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How to make a Classic White Flower Ball

How to make a Classic White Flower Ball

A Classic White Floral Ball

At a random moment as we were working on our first collaboration, How to decorate a Succulent Plant in 4 easy steps. We talked about weddings and thought, " What kind of wedding theme do we each like for our wedding?" Many things popped out in our brainstorming. 

Good thing there are some available items in Home and Pantry (formerly Buds and Stems) that we are able to gather and in which Joan gamely styled wedding items inspired from one of their events.

Flower Balls made Accessorized in Pearls

Product Items to Prepare:

4 inches Styrofoam Ball 
Hot Glue / Quick Dry Glue (Make sure you’ve got plenty of these)
1 Pack of Golden Pearls
Artificial Thenold Flowers
Hair Pin

Preparation of Decorative Accessories

A Classic White Floral Ball

Shop the Look

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A Step-by-Step Styling Guide

  1.  Find the center of your Styrofoam ball and make a mark on its center on both ends. This will serve as your guide for the Artificial Thenold Flowers.
  2. Begin by placing the Artificial Thenold Flowers glued to the Styrofoam balls center. Let it dry.
  3. Once dry, Glue another Artificial Thenold Flowers until it forms another set of flowers around the center. Do this until it’s fully covered.
  4.  Make sure its completely dry, and when it is. Glue your pearls on the center of each flower. Do this one at a time.
  5. At last, you can add a ribbon by using a hairpin nailed to the Styrofoam for your final touches.

Do not be overwhelmed that you will be making a bunch of DIY for yourself or your friend. Just enjoy doing the DIY. So you’ll have a quality outcome of what you are making. Doing a DIY for a wedding is great for girl bonding after all one of your girls has stepped out of the single-hood.

Brainstormed by:

Interior Designer (IDr.) Emari Grace I. Pimentel
Interior Designer (IDr.) Kristen Gayle G. Chua 
Interior Decorator  Joan Gay V. Fuentes
Location: Home and Pantry 



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