shine the most even when paired with a quarter-foil designed comforter. The White Sheep-Skin is placed under her bed and almost not to be seen with its white marble floors; the rug signifies that sense of touch is important as next to be noticed. 

On the bedside, each using 2 different materials; one is made of wood; a chest box to keep her significant stuff (watch the episode where she got kicked out by Hagorn and went back to her bedroom to get important stuff from her wooden chest) paired with a floor lamp. While the other side is a Nest table made of metal; matched with a vase of roses and hanging geometrical lamp made of gold finish.

The gold finish extends towards its painting; placed above the headboard; a Victorian woman who enjoys the characteristics of Red. Extending to the other side of the corner where her personal nook is located.

White and Gold combination of wallpaper placed on this specific area. Accented with Red Winged Accent Chair and Black 3 chest drawer with a portrait of herself in dark and bold portrait that completes the nook. The bedroom wouldn't be complete without the black chandelier. The source of light that one can't resist.

Planning to get the items above? Check our next post as I reveal to you where to get them.

Blue Personality


March the beginning of summer, the season loved by many, as for march its the season of graduation and summers in the Philippines. The Season where people love going to the beach. The Color Blue has a calm personality compared to those who belongs to the Red Personality.

Blue Personality are known to be conservative, reliable and trustworthy since they have this characteristic they wanted to given the same trust and reliability that they give. They feel the need to reflect and give them peace and harmony they seek for themselves, showing their calm and level headed personality. Having this genuine personality they can be quite emotional and sensitive to others needs and moods that makes them a caring person.

Does this color trait reflects a part of your personality? Then its time to celebrate the color of Blue.

Encantadia: A tale of Design Inspiration


Year's have passed my  fascination about Encantadia has never ceased. I knew they were having a remake and I wasn't fascinated about it because they have left a mark like 10 years ago. Not until, I arrived home early and saw one of its episodes around late August or Early September; I'd say the scheme of Pirena had started and I got hooked by the portrayal of the New Sang'gre Pirena played by Glaiza de Castro. Few nights later, I couldn't get to sleep thinking about the show.

To solve my problem; I did watched from the beginning until it's current episode (I definitely got hooked) via online or TV. While watching the show, found myself looking more on their costumes and production set; Amazed and Mesmerized about how they pull off such production and decor. So, I thought, What if the Sang'gre siblings we're real people; How would I interpret their bedroom?

Interpreting them wasn't hard to figure out, when you are an Encantadik (a fan of Encantadia TV Show) as each Sang'gre will be using their dominant color; Red for Pirena played by Glaiza de Castro, Blue for Amihan played by Kylie Padilla, Green for Alena, played by Gabbi Garcia and Brown for Danaya, played by Sanya Lopez . Each Sang'gre Represents Warm Color, Cool Colors and Neutral Color Respectively. 

Check my next post to know more of the details.

The Red Personality

The Red Personality

(Updated from February 24, 2017). How many times have you used the color red in expressing your love, celebration, and expression of happiness? In a year can you even count how many times you showed your love for Red even if it isn't your favorite color? February has always been and will always be the month of red, including Christmas Season. It has brought wonderful and bitter memories around this time of the year where everyone looks up to the date every 14th.

The season of love makes us shiver, giggle and warming our sleeves. In my previous post,(title) I mentioned the psychological effects of red and how it affects us and sometimes our favorite color shows the most definition of our personalities?

According to Empower yourself with color psychology, they are explorers and pioneers of the world. I guess there is truth to this as Red is my favorite color, where we can say that one of the factors having Red to be a favorite color that they are destined to be entrepreneurs or leaders with a grounded attitude despite being impulsive. They are very passionate and optimistic in pursuing what they had set in mind that makes them set apart from the rest as they are always running from time.

Red personality traits enjoy the challenge and thrill of surprise. Being active and action-oriented keeps them going and also symbolizes their achievement thru hard work and passion for life. They've got energy like no other and its spontaneous through their action and how they affect the people close to them. Not all people may like them as it has also its down-side but to know that they could be the one in a million people we have met in our lifetime. Is a wonderful experience because you know that they have contributed something good to you.

If your favorite color is Red then it might describe you and if that's your significant other's favorite. You got to understand that it's just them. What do you think about it? Let me know.

Are Interior Designers for the Wealthy People?


An Interior Designer can work with a different client but client chooses the designer whom they want to work with and this gives an opportunity to the designer to explore and expand its wings towards a certain range in design range, their experience and trust are given to them. Interior Designers are like celebrities, You start from the button when you get better and better you go up; you'll be in the industry for long.

In my opinion, Interior Designers are categorized into three; High End, Middle-Class and Budget Designers, Why?

1. High-End Designers

These Interior Designers associated themselves with high-end clients and high-end projects; They have tapped this Niche through connections, experience, and projects undertaken with them and have developed a high-end taste that attracted to this type of clientele. Mostly these designers were able to create a name in the industry. They have a specific niche that is comparable to high fashion in the fashion industry. 

2. Middle-Class or Middle High Designers
These Designers target middle class or a middle-high clientele, it doesn't mean they don't have a connection in High-End Clients; but has made a specific target market on who they wish to serve yet they still cater to a variety of client. Normally work within a specific budget without having so much designer item on the list or depending on the client. They know what kind of value the client wants to see. 

3. Budget Designers
These are designers who worked with clients who are always on a budget, they targeted this type on clients who as much possible wouldn't spend a dime on their project but there are cases who sees the value of the designer.  This type of designer usually attracts clients who are opposite to high-end. They are newbies in the interior design field, and I have been in this stage when I was starting out but still caters to this category depending on the services that my clients would apply.

Going back to my topic, Are Interior Designer for the Wealthy People? In general, I would say No! because the client sets the budget on how much we will work on the project; Designers can adjust to the requirements and time-frame given by the client; a design project takes two groups to make it work; the client and the designer. 

If you are a client who is on a budget; work on with your top priority project list and any designer would be happy to help you out with it. Read my post How do I know If I Need an Interior Designer? I mentioned consulting an Interior Designer before proceeding in hiring him or her team to know their services offered. Check our own offering: 

Red Color Schemes for your Home

In my last few post dedicated to valentines day, I talked about Red Color on how it can sweep someone's feet over and over whatever stages of the relationship you are in and where to use color red in your home. If you ar planning to make a red as part of your color schemes; There are 5 color schemes you may want to look at.

Color Option One

Color Option Two

 Color Option Three

 Color Option Four

                                                           Color Option Five

Photos credit to the owners

Having 5 options to choose from; what color scheme has caught your eye?

2017 Nursery Room Inspiration


For First time parents, designing the nursery room is one of their TOP TO-DO-LIST. Seems they gave much effort on this than planning their wedding; Even the godmothers can't wait to see the little Jurassic. In my previous post,  I talked about the colors affecting the baby and this year's Pantone color of the year; to combine this two aspects I curated 5 Nursery Rooms that will give a new light to their design themes especially to first-time parents. Read along with the 5 Nursery Room Inspiration for 2017.

Add caption
Neutral Themed Nursery Room in a Monochromatic Color Scheme (The use of Gray in a different shade from light to dark) Accented with other Neutral Color Pallette using colors White, Browns, and Black. When using this color scheme; there's no need to renovate it with another concept; all you have to do is change the furniture and add little accessories appropriate for his or her age. 

Photo Credit to Pottery Barns Kids
Warm Color + Neutral Color. The use of baby pink signifies the baby is a girl and the gray made the pink stand out in a feminine yet luxurious feel. Grey color goes a long way when changing themes to match. In this, I wouldn't advise that the chandelier to be placed above the crib, just a little bit away would be great. The Pink Curtains gives a statement from the ceiling towards the floor as you could see it transition towards the single seater sofa, crib, and a white rug.
Photo credit to DizHome
 Greenery. This Nature Themed Nursery Room attracts the kid's attention; as it is spruced up using cartoon figures of animals found in the forest. This is paired with Blue that symbolizes as the sky and Neutral Colored Palette such as browns that signifies the earth, trunk, and soil. I find this having a modern retro vibe in terms of its color and design.

Photo Credit to DizHome

Analogous Color Scheme. The use of Blue, Green and Yellow is obvious and gave a story to this room to a baby boy's nursery room by using dark, medium and light tones to come up with this color palette. Blue is the dominant color applied in Light Paint through walls and Dark Blues in its accessories, While Green signifies the good nature that it gives and added a color of Sunshine Yellow to brighten up the cool colored nursery room.

Black and White Classic. Definitely, I would enjoy this room; this can be used by either a baby girl or boy. This room has applied 85% on White making use of the remaining 15% Black as its Accent. Dad loves this rooms as it has their masculine color on it and wouldn't mind if they have to stay all night in this Black and White Nursery Themed Room.

What's your Design Inspiration? Let us Know by Commenting on this page.

5 Ways to use Red in your Home


Red is the color of love, passion, seduction and adventure. The color of heat, fire, blood and energy; it also signifies anger, danger and violence. Red has a lot of definition according to beliefs, culture, science and history.

Red used in Interiors creates drama when used as an accent color. It also creates warmth to create intimacy in a room. When using this color, one must know the use of of the area to determine the how the red will be used.

1. Front Door

Red used in Front Door can determine the look of your architecture and interior themes. It gives a strong impression of the user of the house. 

Having this color on your entry door can be practical as this can be a land mark within your subdivision.

2. Living Room

Image result for Living room redLiving Room the focal point of the entire home; where visitors come and visit. Using color for the sofa makes it stand out especially when its the only bold color makes a statement. It gives a sensual impact the users. For a Cheaper option; use Red Paint in one corner while keeping neutral palette on your furniture.

Having Red in this area stimulates conversation and excitement to share stories among your friends and family.

3. Dining Room

Image result for dining room red

Red when used in Dining Rooms makes us crave more of the food we eat. It gives us an appetite to enjoy what was brought in the table. Using different shade of Red can be fun. For this Room, a Burgundy Paint compliments the luxury themed dining room.

This area stimulates conversation while having a strong appetite that draws people together. Having more time to enjoy food and people.

4. Kitchen

Image result for kitchen redModern and Sleek Kitchen with a punch of Red on its door closets. 

Another way to spruce up your Kitchen is to use a Red backslash for a minimal cost.

Red when used in Kitchen has the same effect when used in the dining room, in this area, it increases ones blood pressure because of its excitement.

5. Bedroom

Image result for red bedroom
Having a Red bedroom would be my ultimate goal. It gives an energy and warmth. Red when used in bedroom should be done in minimal application to promote more sleeping time to the user. 

Red is a motivating color that energies and motivates ones emotion. it gives a strong and powerful impact to people who uses or loves this color. It's warm qualities gives a will power to take action on its determination. Choosing Red as your main color determines ones personality and reflection of its culture.

***All Photos Credits to the Owner***

4 Pinterest Inspired Relationship Decors for Valentines Day


February known as the love month. The month that I have spent a million black valentines while waiting for my Romeo to be my knight and shining armor. Many lucky enough to find a beau, a few made it last longer to end up in an engagement and Strong Enough to hold on to a Marriage.

I have mentioned Four stages of relationships. The Beau, The Engaged, The Wedded Couple and Family. For each stage in a relationship has an equivalent Valentine easy to Set-up for lunch or dinner date.  

The Beau


Surprising your beau on valentines is sweeter than a planned dinner date at a restaurant or movie theater. In a girls perspective; sweeping of our feet never goes out of style. It doesn't really matter if you actually did the Do It Yourself Heart with cupids arrow but the effort in surprising us is a big deal.

The Proposal

Credits to Pop Sugar

To see this kind of set-up with tables and chairs to be filled. I would definitely think that WEDDING BELLS soon to be heard. The set-up used a Minimalist Concept and Do-It-Yourself preparations and a handful of creative people to prepare for this.

The Wedded Couple

Alot of married women says; after the wedding thier husbands became less and less romantic and Husbands in return would say; they're wife was less than interesting. If that's the case for both partners. Why not think of having an intimate dinner by the candlelight at home, its romantic and interesting activity to be done by the Husband and Wife.

House Beautiful

Celebrate your Valentines with your kids and let them spike up their energy in creating a D-I-Y Heart Shaped with frame activity to surprise your love. 

Whatever your current relationship status would be; it doesn't her to give your special someone something that they could remember with.

You can do this activity over the weekend and who knows you might just get luckier in love this time. Doing this activity won't take much time for your special someone and it takes an effort to prove to them how much you care. 

Show your love and make them sweep of their feet with your overly sweet surprise.

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