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How to Select the Right Photograph Frame


Picking the right frame for you can be very tasking; with so many Photograph frames available in the market we can buy anything that pleases our eyes. But, it doesn’t guarantee to have a beautiful outcome. Choosing the Right frame is the second thing that people would notice.

In choosing your frame, you must know the size of your photograph and how it will be arranged in which I discussed in my last week’s post How to hang photographs in 12 ways

Photo Credit to: Modern Home Decorating Magazine Trendir

1. Know your theme. In any designer before starting a project, they would ask what type of theme they will use for their client or for themselves.
For this example:  Modern Classical: Baroque

Photo Credits to: White House Market

Photo Credits to: Maria Danielsen

2. Pair with Color. Color Combination is one way to go to have a finished product. Let’s say you have chosen a Black and White Dominant Color for your theme, Match these two colors to the accent color that you want to make use of in your frame. Like like you're choosing your own clothes. This will come easy when you choose your frame.

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3. Find the Right Frame.  Make your chosen frame fits right to your wall, this will give a better statement what you wish to accomplish in your project.

Photo Credits to: Pretty Providence

4. Pick your color. When shopping for frames you can choose either Black or White to stick with your theme and play around if the details of your frames.  To have a bolder look, you may pick Red or Gold for a more luxurious effect.

There you have it choosing the Right Frame for your Photograph, Catch another DIY Next Week for more Practical Tips. 

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