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Get this look! Lynette Scavo


Last Week, I posted about Susan Mayer, my least favorite character yet the one who completes the Desperate Housewives characters. Now, It is another Desperate Housewife whom I am featuring for this week's article.

The Practical Lynette, the mother, and wife struggle to keep her family as she tries to be in control and in an attempt to be back on her career hay days.

She’s one kind of character that reflects most mothers or even single mothers with strong personalities who are always up for a challenge.

Lynette Scavo played by Felicity Huffman


Desperate House Wife: Lynette Scavo

She’s sensible, dominant, and practical.


Background: She used to be a successful career woman until she gave it up for her family to be a housewife. She has 5 Biological Children and 1 adopted from Tom’s previous relationship and a working Husband named Tommy Scavo.


Interior Style: practical and sensible Mission-Style

Her home interior reflects practical decorating solutions, she uses nice-worn-out furnishings, slightly chaotic and a little messy when her kids are around.


Selects sensible furniture in Mission Style Interiors set in Warm woods that can withstand the wear and tear of her busy and big family; chooses large and plump furniture for comfort and durability rather than aesthetic design. Having a big and busy family calm colors are used to soften the chaos, and soft blue fabrics in oversized plaids and denim are mostly used to reflect her family.

Area: Living Area

Get this look

Living Area of Lynette Scavo of Desperate Housewife

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Achieve an Open Plan Living Area in Modern Mission Style Home

  • Start by having a Rough Sketch Floor Plan of your Living Area including those that are around it indicate the dimension on all sides and include your Ceiling Height.

Here is a guide on how to take your measurements

  • Create a Folder where you have 3-5 Images of your ideal Living Area. In this way, you are able to communicate your ideas to your virtual interior designer to create your desired living area.

  • Select a Color Palette of your choice in Cool Colors that use Blue Accents and A lot of Brown Hues in the house using Pantone Colors or Benjamine Moore Paints. Blue is the main color except for this house which represents her dominant masculine character and that she is surrounded by mostly men in her life with a touch of warm feminine colors such as pinks, yellows, and oranges.

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  • If you are planning to use an existing Flooring Material, Match it with your color palette and if you are planning to replace your flooring materials, It is best that you use Laminated Flooring or Wood Plank in Light to Medium Tone Brown this will make the overall look of your Kitchen.

  • Maximize using the walls at their optimum use to display a lot of items and achievement trophies, family memorabilia. Keep things wireless-free at all costs to maintain a clean. 

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  • The Most important in Achieving the Living Room is to select the right piece of furniture in your home. Having the Right Space Planning should be the top priority before any renovations or upgrades are done. So your items would fit perfectly well. As you furnish your home.

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  • Hire a Virtual Interior Designer to help you visualize the space that you wanted to enhance and provide them the necessary things you wanted to have or where you were inspired from.

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Designer Tip: When selecting an item, you just need to take consideration of taking yourself to have a Seat Test. This helps when selecting a Couch, Sofa, or Any Seating Material the durability and comfort before making a furniture investment.

Here are essential checklists you needed for your Living Area essentials and accessories that you might find useful.

Editors Note: This was originally posted last September 12, 2016. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 



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