How to Choose Photograph Themes for your Home


I love it when we have photograph themes! It’s like a bundle of instagram branded photo placed on a wall.  When selecting photographs for clients, the First thing I would ask them, What do want to see in your walls? Next question would be, how you want it to be perceived? And third question is my secret!

Most of us maybe familiar about Pinterest and Instagram; there are tons of beautifully selected photos to see, which is applied into your wall.  Knowing this is saving you a lot of energy and also getting confused with what photos you will display.

Family. The commonly used theme for Filipino Families; Remember, during my previous post about Change the way you see beauty about my grandmother’s house, which i mentioned I saw a wall full of their photos.  Having Family photos is like a treasure the more it gets old, more memories are being shared.

Self Portrait.  Its Epic. As an only child, my mom have a lot of my photos taken from a Studio and up to this day wherever I lounge inside our house I see my face even when I look at my mom’s face. Having self portrait photos are like having a selfie with a better camera used. Didn't you know that it helps a child boost their confidence? 

Travel.  If you love travelling this one is for you, you can have your photos together with your chosen background during your travels or simply your portraits or simply the beauty of capturing photos during your travel. It’s worth a placing it especially the ones that you really enjoyed and has such an exceptional experience.

Nature. It can be a landscape, flowers or even water as long as its nature, it is always worth the picture to showcase its symphony. It gives a mystery and noise of its own; capturing things beyond the eyes of ordinary men.

Artworks. It can be a painting, mixed media or digital art. People who loves to showcase their works or acquire ones work. They are the people who appreciates art more than anything and Its a treasure for them to be kept for generations and be an influence to apply art in someone else life. 

These are the Top 5 Photograph themes that I normally encounter, Choosing the right theme for your photographs is like telling a story to those whom you opened your doors. It gives them a glimpse of who you are what you value in your life. To have an organized wall gallery pick one of these or create your own theme. 

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