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Get this look! Susan Mayer

Be inspired of Susan Mayer's Home Interiors

A month ago I finished watching Desperate Housewives Season 1 to 8. Back then, I remember watching one of its episodes when I was in grade school and what sticks to me the most was Gabby Solis’ character. My friend and I decided to watch the entire season for a month and each episode was like wanting another episode. After watching the entire season, I still can’t get over it so I decided to talk about them.

These four ladies have captured millions of viewers and to this date, it was one of the series that I enjoyed the most. To begin with, I start it off with Terri Hatcher’s character Susan Mayer, she’s the least character that I enjoyed yet I couldn’t imagine her without her in series, she’s the opposite of the three other dominant characters that perfectly combines the four of them.

Kitchen Interior of Susan Mayer from desperate housewifes

Susan Mayer played by Teri Hatcher

Susan Mayer of Desperate Housewives

Personality: She’s klutzy and quirky; her offbeat personality reflects her creative side and being a hopeless romantic.

Background: She is an illustrator for children’s book. A recent divorcee in the first season and is up for a fresh start. Who then fell in love with Mike Delfino.

Interior Style: Eclectic Mix-matched American country 

It reflects her creative, shabby chic, and romantic flair. Her home features a bright, crisp white and green colors that reflect her story in the first season. The style can be seen through the use of assorted fabric and upholstery in ginghams, paisleys, and florals to reflect her personality.

Area / Room: Open Area Kitchen- Dining

Get this look of Susan Mayer

Color Scheme of Susan MayerMood board of Susan Mayer

To achieve the look of her Open Kitchen - Dining Area,

1. Select the colors well, here are pale colors, choose 1 color as your primary color in warm tones such as cream, straw, salmon and pearl for your walls and a secondary color to match your paint such as pale violet and green or it can be gray.

2. For your wood selections, choose light wooden colors, you can choose white mahogany, Gemelina, white oak, beech or pine wood, and you can have it in different finishes color tones.

3. Choose a paneled design for your kitchen cabinet and paint it in a lightly distressed wood effect.

4. Choose a countertop that has a similar color to your color swatch but it must be darker.

5. For your kitchen island, you may use the same material for your main kitchen area or you may choose a butcher block type of wood to match your floor finish.

6. Your floors can be either a vinyl panel from APO, just avoid engineered wood or solid wood in case your kitchen is in heavy traffic.

7. Arrange your furniture the way it was planned and for your final touches. Add a slightly popping color for your curtains that will give a special touch to your Kitchen Area.

Got the look? Share it with us! and Let us know what you think.
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