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How to Select the Right Photograph Frame


Picking the right frame for you can be very tasking; with so many Photograph frames available in the market we can buy anything that pleases our eyes. But, it doesn’t guarantee to have a beautiful outcome. Choosing the Right frame is the second thing that people would notice.

In choosing your frame, you must know the size of your photograph and how it will be arranged which I discussed in my last week’s post How to hang photographs in 12 ways.  

Here are 7 helpful ways to help you select the right photograph frame:

1. Know your different Frame Materials. 

Know which material you want to use in your Photograph frame. Complement this material with your overall theme inside your home or part of your roof.

2. Consider your Wall Space.

Get the right measurements for your Wall Space to help you identify the measurement of the Picture Frames that you will be using. 

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3. Select a Layout that you want to use for your Wall. 

Identify the layout you will use for your Photos and Images in this way you would know the design look of your Photographs and also you would be able to consider other factors such as Sofa, Wall Lamps, or other items that surround the Wall. 

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4. Choose a color from the picture as your theme.

Select the right color aesthetic for your photos. It can be from Noir to Coffee Aesthetic it depends on the theme you liked the most.

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5. Find the right Photo Frame.

By knowing the layout of the Wall Frames you had selected. This will give you an idea of the Photo Frames you plan to use.

Check these Photo Frame from these stores: 

Product #1
Product #2
Product #3

6. Create a Mock Layout

Create a mock layout using a Manila Paper on the Frames you had selected with a Distance of 2" (50mm) Distance from each. Use Tape to help you visualize your space before installing your photographs.

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7. Print your Photograph on a High-Quality Paper

Find a nearby Print Shop for High-Quality Images to print your images.

Check these High-Quality Images from these stores: 

Product #1
Product #2
Product #3

These 7 ways to help you ease in selecting the right photo frame. 

It will help you accentuate your walls to create the desired look of your home. It makes your home more lively and also makes it more personalized in creating your home just the way you want it.



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