5 Best Places for a Family Photoshoot

Selecting pictures may be easy, but there are times we wished that our family photos would turn out to look like printed from a glossy magazine . I admit that my family had some photographs taken by a photographer. Here are some Five (5) cheap thrills location you can have your photos hoot.

The Top 5 Places for a Family Photoshoot

1. Fort San Pedro
Photo credits to Rise.Ph

This is one of Cebu's Historical Places, A great place to bond and have your photos taken on weekdays. You can spruce up your wardrobe in "Mara Clara" Theme or Simply act as a modern family.

2. Taoist Temple

Photo Credits to: cebubarkada.com

Aside from our Spanish Heritage, Some of our fellow Cebuano's are coming from Chinese Family. If you are feeling Chinese or you have Chinese blood, why not try to have a a family photograph at Taoist temple, get to explore the places and its customs while enjoying the view and your photograph sessions.

3. Rain Forest Cebu
Photo Credits to: Alpaje '75

What movie characters pops into your mind? George in the Jungle? Tarzan? The Jungle Book? or All of them. This kind of feeling of excitement and going to the Zoo at the heart of the City, sure will make your family day special, kids will surely be amazed and their parents to see such wonderful experience. Match your troupe with khaki outfits to feel that you're actually in the zoo.

4. Club Serena Resort

Photo Credits to: Chiangdao.com
For those who may have gone to Club Serena Resort would disagree with me for having this part as a cheap thrill but Hey, you can have a day pass to enjoy the place inside its resort and have all have a photo session, or why not check in from another resort and have your photos taken fronting Club Serena's Beach Front not inside it's resort. 

5. SM Seaside Sky Park

Photo Credits to: chuckiedreyfus.ph
I think this must be the cheapest among all the options given but this places has a wide area you can choose from a kiddie park or the serenity park (when there's no kids around) Having a photo op there can save your time and enjoy another family day after a photo shoot.

Among these 5 options, which one is your best place to go?

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