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Halloween Ideas: Scare or Dare


Have you ever thought about the things you wish to do on Halloween? Something more fun and creative way to celebrate rather than be scared.

As part of Filipino culture, the people would scare me, with stories about ghosts and not ours, So, I grew up scared when Halloween came, it's the time I got a lot of series and high pressures and never-ending cowardly thrills! Definitely, I would have passed out if I hadn't walked out!

But as I grew up, I learned things to enjoy Halloween and It's pretty amazing when you just have to get the fear of the unknown. Here are some fun and exciting Halloween Goals!


Since it has been 2016 that I posted this, I've updated some ideas and we can work on the theme: Scare or Dare.


  • Haunted House Tour: Transform your home into a chilling haunted house and invite friends and family to navigate through spooky rooms and corridors.
  • Ghostly Movie Marathon: Set up an outdoor or indoor movie screening featuring classic horror films that are sure to send shivers down everyone's spine.
  • Creepy Carnival: Create a mini haunted carnival with eerie games, a haunted photo booth, and spooky treats.
  • Haunted Hayride: Organize a hayride through a dimly lit forest or field, complete with unexpected scares along the way.
  • Zombie Walk: Host a zombie-themed parade where participants dress up as the undead and stagger through the streets.
  • Escape Room of Fears: Design an escape room filled with frightening puzzles and challenges for your friends to conquer.
  • Petrifying Pumpkin Carving Contest: Invite guests to compete in a pumpkin carving competition with scary designs.
  • Frightening Feast: Organize a dinner party with dishes that have eerie or ghoulish presentations.
  • Abandoned Asylum Party: Transform your space into a derelict asylum, complete with eerie lighting, medical equipment, and costumed "patients."
  • Campfire Tales: Gather around a campfire and share spine-chilling ghost stories in the dark.


  • Costume Dare Challenge: Have a costume challenge where guests have to wear daring, unconventional, or hilarious costumes.
  • Fear Factor Games: Set up a series of fear-inducing challenges inspired by the "Fear Factor" TV show.
  • Midnight Treasure Hunt: Organize a treasure hunt in the dark with participants searching for hidden items using flashlights.
  • Spooky Karaoke: Host a daring karaoke night where guests sing their favorite Halloween-themed songs in costume.
  • Truth or Scare: Put a spooky twist on the classic game of Truth or Dare, with scary dares and eerie questions.
  • Fortune Telling Booth: Have a fortune teller offer daring predictions and insights to partygoers.
  • Cursed Object Guessing Game: Set up a table with mysterious objects and have guests guess their sinister purposes.
  • Tarantula Toss: A fun and safe twist on a dare - participants toss toy spiders onto a target for points.
  • Dare to Eat: Prepare a buffet of unusual or "gross-looking" foods for guests to dare each other to eat.
  • Monster Dance-Off: Have a dance competition where guests showcase their best monster, zombie, or creature-inspired moves.

Remember to prioritize the safety and comfort of your guests when planning your "Scare or Dare" Halloween event. Enjoy a spooky and thrilling Halloween!

There are around 20 activities you can choose from and this can be done together with children, friends, or your family. So Let's try having a fun time while Halloween is fast approaching. Let me know what you have crazy things you have done.

Edited Post October 3, 2016


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